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1. UXPIOTR BUCKI #PRODUCTCAMPTRJMIASTO 2015 storytelling for UX and CX 2. Wtf is storytelling? Its all about telling stories the most natural way to communicate and understand the world around us. Its about using narrative to explain the world. piotr bucki for PRODUCT camp trjmiasto Gdynia 2015 3. why tell stories? piotr bucki for PRODUCT camp trjmiasto Gdynia 2015 Because stories matter and contrary to bare facts they can create engagement and are influencing the relation building process. They can also help you manipulate realty. But thats what I strongly not advocate. 4. Heres your brain on data. not so good if you want to create engagement. 5. Heres your brain on stories. very good if you want to create engagement. 6. your brain lights up like a christmas tree when you feed it stories. Even static stories in a form of typography or static visual. That is why porn works. 7. The Anatomy of a Story The 4 Must Haves 8. the hero you need a hero to tell a good story. Your company, product or team can be a hero. Its up to you to decide who the hero of the story is but its best to tell it from one perspective. 9. his goals and motivations you need a hero with strong motivation that can be easily understood. helping the world to be a better place. destroying the evil. Slaying the dragon. that sort of stuff. 10. the great opponent you need an opponent to show your values and take part in struggles that show your ideals. After all the battle is a test. just like every new development stage is. so look for opponents. 11. victory or salvation every story needs a closure. It can be just the end of a certain production stage or design stage or even a pivot. But it has to be accentuated. 12. the why in your story? Its the question i love the most. why. our most primitive part of the brain limbic system resonates with the why. Its all about motivation. 13. Its not just about the story but also how the story is told that matters the simpler the better. cognitive ease helps us understand the world and the motivation. so does Rhyme-as-reason effect. 14. The rhyme-as-reason effect (or Eaton- Rosen phenomenon) is a cognitive bias whereupon a saying or aphorism is judged as more accurate or truthful when it is rewritten to rhyme. say it dont spray it. 15. why so serious? use humour and action twists in your stories. the best dramas have some funny plots in it. the best comedies have some emotional touch to it. do it like Spielberg does. 16. emotions vs. facts 17. 1882 was a good year. Richard Wagner completed his opera "Parsifal", 1st Dutch female physician Aletta Jacobs opened her office and Domenico Vergnano, the great founder of Caff Vergnano opened his first coffee store in Chieri in Italy. Those were the humble beginnings of what is now the oldest family owned and operated coffee brewing business. What started as a small apothecary in Chieri, a small town at the foot of Turin hills is now the oldest family owned coffee roasting company in the World with almost 140 years old story and handed down by four generations. start like a storyteller use well known heroes use surprise facts that matter. use intriguing locations like shire (where hobbits live) or Chieri (where the hell is that) 18. 18 19. iconic stories have it 20. how to start your story? 20 21. Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. 21 22. make your brand story sexy as hell. like Michael & markus 23. where your story takes life? 24. even the production process is a story. especially a developers journey. 25. it is about goals not functionalities. 26. stories make useful content. 27. their structure matters 28. they make the navigation easier 29. they give meaning 30. they are timeless 31. they help your business 32. branding or information? 33. the link and hyperlink 34. CONTENT VS CONTEXT