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MAYFAIR VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION. Presented by: Dorinda McNamee Kristen Junek Odette Hinds Connor Prosty May 22, 2014. Introductory Notes. First off, thank you all for volunteering!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



MAYFAIR VOLUNTEER ORIENTATIONPresented by: Dorinda McNameeKristen JunekOdette HindsConnor Prosty

May 22, 2014Introductory NotesFirst off, thank you all for volunteering!!!Without you we could not see the great results of all that we have been planning for in the past couple of months. Its a lot of work but so worth it, when we see the smiles on the faces of the children and how excited the kids at FMPS and the surrounding neighbourhood get when they hear the Mayfair is coming!Why are we having this meeting?We are doing this for the first time in this format because Saturday mornings became so hectic with our guests and volunteers all descending on the Check In Registration Table at the same time. We wanted a more informal, less stressful time, to be able to communicate what we would like to see. Agenda for the EveningSome Basic Guidelines

How Mayfair will unfold (schedules, etc)

The Different Sections

WalkaroundSome Basic GuidelinesDress for the weather (hat, sunscreen, etc)Bring a water bottleStudents can handle tickets but are not able to handle cash. Ticket stations will always be manned by adults.Do not leave cash boxes unattended. Expectations that everyone is here to work so please no texting, etc while you are on duty.We want everyone to have a good time so if you have any conflicts, try and find a way to make sure everyone leaves happy.5Some Basic GuidelinesFor studentsIf you are looking for hours make sure that you tell the Volunteer Coordinator when you arrive and check out when you leave so that we can better track your hours.Please have your volunteer forms filled out so that we can keep track of the time on these sheets and also it will make it easier when we sign at the end of Mayfair.We will also try and keep track of this on our side.6How Mayfair will Unfold Friday NightThere will be volunteers here on Friday night between 4 pm 7 pm setting up.The Bake Sale team will be pricing the goodies during this time.We will be setting up everything inside so that we are good to go on Saturday morning.We will be using the gymnasium as our staging area for all of the events that will take place outside.We use the far staircase for our pantry for the barbeque.We will be taking coolers, baked goodies and donated plants etc.We will be moving furniture from classrooms and ensuring that they are labelled so that they can be returned to those teachers at the end of Mayfair.We will be setting up the sponsor wall and preparing the raffle.How Mayfair will Unfold Saturday 8 am 10 amVolunteers are expected to arrive for 8am.They will check in with Odette and receive a GREEN volunteer t-shirt, a name tag, a barbeque form.They will then get their assignments for the day.They will help with the set-up to prepare for our 10 am start of the carnival.

Note: School Council parents will have RED volunteer shirts so if you have any questions, find a person in a RED volunteer shirt.How Mayfair will Unfold Saturday 10 am 2 pmVolunteers will then go to their respective areas and make sure that they are ready to go for their first customers.They can then work their shifts.They will get hour for lunch ensuring that someone is covering for them during that time period.How Mayfair will Unfold Saturday 2 pm - Volunteers are expected to help clean up the premisesPack up the premises, etc.Take down the tentsSort out coolers/furniture etc and give them back to the owners/teachersHow Mayfair will Unfold Volunteering - Checking OutVolunteers are expected to return their volunteer shirts after the eventStudents can get their forms signedVolunteers will get 3 raffle tickets for the volunteer raffleThe Different SectionsCARNIVAL GAMESWe need 2 teams of volunteers to take care of/run the games. We can split up into the kindergarten games group and the remaining games/activities.They will be responsible to ensure that they have adequate supplies for the games, prizes, lollipops, etc.They will receive a sheet of instructions/list of supplies and how to win descriptions as well as stamps for the prize cards.The Different SectionsCARNIVAL GAMES (Contd)Kindergarten games will be split between outside games and inside games except for the SCAVENGER HUNT.Inside Games: LOLLIPOP GARDEN, GO FISH AND PIN THE TAIL ON THE WOLFOutside Games: BOUNCY CASTLE, DINO DIG AND BALL PONDThe Different SectionsCARNIVAL GAMES (Contd)Non-kindergarten games will be split between outside games and inside games except for the SCAVENGER HUNT also.Inside Activities: TATTOOS, NAIL SALON, RAINBOW LOOM, FACE PAINTING, GRAB BAGS, RAFFLE, PHOTO BOOTHOutside Activities: INFLATABLE SLIDE, SOCCER TARGET, FRISBEE GOLF, TIC TAC TOE, BEAN BAG TOSS, PING PONG BALL CHALLENGE, TOILET ROLL TOSS, ANGRY BIRDS, WHATS IN NEDS HEAD, PLANT SALE, PRIZE TABLE, CANDY/POPCORNThe Different SectionsBARBEQUEWe need a team of volunteers to take care of the barbeque. Manotick Village Butcher will be cooking the meat but we will need assemblers to put the food together and others to take the orders and provide customers with their food.We will also require a crew of people who will keep the coolers stocked and the chips stocked.The Different SectionsTICKET STATIONSWe need a team of adult volunteers to take care of the ticket stations. There will be two adults at each station.Each ticket station will be selling: carnival tickets for all of our events, raffle tickets and barbeque tickets. Water will also be sold at each of these stations.There will also be maps as well as stage schedules of what is happening at different times during the day.Cash will also be required to purchase plants or baked goods. Everything else will be done by tickets.

MapsYou can find the maps on our website.Question PeriodQ. If I want to work with my friends can I do that?Let the volunteer coordinator know what your preferences are and we will try and make sure that you are grouped close together.How are prizes done?Our guests will get a prize card (looks like a Subways card). When they win or participate in an event, the card gets a stamp. The guests take these cards over to the prize booth and get to choose a toy. Then their card gets punched. (i.e. a child has 8 stamps but only uses 4 stamps. You punch holes in 4 and leave the remaining for the next time they come to the booth.Question PeriodQ. What are the food options that we have available?There will be burgers (halal and beef), sausages (Bratwurst, Hot Italian), jumbo hot dogs, kiddie sized hot dogs, chips and drinks at the barbeque. There will be cotton candy, popcorn, ring pops for sale at the Candy Booth. There will be baked goods sold inside at the Bake Sale. There will be meat pies and cheese pies sold beside the BBQ by the SNMC. Water will also be available for sale at the ticket booths. Coffee and tea will be sold beside the bake table.19Question PeriodHow does the raffle work?Raffle tickets can be purchased for $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00. Guests need to fill out the raffle tickets and put a ticket in the bag corresponding to the prize that they would like to win. For example, if I would like to win the $200 of Bayshore dollars, I would fill out a raffle ticket and put it into the bag with the #9 on it since this is prize #9. Guests are welcome to put more than one ticket in a bag for more chances to win.20Question PeriodQ. Where do I need to spend cash?The ticket booths will have barbeque tickets, carnival game tickets and raffle tickets for sale. The bake sale and the plant sale and the book sale all take cash. Everything else is done by tickets.