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  1. 1. ABSTRACTThis is one of my favouritephotosWe lied down and made thefloor look like a wall we areleaning onI think its quite clever and IreallyLike itI like this photo because at firstglance it looks like a windowlookingOutside but really it a painting of anever ending roadIts a low angle shot and almostrepresents some sort of prisonand the dark sky adds to theeffect of sadness/darkness
  2. 2. PORTAITI like this photo because mattlooksSo happy, its quite funny to lookat.This portrait was a mistakeand ended up being quitefunny to look atI think this mid shot photocaptures Jordan'slikeableness. He looks stupidbut he is friendly and it quitefunny
  3. 3. ARCHITECTURALI took this photo because I find themetal globe quite interesting tolook at as its made up only ofcircular ringsThis is a very interestingdesign for a bench, it looksnice and is practical as itallows groups of people tobe more socialThis sign represents most pf theschool and its future showing thekind of things Ringwood schoolhas to offer
  4. 4. MACROI love this close up photo of abee, it really shows off itscolours and captures everydetail of itThis crane fly was only there fora few seconds and this verydetailed photo of it was quicklytaken and it worked very wellThis photo was great, we foundthis extremely unusual colouredcaterpillar climbing up a tree andits colours are really shown off inthis photo