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  • NatalieCharlotte HarryLillie CharleyBen LucyMolly KatieAnnie G AlexSam ChloeFreddieBrogan MasonAlisha Emily

    Alper SummerMegan GeorginaLiza Annie HHayden Wade

  • Alex NatalieCharlotte HarryLillie CharleyBen AlisiaMolly KatieSam ChloeAnnie G FreddieBrogan MasonLucy Emily

    Alper SummerMegan GeorginaLiza Annie HHayden WadePS7

  • Brogan MasonAlisha EmilyLucy BenMolly Katie Natelie Chloe Sam Year 9A BTECAnnie H FeddieAnnie G AlexHayden Wade LizaMegan GeorginaAlper SummerCharlotte HarryLillie Charley

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  • Task 14: Planning your photosDo I know what photo I am going to take for my Front cover?

  • Create a collage of similar images from the internet that you want on your Front Cover

  • Photoshoot plan