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UX Strategy Blueprint

Jim KalbachMarch 2015



UX Strategy

Strategic Learning3What is strategy?4Air Sandwich A strategy is a set of hypotheses about cause and effect.and can be expressed by a sequence of if-then statements.Robert Kaplan & David NortonLinking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy 1996

5Air Sandwich A good strategy honestly acknowledges the challenges being faced and provides an approach to overcoming them.

6Air Sandwich At general managements core is strategy: defining a companys position, making trade-offs, and forging fit among activities Strategy renders choices about what not to do as important as the choice about what to do. Michael Porter

What is strategy? Harvard Business Review, 19967

Austin Govella, www.agux.coBuilding strategy is a creative exercise to design a way of overcoming key challenges to reach a desired outcome with an interlocking set of choices for consistency in action. 9AnalysisPlanning10AnalysisSTRATEGYPlanningStrategy, I believe, sits between analysis and planning and ties them together with decision making logic. It may be the synthesis of observations and findings into a coherent set of choices that shows intent.

So I dont want to say that analysis and planning arent necessary or somehow detached from strategy creation endeavors. Just that without a way to tie it all together, you dont have the essence of a strategy. 11Elements of Strategy125 Ps of StrategyPattern Trends from the pastPosition Desired outcomePerspective Philosophy of workingPloy Out-maneuver opposing forcesPlan Course of action

135 Strategy QuestionsWhat's your winning aspiration? Where will you play? How will you win? What capabilities are needed? How will you manage strategy?

14Lafley & MartinMintzbergKey QuestionsPatternWhat challenges motivate action?AspirationPositionWhat are your aspirations?Playing fieldPerspectiveWhat will you focus on?How to winPloyWhat are your guiding principles?CapabilitiesPlanWhat types of activities are needed?ManagementHow will you measure success?Strategic Questions15What is UX strategy?16Air Sandwich But these choices beget more choices in the rest of the organization Each level in the organization has its own strategic choice cascade.

17UX StrategyUX strategy helps the business solve its problems through an interlocking set of choices that coordinates UX activity for a desired experience. 18

www.experiencinginformation.com19ElementBusiness StrategyChallengesLosing customers and revenue due to disruption and slipping market relevanceAspirationReinvent the business to maintain leadershipFocus AreasGlobalResearch institutionsOnline channelsSocial mediaGuiding PrinciplesLeverage scale and authority to winActivitiesAcquireInnovate business model Refresh brandBuild expertise in socialMeasurements Retention RevenueEinstein Media Co. Worldwide leader in scientific publishingEXAMPLE20


Coherency in UX due to acquisitionsShift in information behaviorEthnographyWorkflow models, touchpoint mapsIterative prototypingGuidelines and governanceReimagine the scientific information experienceEnable users to be discoverers of scientific breakthroughsDigital FirstModular, ubiquitous, but familiar formatsOrganize and design across workflows Satisfaction (SUS) Social sharing% of UIs that comply to guidelinesEnd consumersOnline and offline channels, cross devices, cross BrandCommunities, socialInformation interaction: finding & publishing22Strategy is a hypothesis about a desired position about overcoming challenges a choice and about trade-offs hierarchical not only analysis or planning

23Strategy shows causality: We believe IF we take certain actions, THEN it will have a specified desired effect. Why do we need UX strategy?24

25Shift in businessEcosystem designAir sandwich

Why UX Strategy26

Air Sandwich An Air Sandwich is a strategy that has a clear vision and future direction on the top layer, day-to-day action on the bottom, and virtually nothing in the middleno meaty key decisions that connect the two layers.Nilofer Merchant27Shift in businessEcosystem designAir sandwichLarge org with dependenciesMigrations and acquisitionsWhy UX Strategy28Strategic Learning29Defining strategy as intended and conceiving it as deliberate, as has traditionally been done, effectively precludes the notion of strategic learning. Once the intentions have been set, attention is riveted on realizing them, not on adapting them. Messages from the environment tend to get blocked out. Adding the concept of emergent strategyopens the process of strategy making up to the notion of learning. Minzberg & Waters. Of Strategies Deliberate and Emergent (1985)30Deliberate vs Emergent Strategy31Intended StrategyRealized StrategyDeliberate StrategyUnrealized StrategyEmergentStrategyLearned StrategyMinzberg & Waters. Of Strategies Deliberate and Emergent (1985)Air Sandwich Myth 1: Execution Equals Alignment

Myth 2: Execution Means Sticking to the Plan

Myth 3: Communication Equals Understanding

Myth 4: A Performance Culture Drives Execution

Myth 5: Execution Should Be Driven from the Top

Why Strategy Execution Unravelsand What to Do About ItDonald Sull, Rebecca Homkes, Charles Sull. HBR, Mar 201533

Doing clearly includes some choosing.

Calling some choices strategy and some execution is a fruitless distinction.Danke schn


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