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  • 1. Charlotte Harry Brogan Mason FreddieAlisha Emily Lillie Charley Ben Lucy Megan Georgina Alper SummerMolly Katie Hayden WadeLiza Annie HAnnie G AlexNatalie Sam Chloe

2. Annie G Freddie Alper SummerLiza Annie H PS7 Hayden WadeBrogan Mason Megan GeorginaLillie Charley Molly KatieAlex NatalieSam ChloeLucy EmilyCharlotte HarryBen Alisia 3. Brogan Mason Alisha EmilyLillie Charley Charlotte Harry Megan Georgina Alper SummerLucy BenMolly Katie Hayden Wade LizaAnnie H Feddie Annie G Alex Natelie Chloe Sam Year 9A BTEC 4. Task 1Magazine conventionsTask 2Print cost gridTask 3Magazine pricesTask 4Task 5Magazine genresMagazine collage What taskTask 6Magazine storm am I on?Task 7Article ideasTask 8Target Audience MagazinesUPLOAD to YolasiteTask 93 Block Designs for Magazine Front CoverTask 10 Who is your target audience?Task 11 Photo permissionsTask 12 How much will is cost to make my magazine?Task 13 Practising Photoshop: Create a TV Listing Magazine coverTask 14 Planning your photos 5. Task 14: Planning your photosDo I know what photo I am going to take for my Frontcover? 6. Create a collage of similarimages from the internet that you want on your FrontCover 7. Photoshoot planInformationAtion PlanThe model for my main ImageName:The models for my sub Images Name: Name: Name: Shot typeImage 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6Costume: What will my modelsbe wearing? Location: where will I do myphotoshoot?Props: What objects will be inmy photo?