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COMPOSING BETTER TRAVEL PHOTOS Mary Fiore Wanderplex Cruising and Photography Contributor

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Use art and design fundamentals to turn your photos from good to great.


  • Mary Fiore Wanderplex Cruising and Photography Contributor
  • What to include Where to place it What to avoid
  • Mentally divide the photo into thirds. Place the subject at a one third point.
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  • In the content of modern Rome the Coliseum appears crumbling. It is stronger and more imposing in the middle.
  • The background is too busy
  • Tamara de Lempicka Young Lady with Gloves
  • Empty space invites the viewer in
  • Go from showing activity to capturing motion
  • What to Include: Uneven numbers Color Texture Lines Pattern Framing Action Emotion Open space Different angles Depth of field Close ups and distance photos Sense of place Where to place it: at a 1/3 position In the middle Facing in or out What to Avoid: Distracting backgrounds Clutter Too much in one photo
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