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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 1/22</p><p>Take better</p><p>TRAVEL</p><p>PHOTOS</p><p>FREE WITHPractical</p><p>Ph</p><p>otography</p><p>FIELD</p><p>GUIDE</p><p>Have a greatholiday with</p><p>d i</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 2/22</p><p>2 | Using your lenses Free with Practical Photography | 3</p><p>MAINCOVERIMAGE:JUDITH&amp;NEALECLARK</p><p>I cant imagine travelling</p><p>anywhere without</p><p>shooting hundreds of</p><p>pictures to remember</p><p>the experience by</p><p>Contents</p><p>Welcomefrom Practical Photography editor Andrew James</p><p> How to travel light 22</p><p> Travel fully loaded 24</p><p> How to wear a camera bag 26</p><p>Take a fresh look at familiar views 28</p><p>Tell a story with your people photographs 34</p><p>Suggested camera settings - portraits 38</p><p>Suggested camera settings - buildings 40</p><p>Suggested camera settings - landscapes 42</p><p>WHEREVER YOU go this year for abreak from the rat race, make sure</p><p>you carry a camera with you. Travel</p><p>and photography were made to</p><p>complement each other and I, for</p><p>one, cant imagine travelling</p><p>anywhere without shooting hundreds</p><p>of pictures to remember the</p><p>experience by. Even on holidays</p><p>when Ive promised others I wont</p><p>overdo the photography, Ive endedup busily snapping away with</p><p>whatever lightweight kit Ive carried!</p><p>Thats how I came to shoot the</p><p>Cypriot sunset above. I was crying out</p><p>for a longer telephoto lens to pull the</p><p>setting sun closer in the frame but</p><p>had to make do with my standard</p><p>lens. Now Im rather pleased that I</p><p>couldnt go for the obvious and went</p><p>THIS GUIDE ISBROUGHT TO YOU BY...</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>Travel gear</p><p>Travel technique</p><p> The worlds most photogenic places 4</p><p> Make the most of your adventures 12</p><p> Safety advice 18</p><p> Travel checklist 20</p><p>for a wider view. This travel field</p><p>guide will whet your appetite for the</p><p>many amazing places you can travelto and provide lots of tips and</p><p>inspiration to help you shoot great</p><p>pictures when you get there. The</p><p>subject of travel is broad and covers</p><p>every aspect of photography from</p><p>landscapes to portraits you should</p><p>just aim to capture the spirit of each</p><p>place you visit in your own unique</p><p>way. Have a great trip.</p><p>Take better travel photos is brought to youby Practical Photographyand is publishedby EMAP Active Limited. No part of thisbooklet can be reproduced without thepublishers permission. For more informationabout Practical</p><p>Field guide editor: Ben HawkinsField guide art editor : Chris RigbyAdditional words/photography: Andrew</p><p>James, Chris Rutter, Bob Martin, MarcusMcAdam, Chris Weston, &amp; David NotonAdditonal design: Rob HolmesAdditional production: Shane CollinsMarketing: Jo Page &amp; Jo PrestonReproduction: Guildenburgh, PeterboroughPrinted by: Precision Colour Printing, Telford</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 3/22</p><p>?? | Take better travel photos</p><p>Travel know-howBefore you leave home you need to know what to take,where youre going, what youre going to do there andhow to stay safe. Here we pick the brains of the experts.</p><p>TAKE BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOS</p><p>Turn the page for morestunning photo locations</p><p>1</p><p>The worlds mostphotogenic places</p><p>Yangshuo, Guilin, ChinaThe Chinese have a saying: Guilin has the most beautiful scenery inChina. Yangshuo is even more beautiful than Guilin. Dont miss thenearby ancient town of Daxu for some great people shots, and Xingpingfor awesome landscape views. If the skies are clear, climb the Lao Zhaipeak in the dark to get to the top for sunrise. The best way to get toYangshuo is on the overnight sleeper bus from Shenzhen, which is a 30-minute train journey from Hong Kong.Look out for... the temptation to take too many photos!</p><p>Former POTYwinner MarcusMcAdam hasclocked upover 100,000air miles in hisquest for theperfect travelphotographs.</p><p>Where would be top of your places to visit l ist? Maybe youdopt for the sun, surf and sand of Hawaii, or maybe a quietbreak in the Australian outback is more your style. We asked</p><p>travel expert Marcus McAdam, whose passport bears the stamps ofmore than 50 countries, to nominate his ten favourite destinations...</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 4/22</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>| 76 | Take better travel photos</p><p>Albaraccin, SpainIts amazing the Spanish dontmake more of this place, but maybesome of its appeal is in the fact thatthey dont. Alberracin is an ancienttown, hidden deep within a gorge,surrounded by stunning scenery anda national park. Spend a few relaxingdays photographing the cobbled</p><p>streets, crooked houses, castle,palace and cathedral. Then take theA1512 south towards Bezas and thiswill take you high up to a plateauthrough dense forest. Get out of thecar and walk along the rim theviews are breathtaking.Look out for... thepains au chocolat!