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Content Strategy based on Personas and Target Audience Analysis


  • 1. UXtrategy Uxtrategy Content Strategy : UX Principles Building User Experience through Strategic Content Marketing
  • 2. UXtrategy Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world youre a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one. Robert Rose Author Managing Content Marketing
  • 3. UXtrategy Step 1: Persona Building Step 2: Strategization Behavioral Analysis of users to determine personas that represent your target audience. Creation of content strategy targeted at the personas. Content Strategy Step 3: Calendar Creation of a Content Calendar & Content Curation accordance with strategy & insights. Step 4: Evolution Post implementation analysis on a weekly level to maintain & enhance content strategy.
  • 4. UXtrategy Step 1: User Research & Persona Building Demographics Behavioral Nuances User Goals & Aspirations
  • 5. UXtrategy Step 2 : Strategic Content Planning Now that we know who they are. How can we help them achieve their goals & aspirations with content that we offer?
  • 6. UXtrategy Step 3: Content Curation Determination of content vehicle i.e. Wiki, Facebook, Lin kedIn, Twitter Determination of Content i.e. Article, Demo, Guest Post Research Curation Refurbishing already available content Content Creation Content Creation
  • 7. UXtrategy Best Practices
  • 8. UXtrategy Content Sourcing
  • 9. UXtrategy Content Repackaging Infographics Myths Tips & Tricks Quizzes Playbook Guides White Papers Widgets Guest Posts Blog Posts Analyst Reports Newsletters Articles E-Books Webinars Product Demo
  • 10. UXtrategy Vehicles & Platforms Internet SMS MMS Mobile Internet
  • 11. Advertising Astrology Automotives - bikes Automotives - cars Automotives & Gadgets Careers Dating & Relationships Events Fashion - Make-up Fashion - Poll Fashion - Style Festivals Gaming Health - Wellness Lifestyle Misc Movies - Bollywood Movies - Hollywood Music - English Music - Hindi Music - International Music - Indian Profiling Sports - Cricket Sports - Football Sports - Motor Sports - Gossip Sports - Tennis Step-out TV Alert Grand Total UXtrategy Step 4 : Analytics & Insights MONTH 1 MONTH 2 MONTH 3 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
  • 12. UXtrategy Ongoing Efforts for Strategy Evolution Feedback from Users & Management Removal of Unsuccessful Content Lines Roadmap for Marketing Strategy Responsiveness Metrics Content Strategy
  • 13. UXtrategy How does it fit in with your Social Strategy? Content Strategy Social Media
  • 14. UXtrategy Be Armed with Answers BEFORE you go social
  • 15. UXtrategy Case Study Blyk A Mobile Magazine for the Youth. Sample of an Evolving Content Strategy with Data Insights to drive growth. Case Study Blyk
  • 16. UXtrategy Case Study You could be producing amazing content but if it doesnt resonate with target audience, its moot point. #CMWorld - Bright Fox Media @BrightFoxMedia Step 1: Deep Dive Research
  • 17. UXtrategy Case Study Identifying Subjects of Interest
  • 18. UXtrategy Case Study Informal Surveys
  • 19. UXtrategy Case Study How else will you know who Or what they need? youre creating content for? #CMworld - Ardath Albee @ardath421 Step 2: Building Personas
  • 20. UXtrategy Case Study Sample Blyk Persona - Abilash Nathani Delhi | 16yrs | Male | 10th Class | St. Marks Public School Abhilash the person Rides a bike listens to music while on the bike Plays all kinds of sports / pool Watches cricket / snooker Listens to trance and Bollywood experimental Plans to become a chartered accountant Abhilash family background Dad business man / Mom housewife Brother abroad studying Very close to his mom Abhilash in school Has a core group Is not a leader, but a thought leader where hes respected for his views on gadgets/bikes/cars etc. Hes asked for help in notes etc. Abhilash financial situation Family fairly well-off He gets an allowance as well as hits his mom for an extra now and then His mobile recharge is part of his pocket money
  • 21. UXtrategy Case Study Sample Blyk Persona - Priyanka Mohan Lucknow | Female | 20yrs | 2nd year | IT college Priyanka the person Slightly double personality. One person in front of parents, another outside Reads, listens to rock and soft romantic music Watches movies with her friends Studies but cant pay too much attention Priyanka the family background One of three children. Two elder brothers Lives a protective life Has to be very traditional at home but is really funky outside Priyanka the family background One of three children. Two elder brothers Lives a protective life Has to be very traditional at home but is really funky outside Priyanka Finances Family doesnt have loose purse strings but the situation is comfortable. She doesnt want for anything unless it is super expensive Pays her recharge amount from her own allowance
  • 22. UXtrategy Case Study Sample Blyk Persona - Tony Joseph Bangalore | Male | 24 yrs | Wipro Infotech Tony the person Flashy personality - flirty Stays alone so has bachelorly habbits Likes to cook and make cocktails for guests. Is houseproud. Tony family background South Indian christian living in Bangalore Has a younger sister ready to be married in a couple of years Disciplined upbringing Does not have a girlfriend yet, nor is planning to have one until he makes something of himself. Tony at work Newly corporate Is seen moving in the right circles Does all the right things Likes to socialize with his office colleagues as well as his friends Tony Finances Earns his own money Does not need to send money home although he saves because he knows he will have to contribute towards his sisters marriage Likes to spend on gadgets, clothes and his new car Pays his own bill, but is not so price sensitive
  • 23. UXtrategy Case Study While content does not always have to be detailed and lengthy, it should be high-quality, interesting well-planned , and . John Bottom (@basebot) Step 3: Customized Content Plan
  • 24. UXtrategy Case Study Determine Subjects to Drive Strategy Bollywood experimental PJs Gadgets Trance Bike Gossip Pool/ Snooker Rock Fashion Soft romantic music Trivia Cars Jokes Heavy metal Cricket Celebrities
  • 25. UXtrategy Case Study What it translates to 27/02/2014 25
  • 26. UXtrategy Case Study Without analytics to add additional insight you only get half the picture. #cmworld - Angela Dunn @blogbrevity Step 4 - Optimizing Content Strategy
  • 27. UXtrategy Case Study Growth of Personas through feedback Implicit profiling Responsive trends from users Explicit profiling Negative profiling Profiled content 27 What users explicitly say yes to What users explicitly say No to
  • 28. UXtrategy Case Study The Growth of the Blyk Content Strategy Inferences from analysis of successful posts were fed back into the the tonality of the content. Yield Increase in response rate by 1-2% Tightening up Tonality Creation of Content Verticals Content Verticals had a two pronged effect. Branding & Customer Relationship Building. Language regionalization engaged silent audience. Subject regionalization increased satisfaction Regionalization 28
  • 29. UXtrategy Case Study Content Verticals Content Verticals bring the brand forward for users to interact with. The verticals are made around subjects that are proven to be successful. Content Verticals can be developed