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  • 1. Editing my photosDigipak

2. To change the effects on my photos, iused actions we had available at school.This changed the saturation, contrastand colours of the picture to give it avintage effect. This fit in well with mytheme and I like the look it gave thephotos. It was also very simple to do. Isimply dragged in the action files toPhotoshop. I then tried out all the foldersto see which effect I liked best. I endedmy choosing the vintage effect number 1up photos. Ithen clickedbecause it looked best withplay andadded it to thephoto. Thiswas useful asI could thenadd the sameeffect to allthe photos tomake surethey wereexactly the 3. I continued this and did the same effect to all my photos to keep the Digipak consistent. The change is only subtle but looks effective. 4. To create the doors for the inside of the Digipak, I took twoseparate pictures and merged them together. I got a pictureof the bottom of my front door as it was plain wood. I thenfound an old fashioned handle which i then took a picture ofand edited into the same photo, to look like it was part of thedoor.To do this, I used the polygonal lasso tool. I simplywent around the edge of the handle, then selectedthe object I wanted and deleted the backgroundaround it. I could then drag it into the image of thedoor and merge the two layers together. This wasvery quick and easy to do, plus the final product