bids by pros is sharing tip on how to take a better photos

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  • Bids By Pros is sharing tip on how to take a better photos.

    Thanks for reading our blogs. In this session, we'd like to share some simple tips about how to take great photos. To begin with lets simplify and clear a big misconception in taking a great picture. "It doesn't have to be supernatural crazy to be considered a great photo, a simple perfect shot from a flower can be perfect."

    _ First and most, make sure you clean your lens. Many complain their picture is not clear and its blurry. Clean it up.

    - When taking a picture, bring yourself to the level of the object. Lets assume your little poppy. It is too cute to pass and you have to take that snap. Get Down! Bring the camera to its level to capture every detail in its form. Trust me, this can make a world of difference.

    - If taking picture of a certain object of interest and you'd like to emphasize it, make sure to use a plain blank background. Have you shopped in those online stores which they have their item sparkling without any background, well lets say there is something to this. I know that is photo-shopped, but lets take a lesson from it and engage it in our better photo taking. The simpler the background the better the target shows.

  • - Every time I flip through an album, I notice the person that took the picture place the targeted person in the middle of the frame and took the photo. After a while, flipping the pages, it gets boring. What about that scenery, landscape, people around, shops and atmosphere? They are all getting ignored. Be bold, give the character in the picture a bit of story. Place them in the corner and engage the surrounding in your photo and tell the story in your picture.

    - Most of cameras have zooming controls, but regardless of what sort and what kind you use, try to get close to your object. The closer you get to an object, the more real it turns its details.

    - Always be quick and ready. When there is a moment, you don't want to miss it. When your dog is catching that Frisbee, you want to get that memorable shot and frame it. Be quick and fast and snap away.

    - Watch the weather and lighting. They play a very important role in every picture. Many shapes can alter when the lighting is not adjusted. Adjust your position and lighting accordingly.

    - Be bold, be courageous and be different. There is no rule in creating a photo. You are the artist. Bring out the love within you and show it off by every picture.

    Thanks for reading ad we'd be sharing more

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    By Don Zilleri