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The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH. The software described by this document is subject to a License Agreement and may not be copied to other media. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced or otherwise transmitted or recorded, for any purpose, without prior written permission by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH, hereinafter referred to as NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. All product and company names are or trademarks of their respective owners. Users Guide written by Andr Benedix, Friedemann Becker, Irmgard Bauer Version: 1.0 (11/2008) Software Version: 1.0.1 Special thanks to the members of the Beta Test Team, who were invaluable not just in tracking down bugs, but in making this a better product.


Schlesische Str. 28 D-10997 Berlin Germany [email protected]


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Native Instruments GmbH, 2008. All rights reserved.

1. Welcome to TRAKTOR 1.0.1The updated version of TRAKTOR contains several new features and fixes that will be explained in this document. This manual addendum contains the changes that have been made with TRAKTOR update version 1.0.1, but does not cover the whole range of functionalities TRAKTOR has to offer. It also provides some new information that was not added to the manual before. All other features and general behaviors are explained in great detail in the TRAKTOR manual that you can access by clicking Open Manual in the Help tab of the application menu. Enjoy playing with TRAKTOR! NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum

2. Whats new in TRAKTOR 1.0.1The following list summarizes the changes of the TRAKTOR 1.0.1 update:

2 new effects (Delay T3 and Reverb T3) and reworked Beatmasher (chapter 3) Importing playlist and importing playlist directories (chapter ) Show in Collection as context option for tracks in the Explorer and iTunes BrowserNode (chapter )

Separation of Mouse Snap behavior from Cue and Loop Snap Mode (chapter 5) Adjustable Key Lock Range (chapter 5) Restructured MIDI mapping ADD menu (chapter 6) New Type of Controller called Relative Fader/Knob (chapter 6) Number of automatic Collection backups increased to 50 (from formerly 10)

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 5

3. New Effects3.1 Delay T3Classical industry tempo-synchronized Delay with Freeze button like already available in TRAKTOR 3 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH. The Rate of the Delay is directly controlled by the Master Clock of TRAKTOR to ensure that the Delay keeps up with the beat also during tempo changes. Advanced Mode FILTER

Internal high pass filter and low pass filter (similar to a band pass filter). The filter is

open when the knob is in center position. It progressively cuts out low frequencies when turned to the right and cuts out high frequencies when turned to the left.


Controls the strength of the delays feedback, making the effect stronger and more colorful.Min: small feedbackMax: strong feedback RaTE knob has changed to:

Controls the Delay time. Compared to the Delay in TRAKTOR 3 the orientation of the Min: long delay times Max: short delay times The 7 available values are expressed in fractions of bars, and are equally distributedover the range of the knob. The knobs center position is printed in bold letters:

% %

The effect rate can be switched during operation without any crackles or glitches in audio! Even in Freeze mode the Delay follows the Master Clock and will therefore seamlessly merge into the mix once it is released.

Min Max: /, 3/8, 1/, 3/16, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 6


Freezes the Delay by closing the input an playing the delay with the set Feedback. Thefiler remains active in the feedback loop. For endless freezes, the FILTER knob has to be therefore turned to the middle position.


When pressed, delay times are not quantized and can be changed continuously.

Compared to the QUANT button of the Delay in TRAKTOR 3, the FR.R button has the exact opposite effect. If you had the QUANT button on in TRAKTOR3, you should turn the FR.R button off in TRAKTOR PRO. Changing delay times while the Delay is active can result in sudden skips in pitch.

Chained Mode (1-Knob Control) The knob works like the RaTE knob in Advanced Mode at a medium Feedback value.

3.2 Reverb T3Classical industry standard Reverb with extreme room sizes, individual low pass & high pass Filter Controls and Freeze function like already available in TRAKTOR 3 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH 1. Advanced Mode LP

LP filter in the effect loop fully open when turned to the left.HP

HP filter in the effect loop fully open when turned to the right. SIZE Control the size of the reverberation added, ranging from small to huge room sizes.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 7


Freezes the Reverb by closing the input and leaving open the output.Chained Mode (1-Knob Control) Works like the SIZE knob of the Advanced Mode.

3.3 Beatmasher 2Updated version of the Beatmasher effect a buffer based effect for capturing a loop from the current audio material and successively mashing it up. Advanced Mode On


The effect has to be started in off mode and then turned on to sample the current audio.

When turning on the effect it samples one bar or audio based on the tempo of themaster clock.

