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Exploring Storytelling for Emotionally Engaging UX

Exploring Storytelling for Emotionally Engaging UXMudit SinghalStorycentremudit.singhal@storycentre.in



are 22 times more memorable than plain factsJennifer AakerSocial Psychologist, Professor of MarketingStanford Universitys Graduate School of Business



capture attention

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to anew studyfrom Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.3


help form a bond with the audience



move people to action



create experiences


Aristotles 6 Elements of DramaPlot (Events)Character (Agent)Thought (Ideas/Theme)Diction (Language)Song (Pattern)Spectacle (Visual)


The Strategic Core


Elements of Stories are co-ordinatedimage/cinematographyFilmactorslocations/setsmusic/soundediting

coordinated in service of storylightingwords/lines


Elements of UX may not be co-ordinatedvisual designcopy/textinformation/contentnavigationlayout/content presentationprocessesanimationscreativemarketingbusinessinformation architecture/interaction designerror messagesoutside resourcemusic/soundhelpengineeringproduct VPs assistantinteractions/system responseWebsite/Mobile App


Gasp!I am the beast that is part website, part software, part product, part service, part interactive multimedia experience. What will you do with me?usertechnology product

Uncoordinated experiences are like

11So shouldnt the experience of the experience design be a consideration?

As experiences now span multiple media, channels & formats, we need to look to narrative, interaction, emotional elements to sustain transitions across channels and formats. Joe LamantiaDirector User Experience, Product Management, Strategy - PayPal,

12As experiences now span multiple media, channels & formats, we need to look to narrative, interaction, emotional elements to sustain transitions across channels and formats.

And I say that we need narrative and emotional elements to SUSTAIN interaction in a world of complex technology where websites, software and interactive multimedia have become part of the same beast

Storytelling and UXWith Storytelling, a diverse team creating a website or application can collectively link together the tangible elements and create a meaningful experience that is more than just bits and bytes.


So where does one start?

What is it about?


The more beautifully you shape your work around one clear idea, the more meanings audiences will discover in your film as they take your idea and follow its implication into every aspect of their lives.- Robert McKee, Creative Writing Instructor, Author of screenwriting book Story


Story: What is it about?Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.


Story: What is it about? Three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, must retrace their steps in order to find him.


UX: What is it about?What do you want the user to do eventually?

What is in it for the user?

Where does this fits into users life?

How does it work?


Flickr: What is it about?

Story Premise: A playful, fun to use site helps people to easily manage their vast store of digital photos and share them with one another.Theme: Define yourself with photos


Google: What is it about?

Story Premise: A simple, intuitive place to look for answers/solutions to any questions/problems in the worldTheme: Search made simple


What is the UX aboutA THEME

That encapsulates the value and focus of the experience to be delivered

A STRATEGY for product/service/system design, with a clear set of goals for everyone


tangibleintangibleemotionmeaningpleasurecharacterssettingscenesvisual designcontentpagesflowsimagesThe theme becomes the foundation for

22In storytelling, the tangible and intangible are two sides of the same coin. On one side, theres the tangible structure of story illustrated at its most basic through characters, setting and a structure of scenes; and on the other theres the intangible emotion and meaning derived from story, experienced by the reader and/or audience.

In User Experience the tangibles are expressed through: the content, pages, flows, visual design, to name a few.

So maybe this is another way of looking at what we must consider when creating User Experiences, but it still feels incomplete. It lacks a certain level of detail to make it more meaningful or useful.

Weve all heard much about how the full range of considerations that go into creating user experiences now extend to this murky and mysterious area of emotion.

But meaning, thats a tricky one. We dont necessarily make meaning for others, they make it for themselves. True, but people, in large part, make meaning from sensory cues that they encounter.


Jesse James Garrett is an information architect based in San Francisco, California and co-founder of Adaptive Path strategy and design consulting firm.Books:The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and BeyondOrganization founded:Information Architecture Institute23

Story ThemesExperience ThemesFound through insight into raw material of story planningFound through insight into raw material of design planning: business goals and requirements, content analysis, user research Decided upon by the vision and passions of single authorDecided upon by a team of stakeholdersReflects authors view of the worldReflects users needs and desiresApplied to overall design of story elementsApplied to overall design of productManifest in concept, conflict, character, setting, scene, sub-plots, story structure, climaxManifest in product concept, strategy, content choices, layout, interactions, visual designProduces pleasure in unity, emotion, meaningProduces pleasure in unity, emotion, meaningInduces a longer-lasting effect on the audienceInduces a longer-lasting effect on the user

24BONUS SLIDE! Not used in actual presentation.

Based on the evolution of this concept through work Ive been doing over the past year, I would now characterize an experience theme like this:

Fundamentals: In Storytelling & UXRelevance: If its not relevant to their lives, they have no reason to stick around.

Structure: Stories have a beginning, middle, and end. In UX, this could mean an introduction, an explainer video, and a call to action.

Backed by reason: What do you want your audience to take away? Is it a worthwhile message?

Simple: Less is more. Cut unnecessary extras. No matter how good a sentence, picture, or page may be, if it doesnt add value to the overall message, you must be willing to remove it.

Authentic: Is your story true to you? If youre putting up a facade, or creating something that doesnt resonate with yourself or your brand, your users will be able to tell.


Some interesting exampleshttp://www.bagigia.com/http://www.bringyourchallenges.com/http://everylastdrop.co.uk/http://www.inception-explained.com/https://www.uxpin.com/studio/blog/simplifying-ux-design-through-storytelling/https://www.coverfox.com/tvc/


The End is The Beginning




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