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Our short orientation for new volunteers at Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia. This is why we build & why we want your help!


  • 1. Building Houses, BuildingHOPE, BuildingPhiladelphia

2. Our History AcrossTheCity.IsBeingWrittenBuilding Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 3. one in four1 in 4 households in Philadelphia have an annual incomebelow $20,000 and cannot afford to pay for the roof overtheir heads without sacrificing other essentials.Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 4. Affordable Housingis defined as costing no morethat 30% of ones incomeThats a 116-hour workweek for a single parentearning minimum wage(and paying $1,095 avg. rent)Cant work all 116 hours?You might need to thinkabout going without:Prescriptions for your kids?A nights healthy dinner?New school supplies?Fixing the broken washingmachine?A visit from pest control?Keeping up with your bills?Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 5. Partner FamiliesHabitat builds with people, not for people.Families are selected based on three requirements:1. Ability to pay a zero-interest mortgage(for a family of four, thats a yearly income of between. $23,350 and $46,680)2. Willingness to partner(working 350 Sweat Equity hours on Habitat sites)3. Need for housing(the familys current living situation)Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 6. The Habitat Solution350 Sweat Equity hours = down paymentZero-interest mortgage = $450 monthly paymentQuality housing & lower bills = more successful familiesHomeownership = an achievable goalWhat makes this work?VolunteersBuilding Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 7. Critical Home Repair &Weatherization ProgramsA few facts about the need for this specific program in Philadelphiainclude: 80% of owner-occupied houses are over 40 years old; 12% of owner-occupied homes are structurally inadequate, comparedto 6% for peer cities; One out of eight homeowners cannot afford to make needed repairs totheir homes; Five years is the typical time it takes an occupied home with seriousproblems such as cracks in the walls or holes in the roof to beabandoned; and 22+ existing occupied homes can be repaired and weatherized for thecost of building a single new row home.Focused on preserving homes with existing homeownersFar more Families Served! 8. Many Ways to Help! Construction Sites, with our Weatherization & Home RepairProjects, or at our ReStore ( must be at least 16 years of age!)Plan a Team Build Day for your organizationLend your time and expertise to a CommitteeShop at or Donate to the ReStoreDonate your vehicle: Cars for Homes ( in our mission and change lives today!!Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 9. Volunteering GuidelinesPlease keep the following things in mind as you begin volunteering:1. Everyone works together at Habitat Philadelphia! Our sites areeducational environments in which all participants should be comfortableregardless of skill or expertise2. Volunteers should make sure they can meet the physical criteria of theproject theyre signed up for. If you have questions or are concernedabout the physical demands of a project, please let me know! It is yourresponsibility to inform us of any physical or other limitations that mightbe relevant to volunteering with us, or any accommodations youd like us totry to make for you3. Volunteers should have the ability to fully understand and follow alldirections given by Habitat Philadelphia staff.4. All volunteers work at the sole discretion of Habitat Philadelphia andits employees.Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 10. What makes theIdeal Volunteer?PREPARATIONOn your work day go directly to the site you haveselected.Come dressed in work clothes, closed-toed shoes,and bring water and food. Dress for beingoutdoors!Plan to work with us from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (orat the ReStore for a full or half day). *Safety talkbegins at 8:30!We provide all tools and safety gear! Labelpersonal tools if you want to bring them.Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 11. What makes theIdeal Volunteer?FLEXIBILITYWillingness to work on ANY task needed, even if itsnot your favorite construction projectAn understanding that ALL aspects of building ahouse are equally important and equally valuedOpenness to doing things Habitats way, even if youvedone a task before on your ownWillingness to try (and learn) something newBuilding Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 12. What makes theIdeal Volunteer?COMMITMENTSerious commitment to working with us on all days youvesigned up forWillingness to work on assigned tasks carefully andthoroughly. DONT be afraid to make mistakes; DO askquestions, be open to feedback, and correct mistakes!Volunteers regularly (ex: once a week, once a month)Contributes comprehensively: Time, Talent and Treasure! 13. Volunteer Shifts Dont see many spaces for volunteering? Check again in a week; New updates posted regularly To Learn more about Habitat or our opportunities:Become a Facebook fan of Habitat PhiladelphiaSign up for bi-weekly volunteer updates and e- newsfor more up-to-date information:( Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 14. Scheduling/CancellationIf you MUST cancelcall/email the volunteer manager tonotify us of this change ASAP.TWO STRIKE No Show/No Call policy (cancelling beforehanddoes not count as a strike!) 765 6000 739-9300Weather: in MOST cases we build regardless of weather.Changes are according to the Philadelphia School Districtschedule or notification from the site supervisorWe will make every attempt to notify you of a projectscancellation or redeployment plans prior to your service day.Building Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia 15. Thank You!Check out our website:www.habitatphiladelphia.orgBuilding Houses, Building Hope, Building Philadelphia