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  • 1. Welcome to Volunteer Services at South County Hospital Our People, Our Care, Our Passion

2. South County Health Care System (SCHCS) The South County Hospital Healthcare System (SCHHS) is a full-service healthcare resource offering a comprehensive range of advanced inpatient, outpatient and home health services. South County Hospital VNS Home Health ServicesSouth County Quality Care South County Surgical Supply 3. Our Mission South County Hospital Healthcare System is dedicated to enriching the quality of life of southern Rhode Island community members and visitors, through the delivery of quality healthcare services, the development of cooperative relationships with other healthcare providers and the promotion of wellness through health education and awareness. 4. An extraordinary culture Our Values: Caring Respect Integrity Collaboration Excellence 5. The Joint Commission South County Hospital is Accredited by The Joint Commission TJC Who is TJC? An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 19,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organizations commitment to meeting certain performance standards. 6. Volunteer Services Nadine McCauley Volunteer Coordinator 7. Each year, approximately 300 people volunteer more than 26,000 hours at South County Hospital in over 20 different departments. The efforts and work of the volunteers contribute a tremendous value to the Hospital and community.Placement Opportunities include: Patient Information & Hospital Escort Emergency Department Medical Records Surgical Services Coffee & Gift Shop 8. Volunteer Services Mission Statement Guided by the Hospitals values of Caring, Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence, it is the mission of every South County Hospital Volunteer to provide the highest level of support, assistance, and compassion to all patients, staff, and visitors. In whatever capacity or role a Volunteer serves, he or she will demonstrate professionalism and kindness, and reflect the Hospitals dedication to quality patient care. 9. Volunteer Services Health Requirements All new volunteers and employees are required to get ahealth screening, which we provide free of charge at our Wellness Center in East Greenwich. Annual health screening (Flu vaccination & Tuberculoses Skin Test) is required for volunteers in direct patient contact areas, which will be provided free of charge at the Hospital. Obtain MMR immunization dates & Chickenpox history from your physician, if possible. 10. Infection Prevention & Control Contacts: Diane Steverman RN, CIC Infection Preventionist, Bacon House, Lower Level DIANELEE ANNLee Ann Quinn BS, RN, CIC Director 11. Mission The Infection Prevention & Control Department is dedicated to serving the hospital and the community to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to patients, employees, volunteers and visitors. 12. ZERO TOLERANCE A Change of the Culture We define a culture of safety as a shared value and belief among employees, managers, and leaders regarding the primary importance of ensuring that the organizations equipment and processes cause no physical harm to employees or patients. So what does that mean to us in IP? Work practice doing the right thing Hand Hygiene compliance, cleaning patient care equipment, following the IC policies, etc 13. Chain of Infection Person Susceptible HostH1N1Infectious AgentReservoirPersonPortal of EntryEyes, Nose and MouthMeans of TransmissionCough Droplet, Contact, AirbornePortal of ExitSecretions 14. Follow Standard Precautions Apply to all patients, regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status to protect yourself and patients Standard Precautions cover: Blood Bodily Fluids Secretions Excretions (except sweat) Non-intact skin Mucous membranes 15. Potential exposures to blood and body fluids Prevention is the Goal If you are exposed: Stop Immediately First Aid Report to Supervisor Incident Report Go to ER for an Evaluation & Treatment Follow up Employee Health, Ext. 1656, Monday to Friday 8:30 12:30 16. Isolation Precautions for Volunteers When a patient is suspected of having or is diagnosed with an infectious disease that may be spread to others, the patient is placed in an isolation room. An isolation precaution sign will be posted outside the door entry of the patients room. Always check for any signs before entering a room. If an isolation sign is present, as a Volunteer, do not enter the patients room. 17. Clean your hands- we monitor! To date we average 90% Compliance Hand Washing Soap & Water Wet hands, apply soap, vigorously lather all surfaces of hands for 15 seconds, rinse, pat dry, use towel to turn off faucet. Use: At the start of your shift Before eating After using the restroom After contact with a patients non-intact skin (rash, wound) After exposure to a patient with diarrhea (C difficile and Norovirus) When hands are visibly soiled 18. Stay back, you guys! This stuff has killed 99.99% of our fellow germs! 