</p><p>Havana, CubaTheres a unique atmosphere inHavana, one where the locals all seemto be genuinely happy and love havingtheir photo taken. Explore the old cityon foot, take in the architecture and theclassic cars, and get up early and watchthe city come to life. Avoid the hottesttimes of year and the hurricane season!Also make an effort to visit the WorldHeritage town of Trinidad.</p><p>Look out for... being short-changed atthe airports departure tax counter. </p><p>Turn the page formore destinations</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>Angkor, CambodiaWhen you mention Angkor, most people thinkof Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure inthe world. But the surrounding temples are farmore photogenic. Check out Angkor Thom, TaProhm and Banteay Kdei for the best photos.The best times to visit are sunrise and sunset,</p><p>as most of the tourists will be at Angkor Wat.Angkor is also home to the worlds cutest kids,who make a living from selling souvenirs.Theyre happy to have their photos taken butwill expect you to buy something.</p><p>Look out for... tap water. Buy cans, not bottles.</p><p>2</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 5/22</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>8 | Take better travel photos 9</p><p>The Four Corners region, USANamed because its the only place in America where fourstates meet at one point (Colorado, Utah, Arizona and NewMexico), you can stand on this point and within a 200-mileradius have some of the most amazing scenery in the world.The obvious must-sees are the Grand Canyon, AntelopeCanyon (below) and Monument Valley, but it gets better thanthis. Check out the national parks of Arches, Bryce, Zion (topright) and Canyonlands for endless photos and less tourists.Also worth a visit is Horseshoe Bend (left), just south of Page.Fly to Las Vegas for the easiest access.Look out for... rattlesnakes! Venice, Italy</p><p>This city is a photographers paradise. Dont take toomuch gear, as the only sensible way to get around is onfoot, and avoid July and August as it is too overcrowdedand often uncomfortably hot. The best times to go (andoften the cheapest) are October to December and Marchto May. Dont go during the Carnivale unless you wantto photograph the costumes. If you get a sunny daywith clear blue skies, take a boat to the island of Buranoand shoot the coloured houses.Look out for... a map. Its very easy to get lost here.</p><p>Bromo, East Java, IndonesiaThis place will take your breath away. There are manyplaces to stay right on the rim of the main crater, such asthe Lava View Hotel and Caf Lava, or you could get a</p><p>Jeep to take you to the top of the mountain for stunningsunrise views. Just get there early the sight of anerupting volcano at dawn will stay with you forever.</p><p>Look out for... locals ripping you off. Bargain hard!</p><p>Turn the page for threemore photo locations</p><p>5 6</p><p>7</p><p>5</p><p>6 7</p><p>l k h</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 6/22</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>10 | Take better travel photos 11</p><p>TasmaniaThe problem with Australia is its size. Unless youdedicate months to it, youll never see more thana handful of places. Tasmania on the other handhas all the landscapes of the mainland (with the</p><p>exception of deserts) but in a much smaller area.Mountains, rainforests, beaches and plains are allwithin a days driving distance. Id recommendFreycinet Peninsular, Mount Wellington (you candrive to the top), Lake St Clair National Park and, ifyoure really adventurous, Southwest National Park.</p><p>Look out for... Tasmanian devils!</p><p>The Great Wall, ChinaThe Great Wall makes other wondersof the world look like weekend DIY jobs.After an exhausting climb to the top,youll wonder how the hell they got all</p><p>those bricks up there. Avoid the moretouristy places such as Badaling andinstead visit the unrestored sections,otherwise youll be shooting a wallthats 20 years old rather than 2000.</p><p>Look out for... your safety. Some sectionsare unstable, so climb with care.</p><p>The Dolomites, Italian AlpsVery few people visit this area of northeast Italy,which Id describe as Europes Yosemite. Steep andvertical cliff faces, towering peaks and endlessemerald green valleys help keep any photographer</p><p>happy. Check out Cinque Torri, Il Pelmo and Tofanefor fantastic views. As this place is a major skiresort, avoid the winter months. Make use of thegreat network of mountain refuges situated deepin the valleys and among the peaks these servegreat food and offer cheap accommodation.</p><p>Look out for... mountains changing colour at dawn.</p><p>8 9</p><p>10</p><p>8 9 10</p><p>T l k h</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 7/22</p><p>Chris Weston isa top wildlifeand reportagephotographer</p><p>who knows athing or twoabout packinga suitcase.</p><p>12 | Take better travel photos</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>13</p><p>For most people holidays are a time tounwind, relax and soak up the sun. Forkeen photographers, however, theyre</p><p>also an opportunity to indulge our passionand return home with pictures of a moreexotic nature. And whether youre hikingin the Himalayas, braving the heat in the</p><p>Sahara or knotting your hankies in Clacton,there are ways of ensuring that youre fullyprepared for the opportunities that present</p><p>themselves. We asked top photojournalistand author Chris Weston to offer his toptravel tips (learned the hard way!) to makelife on the road that much more fruitful...