To sample a new piece of audio, turn the effect off and then back on.GaTE

Combined controller for different ways of mixing and gating the sampled material: In full left position bypasses the effect From full left to centre mixes in progressively bigger chunks of the buffered audio In centre position only plays the buffered audio. From center to full right position cuts out progressively bigger chunks of audiolike a Gater.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 8


Shifts the sampled audio relatively to its original position in steps of 1/8 notes. At minimum Length, the ROTaTE knob continuously rotates the sample.LEn (LEnGTH)

Controls the length of the audio played back from the buffer.WRP (WaRP)

Re-synchronizes the effect on each bar for more musical results.REV (REVERSE)

Reverses the playback direction of the buffered audio samples.Chained Mode (1-Knob Control) This knob behaves like the LEnGTH knob in Advanced Mode.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 9

4. New Browser Functions4.1 Additional Playlist Import FunctionsThe context menu of the Playlist Node in the Browser Tree (right-/ctrl-click on PLayLIST) contains two new entries: Import Playlist Click this to open a dialog that lets you browse to a TRAKTOR playlist file and import the saved playlist directly by choosing it and confirming the dialog. Import Playlist Directory This works like Import Playlist, but lets you choose a whole directory or folder and imports all contained playlists.

4.2 Showing Tracks in CollectionWhen browsing inside the Explorer Node of the Browser Tree or in the iTunes Library in TRAKTOR, all tracks that are already imported into your Collection got the option Show in Collection when right-/ctrl-clicking them. The Browser then directly jumps to the tracks in your Collection.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 10

5. New Preferences Options5.1 Snapped ModesFor TRAKTOR 1.0.1, Snap Mode has been split into a Preferences option and the SnaP MODE BuTTOn in the Global Section. The SnaP MODE BuTTOn now works differently, too.

5.1.1 Snap ButtonThe SnaP MODE BuTTOn in the Master Panel of the Global Section now only affects the behavior of setting cue points or loops. When SnaP is on, a cue point or loop is always set on the closest beat.

5.1.2 Mouse Control PreferencesIn the Preferences > Transport a new entry called Mouse Control were added. It changes the behavior of clicking in the Waveform and can be set to: Vinyl This mode means that you interact with the waveform like you can do with a record. Clicking holds the track like holding a record on a turntable with your hand. Holding the mouse and moving it works like scratching or spinning a record. Snap If choosing Snap in the Preferences the mouse arrow will always snap on the beat of the loaded track. If you click inside the waveform the play position jumps to the beat next to where you clicked. Click and hold while the deck is paused works like the cuE BuTTOn.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 11

5.2 Key Lock RangeThere is a new option available in Preferences > Transport. It is called Key Lock Range and can be set to: +/- 30% That means the Key Lock feature is only working in a range of +/- 30 % pitch. A higher or lower tempo adjustment will automatically deactivate Key Lock on the dedicated deck. This mode is used for getting natural sounding scratches even while Key Lock is engaged. Always With this option Key Lock will apply to the entire tempo range. Use this setting for getting the typical granular robotic sounds at very low playback speeds.


Of course Key Lock can be switched on and off manually independently from the Key Lock Range setting.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 12

6. MIDI Mapping6.1 New MIDI Controller TypeThis update of TRAKTOR adds a new Interaction Mode for controllers called Relative Fader/Knob to the MIDI mapping.

By assigning a knob or fader to Relative Fader/Knob, you can adjust its range of

action and its sensitivity. Furthermore changes on the hardware are interpreted relatively to the position of the fader in the software. after having pressed the Sync BuTTOn. larger range.

For example this can be useful if using it for the PITcH FaDER to fine adjust a tempo The range depends on the setting for Rotary Sensitivity. A higher setting results a

6.2 Complete List of MIDI ControlsThe Add menu in the Preferences > MIDI Mapping has been restructured for easier finding a command you want to assign. The tables below are divided into the parts for every group inside the Add menu.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 13

6.2.1 LoadNAMELoad Next Load Prev Load Selected Unload Load into Stopped Deck Load Loop Play Duplicate Deck A Duplicate Deck B Duplicate Deck C Duplicate Deck D

DESCRIPTIONLoad next track into the deck Load previous track into the deck Load selected tracks into the deck Unload the track from the deck Load selected track into stopped deck Load and play selected track with deck loop on Load track from deck A into the deck Load track from deck B into the deck Load track from deck C into the deck Load track from deck D into the deck

6.2.2 TransportNamePlay/Pause Cue Cup (Cue Play) Key Lock Seek Position Wind Scratch on Scratch CD-DJ Jog

DescriptioNPlay/pause track playback Cue to closest cue point/set cue in current playback position CUP Reset original key Seeks back/forth in the track Winds forward/backward by changing the tempo and restores back once the button is released Holds playback preparing TRAKTOR to scratch Scratches track playback (requires deck Scratch On) Transport control through CD-DJ jog

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 1

6.2.3 TimecodeNameCalibrate Assign Deck to Scratch Control Scratch Monitor Scope Mode Scratch Mode Int/Rel/Abs

DescriptioNCalibrate timecode Assign deck to Scratch control on specified channel Scope mode monitor Toggles TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO Scratch Modes

