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<ul><li> 1. Take a good picture Here are some tips<br />This a check list, there is more detail as we go through this power point.<br /><ul><li>Get used to holding a camera and using it </li></ul></li><li> 2. Notice theLight </li></ul> <p> 3. Look at the Composition of your picture 4. Stand on your toes, bend your knees! 5. Notice what is in the Backgrounds this can make or break a picture.You can also Begin to get to know the camera and some of the things you can change on the camera; for instance the setting on the camera that you use if you want to shoot something close up, or how to turn the flash off.<br /> 6. Notice the light<br />Photography is all about light. <br />A photograph is the reflection of light onto a light sensitive service. <br />When you learn to notice how the light is falling onto your subject you will start to take MUCH better pictures<br /> 7. 8. 9. 10. Look to see how you can make use of the different light that is just around you<br />This is just where it was with existing light from the window<br />Here I moved it to use the sunlight and the shadow.<br /> 11. These pictures were taken with available light <br />but you would have to set the camera so that the flash doesnt go off!<br /> 12. These are taken walking around the same location but looking for different light and taking pictures at different angels <br /> 13. Composition <br />shape<br />and backgrounds<br /> 14. Light and background example<br />Where she was<br />Moved into some good light and nice background<br /> 15. Which is the best shot? <br />Why?<br />Try to notice what is in the background of your picture and if you can rearrange your shot.<br /> 16. Which is the best picture?<br />This is a portrait picture of two girls.<br />Which is the best picture?<br />Why?<br />Which is the second best?<br />What is wrong with the worst picture?<br /> 17. Try different angles, a small step round can make a very different picture<br /> 18. Try going closer<br />But there is still something that is not very good about these shots, do you know what it is?<br />A.Too much harsh shadow round the eyes.<br /> 19. You can try goingin closer by takinga step or two, or use the zoom on the camera<br /> 20. Or gofurther away<br /> 21. Bend your knees,<br /> Stand on your toes, <br />Move even a tiny bit<br /> 22. Bend your knees, stand on your toes, small movements can make a lot of difference.<br />But still be careful about what you can see - or not!<br /> 23. Patience or try again<br />This is better, but I think you can do better than that! .. But you wont always get what you want!!!<br />Whats wrong with this picture<br /> 24. But still be careful about what is in your shot<br /> 25. Take more than one<br />If youre taking pictures of people, and you have the opportunity, take a few shots and then you have a much better chance of getting a good shot.<br /> 26. Hold the camera still and wait it is very hard to take quick snaps so be patient and try to work quite slowly.<br /> 27. Remember - Be careful how you frame your picture<br /> 28. You can Crop your pictures .. or change to black and white<br /> 29. Using Flash<br />It is generally best to avoid using a flash in side because this makes pictures look very flat.Try to use available light or turn the flash off and hold the camera very steady.Remember that turning an extra light on ina room can make a difference.<br />Using flash outside Using flash outside as a kind of fill lighting is not so bad, then you will need to find the setting that forces the flash on.<br /> 30. Camera and shooting check list<br />Make sure that the camera is set to it's highest resolution ( this gives you the smallest number of shots - you should only need to do this once as long as no one changes it afterwards)see the technical page on the website or the camera manual for some help with this.<br />Check the camera is not set to the tulip. The Tulip setting is for close up pictures. If it is on for more general pictures the pictures will be out of focus. <br />Look at the shot you want to take and consider:-<br />Light<br />Composition <br />Backgrounds<br />Bend your knees stand on your toes to alter the photograph<br />Try moving round to get a completely different angle.<br />Take more than one photo, explore your subject!<br />Decide if you are going to shoot in full auto or use a different setting<br />Make sure the camera is turned off before removing the memory card<br /></p>