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  • 1. Volunteer OrientationOF NORTH ALABAMA

2. How to Become a Volunteer Review online orientation Complete volunteer application online or at your local Boys& Girls Club Interview with Volunteer Coordinator Once we receive the results of your background check, youwill be ready for fun-filled volunteer opportunities 3. Our Mission to inspire and enable all young people, especially those whoneed us the most, to realize their full potential as productive,responsible and caring citizens. We truly believe that each and every one of our clubmembers has the potential to Be Great, no matter what hisor her background is, which is why our slogan is, GreatFutures Start Here. 4. Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama Chartered in 1938 Administrative Office:203 Eastside SquareHuntsville, AL 35801 Nine Clubs (locations on next slide) Hours of Operation: Administrative Office: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Clubs: School Year: 2:30 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. Summer: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 5. Club LocationsLIMESTONE COUNTY CLUBSArdmore Club Robin Hargrove29865 Park Ave.Ardmore, AL256.423.8570Athens Club Pete Miller/Teens Jarret Collier1017 West Washington St.Athens, AL 35611256.232.4298Tanner Club Minnie Leonard13529 Lucas Ferry Rd.Athens, AL 35611256.232.9983MADISON COUNTY CLUBSFarley Dorothy Singleton2900 Green Cove RoadHuntsville, AL 35803256.428.0058James A Lane Liz Clemons/Teens Edwin Lightborne103 Abingdon Ave.Huntsville, AL 35801256.536.1596Seminole Club Juanita Hill/Teens -2201 Clinton Ave.Huntsville, AL 35801256.564.7018Sparkman Homes Yassiry Rivera101 Mason CourtHuntsville, AL 35805256.539.5607Butler Teens Antonia ShauneeIn Butler High School3401 Holmes Ave NWHuntsville, AL 35816Williams Club Henry Hammonds/Teens155 Barren Fork Blvd.Huntsville, AL 35824256.428.7550 6. Who We Serve Youth aged 5-18 years We do not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, socialeconomic status. We accept youth from all backgrounds andcircumstances 89% are minority Almost 90% are from families earning less than $25,000annually. Approximately 82% of children we serve come from single-parenthouseholds Currently, we serve approximately 800 Club members on a dailybasis. However, we have over 3,690 registered Club members We transport over 300 children daily from 48 schools in targetedcommunities. 7. Five Core Focus Areas Education and Career Development Character and Leadership Health and Life Skills Sports, Fitness and Recreation The ArtsSome of our Specialized Initiatives include STEM, STRIDE,Encaampment, Summer Reading Academy, and SPARK 8. #1 Goal Each and every one of our Club members graduateshigh school on time with a plan for his or her future. We recognize that high school graduation starts inKindergarten, so we work equally with Club membersof all ages to ensure they are being promoted to thenext grade level year after year. We provide daily academic intervention in reading andmathematics for our struggling club members. 9. Volunteer Management Each volunteer will select a Club, where s/he will bemanaged by a Club Director or Staff member. Club selection will be based on availability in theschedule, and your preference marked on application. Each volunteer is responsible for signing up for timeslots. Time slots are available on a first come first servebasis. Please bring any concerns, problems or issues to theClub Director immediately. Please bring any suggestions to better our programs tothe Club Director. 10. Norms We will demonstrate self-respect and respect for others, includingClub Members, staff, volunteers and visitors. We will respect the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama, both onand off Club grounds. We will be responsible and accept responsibility for our actions. We will not participate in any form of verbal or physical abuse atany time. We will not use, possess or distribute alcohol, drugs, tobacco, orweapons at any time. We will work within the job descriptions provided to us and willrespect the staff and their decisions. 11. Attendance All volunteers must sign in and out in the volunteer binder atthe front desk of each Club, or volunteer identificationnumber. All volunteers must be identified with a volunteer badge atall times when in the Club. Volunteers are expected to remain on duty for the full timeagreed upon, unless otherwise stated by the Club Director. Volunteers must give at least 24 hours notice of anyabsence, except in the case of an unforeseen circumstance. Volunteers who frequently do not show up on the selecteddate and time without providing advance notice may besubjected to reassignment. 12. Drug-Free Workplace Possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs, prescriptionmedications and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Volunteers are prohibited from entering Club grounds whileunder the influence of any illegal substance, alcohol and/orlegally prescribed medication that may impair judgment. Smoking tobacco is strictly prohibited on Club grounds, inClub vehicles and while representing the Boys & Girls Clubsof North Alabama as a volunteer. 13. Emergency and Club Safety In an emergency, follow directions from Club Staff andensure all Club members are safe. All Clubs have staff that are First Aid/CPR certified. If a volunteer is First Aid/CPR certified, that individualdoes not need additional permission to help theperson in need. All club guidelines should be followed to includetransportation, facility, and field trips. 14. Signs of Abuse It is a felony in Alabama to not report any suspected abuseof a vulnerable population (youth, elderly, disabled). If you notice any of the below signs or anything elsesuspicious, you must report the suspected abuse to the ClubDirector immediately. You must also report your suspicion to the VolunteerCoordinator as soon as possible (no more than 24 hoursafter the suspicion arises).Repeated or unexplainable bruises, scrapes or bumpsChange in behaviorInappropriate behaviorShynessLack of self care 15. Confidentiality No information about any Club member, staff member orvolunteer should be shared with any one or any entityoutside the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama. Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA): Anythingthat is within a students record, including school work andbehavior Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA):Anything related to an individuals health record Privacy Act: Anything that can be found within a specificpersons recordIf you must keep a journal for a class or wish to talk about yourvolunteer experience with others, you can use fake names, sonothing can be tied back to any specific individual. 16. Medications/Accidents We are not allowed, by policy, to dispense, store oroversee any type of medication, including bothprescription and non-prescription medications. This includes Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, Tums, vitamins,gummy vitamins, etc. If a member bring in his/her own medication, bringthat medication and the Club member to the ClubDirector (inhaler, Epi-pen). Staff and volunteers are permitted to provide band-aidsand ice bags only. 17. Cell Phones Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent (not vibrate)while volunteering at the Clubs. If an emergency arises requiring the use of a cell phone,volunteers must remove themselves from the Clubenvironment (out of sight of all Club members) before takingor placing a phone call. 18. Transportation Volunteers (and staff who are not on the Clubsinsurance) are forbidden to transport Club members inpersonal vehicles. 19. Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome physical or verbalconduct. If you believe you or another volunteer or staff member is beingsubjected to harassing conduct, report the behavior to the ClubDirector or the Volunteer Coordinator immediately. A prompt investigation will be conducted of each and everycomplaint and appropriate action will be taken. You have a duty to report any harassing conduct you eitherexperience or observe. Under no circumstances will a persons volunteer service bejeopardized because of a bona fide report of what he or sheperceives to be an incident of harassing conduct or behavior. 20. A final thoughtOne hundred years from now,it will not matter what my bank account was,the sort of house I lived inor the kind of car I drove,but the world will be a better placebecause I was important in the life of a child.-Anonymous