6.2.4 Cue/LoopsNameCue Cup (Cue Play) Loop In/Set Cue Loop Out Cue Set + Store Store Cue/Loop Delete Cue/Loop Loop Size Loop Set Loop Size + Set Loop Active Cue/Loop Move Size Cue/Loop Move Mode Cue/Loop Move Next/Prev Cue/Loop Jump to Act Cue Map Hotcue

DescriptioNCue to closest cue point/set cue in current playback position CUP Set loop in/cue points Set loop out points Sets and stores cue point Save current cue point/loop in a Hotcue point slot Clear Hotcue point slot Define loop size Set a loop according to the default length Resize and activate loop Loop on/off Define cue/loop move length Select move mode Moves cue points/loops on the waveform Skips to next/previous saved cue point/loop. Jump to the cue point displayed in the advanced cue list Map Hotcue point to selected Hotcue Button on GUI

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 15

6.2.5 MixerNameInput Select Filter Filter ON Volume Key On Key Effect Unit 1 On Effect Unit 2 On Deck Balance Gain Monitor Cue X-Fader X-Fader Curve Auto X-Fade Left Auto X-Fade Right Master Volume Limiter Auto Gain Monitor Volume Monitor Mix

DescriptioNToggles between internal & external channels Filter Switch filter on Controls the channel volume Locks current key Set the key Toggle effect slot on/off Toggle Effect slot on/off Controls the channel balance Controls channel gain Toggles monitor cue on/off Cross fader control Set the mixing curve of the cross fader Auto cross fade left Auto cross fade right Global volume Limiter Global autogain, keeps all tracks at the same gain Volume of the monitor Mixed volume of monitor and master

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 16

6.2.6 Mixer/EQNameEQ High EQ High Kill EQ Mid EQ Mid Kill EQ Mid Low EQ Mid Low Kill EQ Low EQ Low Kill

DescriptioNHigh frequencies knob High frequencies kill Mid frequencies knob Mid frequencies kill Mid Low frequencies knob Mid Low frequencies kill Low frequencies knob Low frequencies kill

6.2.7 FX ChainedNameEffect 1 Select Effect 2 Select Effect 3 Select Dry/Wet Chained Effect 1 Amount Effect 2 Amount Effect 3 Amount Effect 1 On Effect 2 On Effect 3 On Effect LFO Reset

DescriptioNSelect FX Select FX Select FX Combo mix parameter FX amount FX amount FX amount Sets FX on Sets FX on Sets FX on Reset LFO parameters

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 17

6.2.8 FX AdvancedNameEffect Select Effect On Effect Param Reset Effect Button 1 Effect Button 2 Dry/Wet Advanced Effect Param 1 Effect Param 2 Effect Param 3 Effect LFO Reset

DescriptioNSelect FX Activate selected FX Set to 0 all fx parameter Depends from selected FX Depends from selected FX Depends from selected FX Depends from selected FX Depends from selected FX Depends from selected FX Reset LFO parameters

6.2.9 RecordingNameAudio Recorder On Recording Out Gain

DescriptioNStart recording Recording gain adjust

6.2.10 TempoNameSet to Master Phase Sync Tempo Bend Sync Tempo Analyze Loaded Track

DescriptioNSet deck as master Syncs Phase Meter Increase/decrease playback speed Sync tempo and phase to master deck/clock Tempo pitch Analyze track in deck

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 18

6.2.11 Track BPMNameAutogrid Set Grid Marker Delete grid Marker Move Grid Marker BPM Lock BPM BPM x2 BPM /2 Beat Tap Beat Tick

DescriptioNTracks BPM and sets a Beatgrid marker Set Beatmarker Delete Beatmarker Moves Beatmarker along the waveform Manually sets BPM Lock all buttons in the GRID advanced Panel Doubles the BPM value Halves the BPM value Tap the beat Activate tick sound

6.2.12 Master ClockNameMaster Clock Mode Master Tempo Master Tempo Pitch Bend UP Master Tempo Pitch Bend DOWN Master Tempo Clock Send Master Tempo Clock Sync MIDI Master Tempo Beat Tap Master Tempo Tick

DescriptioNSelects tempo master off/Master/decks A-D Sets the master tempo Bends Up the master tempo Bends Down the master tempo. Toggles the master tempo clock send on/off. Syncs external clock to master clock Sets the master tempo via TaP BuTTOn. Toggles master tick on/off.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 19

6.2.13 PreviewNamePreview Selected Preview Play/Pause Preview Seek Position

DescriptioNLoad and play selected in preview player Play/pause track playback in preview player Seek in track in preview player

