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A few tips so you can take better pictures of tour trips or your everyday life.


  • 2. The trick for taking a picture that shows exactly what we want it to show is a combination of the shutter speed, the exposure time and the ISO.!
  • 3. SHUTTER SPEED! Depending on the shutter speed we regulate the amount of light that enters the camera, this is translated into a higher or lower depth of eld. You can check the highest and lowest shutter speeds on your camera lens, marked with an f.!
  • 4. The lowest f means higher depth of eld. It concentrates more light and everything on the screen is on focus.! The highest f means lower depth eld. This means we can choose where to focus.! SHUTTER SPEED!
  • 5. EXPOSURE TIME! The amount of time that the diafragma is open. If theres a lot of ambient light, the exposure time will be short, but if the photo is taken in dark atmospheres the exposure time will be longer. Exposure is also important when photographing moving objects.!
  • 6. 1/30 Longer exposure time allows capturing the movement of water.! EXPOSURE TIME! 1/125 Short exposure time to capture the water at one exact moment without movement!
  • 7. ISO / ASA! It shows the sensitivity of the lm to the light. A lower ISO (for example 100) means lower sensitivity and viceversa. We need to think about exposure time depending on the ISO we have. !
  • 8. ISO / ASA! These images are taken with the same exposure time but with 4 dierent types of ISO. You can see the dierence between lm sensitivity and the brightness/darkness of the image.!
  • 9. WHITE BALANCE! Its used to avoid color predominance. It adjusts the brightest part of the scene and identies it as white and the darkest one as black!
  • 10. The same picture with dierent white balances.! Wikipedia! WHITE BALANCE!
  • 11. FRAMING! The rule of thirds is a perfect trick for good framing. You have to imagine that the scene is separated by two horizontal and two vertical lines. In a lot of digital cameras they appear automatically on the screen.!
  • 12. Canonistas! FRAMING! The idea is to align the horizon with the horizontal lines and create balance arranging the objects with the lines.!
  • 13. Thanks!!