</p><p>Make the most ofyour adventures</p><p>Plan aheadThe more you research your destination the more timeyou will have taking photographs as opposed to tryingto find suitable subjects. Look at the pictures in travelbooks to see what sort of photography is possible, usethe internet to identify tourist hotspots, and get in touchwith the local tourist office for advice on where to goand what to see. Talk to people whove recently visitedyour destination for ideas and tips on what to shoot.</p><p>Packing for air travelPack as much of your kit as you canin a cabin-regulation camerapack and carry it on boardthe plane with you.Heavy equipment andover-sized lenses are</p><p>best packed in a hardcase (such as thosemade by Peli see thismonths Gear Guide formore) and checked into theaircraft hold. You candisguise hard cases by placingthem inside army-style duffelbags. Memory cards are unaffectedby X-rays and you should have noproblem passing them throughairport security checks.</p><p>Power up</p><p>Few cameras today operate without batterypower. Take at least one spare fully chargedbattery and, when travelling in lessdeveloped countries, buy cell batteriesbefore you leave. Universal electricaladapters (see page 20) work in mostcountries but not all. For example, SouthAfrica and Botswana use a unique three-pinsocket that requires a specific electrical</p><p>adapter. For power on the move buy aninverter. This device plugs into the 12vsocket in vehicles used for the cigarettelighter and enables thevehicles battery to beused to powerbattery chargers,laptops and otherelectrical gear.</p><p>Use a telephoto lens forphotographing people</p><p>Candid moments can be captured with a telephoto lens inthe range of 100-300mm, when the subject is unaware theyare having their picture taken and their actions are morenatural. This is a particularly good technique to adopt whenshooting people at work, such as fishermen mending nets,or market stallholders selling food or flowers. Select arelatively wide aperture (eg f/5.6) to minimise depth-of-field, which will help to isolate the subject from distractingbackground clutter.</p><p>Turn the page for moreexpert travel advice</p><p>T l k h</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 8/22</p><p>14 | Take better travel photos</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>15</p><p>Ask permissionWhen photographing people,particularly in regions of sensitivecultures, it is polite to ask permission.Many people enjoy having their picturetaken and will readily agree, strikingseveral poses and even introducing youto their family and friends, who also</p><p>want a picture taken. If shootingdigitally, show them the images in theLCD monitor and youll be amazed atthe positive reactions.</p><p>Look for theunusualKeep your eyes peeledfor the less obvioussubjects that make forcompelling images. Forexample, the displays offood on a market stall,or the way light andcontrast form designsand patterns on the sideof a building. Abstractinterpretations ofeveryday scenes will</p><p>make your images moreappealing because theyshow the world in adifferent andunexpected light.</p><p>Its not always possible to avoid thetourist crowds but getting up andheading out early will often mean youmissing the masses at popular touristspots. Most tourists venture out afterbreakfast, so set your alarm clock fordawn and make the most of the</p><p>photogenic early morning light, whenstreets are clear of people and othereveryday distractions. You can apply thesame rule later in the day, waiting forthe crowds to return to their hotels andmaking the most of directional, lateafternoon/early evening light.</p><p>Avoid crowds</p><p>See page28 for more</p><p>advice on findingunusual views</p><p>Travel know how</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Practical Photography - Take Better Travel Photos</p><p> 9/22</p><p>16 | Take better travel photos</p><p>Travel know-how</p><p>17</p><p>Sunrise and sunsetEverybody enjoys an evocative sunrise or sunsetpicture. Check the local papers or ask local people forthe relevant times, which change throughout the year.The best way to pinpoint where the sun will rise andset is to use a special sunrise/sunset compass, which</p><p>can be bought via the internet or at any goodphotographic retailer. This device points to true northand also gives an estimate of the position of the sun atsunrise and sunset for a number of different locationsup to 50 degrees from the equator.</p><p>After darkCities in particular trulycome to life after dark, sohead out with a tripod tocapture the atmosphere andenergy of night time. Youwill need a tripod to keep</p><p>the camera steady duringlengthy exposures, and itswise to use a remote cablerelease to fire the shutter,minimising the likelihood ofcamera shake. If shootingdigitally, when using shutterspeeds greater than 1second, turn on the NoiseReduction function, whichcan be found in the menu ofmost current digital cameras.</p><p>Capture the momentEvery picture should tell a story.Watch for scenes that encapsulatean emotion, such as a joyousmoment or funny event, and beready to capture them in the blinkof an eye. When trying to decide</p><p>whether a scene is worthphotographing, when lookingthrough the viewfinder ask yourselfthe question, How would I captionthis image? If the only caption youcan think of is a p...</p></li></ul>