6.2.14 BrowserBrowser/List

NameList Delete List Reset Played-State List Analyze List Edit List Relocate List Add To Collection List Select Up/Down List Select Page Up/Down List Select Top/Bottom List Select Extend Up/Down List Select Extend Page Up/ Down List Select Extend Top/Bottom List Select All List Consolidate Search Search Clear

DescriptioNDelete browser list Reset played state of the tracks in playlist Analyze tracks in list Edit list Relocate tracks references Add track/folder to collection List navigation controls List page select List select Multiple tracks selection Multiple selection per page Select entire page Select all tracks Consolidate playlist Enables search function Clear search box

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 20

List Search in Playlists List Show in Explorer List Clear Jump to Current Track

Search in playlist Show selected track in the OS file browser Clear List Selects last loaded track


NameSave Collection Tree Delete Tree Reset Played-State Tree Analyze Tree Edit Tree Relocate Tree Import Collection Tree Import Music Folders Tree Export Tree Export Printable Tree Rename Playlist or Folder Tree Select Up/Down Tree Select Expand/Collapse Tree Create Playlist Tree Delete Playlist Tree Create Playlist Folder Tree Delete Playlist Folder

DescriptioNSave collection Delete playlist from tree Reset played status of all tracks in playlist Analyze tracks in all list Edit tree Information Relocate tracks references Import external collections Import music folders Export collection Export printable playlist/collection Rename list Select up/down Collapse/expand Nodes in Tree Create a new playlist Delete folder Create playlist folder Delete playlist folder

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 21


NameFavorites Select Favorites Add

DescriptioNSelect favorites Add Favorite

6.2.15 ViewNameOnly Browser Toggle Layout Select Fullscreen Toggle Last Focus Focus Select Mode CD Mode Deck Size Show Advanced Panel Select Advanced Panel Window Deck Zoom

DescriptioNtoggles browser maximization Toggles between different layouts Toggles fullscreen ON/OFF Toggles between the current and the last deck focus selected. Focus select buttons. Selects Vinyl/CD/Default modes. Switch deck control mode Switch between mini and full mode Toggles Advanced Panel visibility Selects Advanced Panel Mode Waveform Zoom In/Out

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 22

6.2.16 GlobalNameSnap Mode Quantize Mode Broadcasting On Auto Play Show Slider Values FX Panel Mode (Advanced/ Chained) Send Monitor State

DescriptioNEnter Snap Mode Enter Quantized Mode Start Broadcasting Plays and mixes in all track in playlist automatically Shows values while selecting Switch FX between easy and advanced Sends state of all available MIDI output values to the connected hardware controllers

6.2.17 ModifierNameModifier #1 Modifier #2 Modifier #3 Modifier #4 Modifier #5 Modifier #6 Modifier #7 Modifier #8

DescriptioNMidi Midi Midi Midi Midi Midi Midi Midi modifier modifier modifier modifier modifier modifier modifier modifier

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 23

6.2.18 OutputNamePhase Monitor Beat Phase Monitor Track End Warning Toggle Last Focus Monitor Deck AFL Left Monitor Deck AFL Right Monitor Deck PFL Left Monitor Deck PFL Right Monitor Mix Level Left Monitor Mix Level Right Master Level Left Master Level Right Master Level Master Clip Left Master Clip Right Master Clip Record Level Left Record Level Right Record Clip Left Record Clip Right

DescriptioNPhase output Phase output Blinking lights Toggles between the current and the last deck focus selected. Shows the levels of AFL Shows the levels of AFL Shows the levels of PFL Shows the levels of PFL Level Level Left channel level Right channel level Master level Red light on the level Red light on the level Red light on the level Left channel level Right channel level Left clip light Right clip light

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 2

7. Additional Notes7.1 Using the updated Default SettingsSome default settings in TRAKTOR have changed with version 1.0.1. To easily get these new settings start the Setup Wizard after updating TRAKTOR by clicking Start Setup Wizard in the Help tab of the application menu.


If you do so, be aware that the Wizard will overwrite your personal settings made before.

7.2 Using F-keys on MacsIf you are using an Apple keyboard or an Apple notebook some of the F-keys by default are used for special commands. These keys in TRAKTOR by default are used for the Favorite Playlists in the Browser.

To use the F-keys with their standard function hold the FN key on you keyboard.or

To always use the standard function in Mac OS X go to System Preferences > Keyboard

& Mouse > Keyboard and check Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 25

7.3 Uninstalling TRAKTOR on Mac OS XIn the main manual the name of the Root folder to be removed for uninstalling TRAKTOR from your Mac is wrong - the list must correctly read:

Macintosh HD/Applications/Traktor ~/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor ~/Music/Traktor ~/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Traktor Pro.plist ~/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Traktor

TRAKTOR PRO Manual Addendum 26