19. Or clean your hands with Alcohol Hand Rub Rub into all surfaces until dry. Use: After contact with a patients intact skin After removal of gloves, masks, gown After contact with potentially contaminated objects in the patients immediate vicinity Before donning gloves to insert an indwelling catheter Do NOT Use Alcohol Rub: After using bathroom When hands are visibly soiled After caring for patients with diarrhea or non-intact skin 20. Remember! Cleaning your hands is the single most important thing for infection prevention and control! 21. Respiratory Hygiene Cough Etiquette Cover nose and mouth. Cover your cough using the inside of your elbow. Do it in your Sleeve! After wiping your nose with a tissue dispose of the tissue and clean your hands. 22. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Signs and Symptoms Weakness Cough > 3 weeks Fatigue Weight Loss Night Sweats Blood in Sputum Patients Airborne isolation precautions Employee / Volunteer Screened upon hire and yearly (direct patient contact) with a skin test (TST/PPD) 23. Volunteer Department Stay home if you are sick Pink Eye Diarrheal Illness Flu like symptomsRemember: Never touch needles or other sharps! Wash or Disinfect your hands often! 24. MarketingMartha Murphy ManagerJane Goodger AssistantJamie DelVecchio Specialist 25. Our jobgetting the word out to our community! 26. South County Hospital Healthcare System1.2.3.4.South County HospitalQuality CareSurgical SupplyVNS Home Health Services 27. EXTERNAL Residents of Washington County*Our audience Men and women of all ageINTERNAL Staff Physicians Volunteers *Exception: Orthopedics Center is a regional service line. 28. A multifaceted approach ADS print, radio, television, online, outdoor BROCHURES all service lines DIRECT MAIL service line specific; general news COMMUNITY EVENTS Mens Health Night, Womens Wellness Day, Gardening is Good for You 29. A multifaceted approach COMMUNITY LECTURES 3 or more lectures every month WEBSITES new site launched in March 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest EDITORIAL COVERAGE Ch. 10 television; ProJo; locals PROMOTIONAL ITEMS tote bags, pens, calendars 30. ASK ME! why Im #1 INCREASE your awareness ASSURE market growth ENSURE the strong future of SCHHS HELP the community we serve! 31. YOU = our strength, our future 32. Compliments & Complaints Privacy & Event Reporting e ElainContacts: Elaine Desmarais, Chief Compliance Officer Claudia Chighine, PI Analyst, Quality, Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Pat DiMario, Risk Manager & Privacy Officer Barbara George, Risk Analyst, Risk ManagementPat 33. Performance Improvement Quality Department Please contact our department with patient compliments and complaints or anything related to the Hospital or physicians offices affiliated with the Hospital. Compliments or Complaints can be about: Any Department Doctor Nursing Front Line Staff Dietary 34. Performance Improvement Quality Department If a patient greets you in the Hospital and asks to speak to someone about a problem he or she has had, please call x1467 so someone can meet with them a.s.a.p. in person. If you are unable someone, you can call Pat Towle x1717 or Elaine Desmarais x 1390.Thank you for helping us keep our Patients & Visitors happy with our service! 35. CONFIDENTIALITY Patients and their families have a legal right to expect that confidentiality of information will be preserved. Unlawful use or disclosure of information may expose you and the Hospital to civil and criminal liability. Any breach of confidentiality will result in the automatic dismissal of a volunteer. 36. Volunteers will discuss information only in private spaces and not in elevators, hallways, cafeteria, lobbies, waiting rooms, parking lots, or other public space in the hospital or elsewhere. Volunteers must observe these precautions without exception. All issues of concern will be shared only with the appropriate staff. Volunteers may not have access to patient's charts. 37. What is PHI? PHI stands for Protected Health Information. Protected information includes any and all information about a patient, including, name, diagnosis, address, financial information, family relationships, and any information learned from the patient, staff, or family. Volunteers do not discuss the patient's diagnosis, condition, treatment, or family information with anyone other than appropriate hospital personnel. Photographing or video taping is not permitted. "What you hear and see here, stays here. 38. Environment of Care Safety Safety is a volunteer's business. You must consider yourself a constant member of the Safety Team: Report all securit