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Learn our detailed tips with 15+ poses broken down on how to create your own "mini-me" photo session with dad.


<ul><li> 1. HOW TO TAKE AMAZING FATHERS DAY PHOTOS </li></ul> <p> 2. Well walk you through 15+ fun poses to recreate your own mini-me Fathers Day photo session. First, think of something fun to wear thats similar for both parent and child. 3. Pose #1: Read a book together. Things to watch for: clear all clutter off the table and in the room, make sure the books are up the same direction and subjects are reading at the same time. 4. Pose #2: Do something Father and son like to do. In this case its playing games on an iPad. Or you could play with a toy or with a musical instrument for example. Keep in mind placement of hands. You want to make sure the hands are similarly placed for each subject to capture the same motion. 5. Pose #3a: Shooting faces up from above is a great way to capture a scene. Ask subjects to lay down on the carpet or floor (make sure no clutter is placed around) and shoot down. 6. Pose #3a: While youre shooting from above, ask subjects to do similar things; in this case hands up in the air. 7. Pose #4: Switch it up and go outside for some nature shots. This one's pretty straightforward; have father and child hold hands and face straight to the camera. 8. Pose #5: Same pose, but now ask subjects to face away from each other. 9. Pose #6: Back to back is a cute one for parent and child. Position subjects this way and have them look up or straight at camera of straight ahead of them for other posing options. 10. Pose #7: Hold hands and look at each other. 11. Pose #8: This is a classic shot. Have parent swing child up in the air. Here's the trick though, ask child to face you so you can see his reaction. 12. Pose #9: Back to back against a log (or bench or anywhere that's elongated for sitting). Ask subjects to stare ahead (as shown) or look at camera and smile for more posing options. 13. Pose #10: The "jumping" shot. Yes this can be a bit cheesy and overplayed but when it's a man with a small child, it becomes comical (in a good way!). Find a safe spot for your child to jump with dad. As you can tell, we're just inches off the ground here. 14. Pose #11: You want to combine funny with touching and more serious photos for a great collection of images. This is a classic one to capture, backs of the subjects, sitting down. 15. Pose #12: I call this the "walking off into the sunset" shot. It's a great one for capturing that sentimental feeling. 16. Pose #13: Head to another location that your child will have fun at, such as the playground. Capture both parent and child on a swing. 17. Pose #14: The slide is another great shot with lots of momentum and action. Ask your subjects to do it several times (kids won't object) and capture different scenes; at the top, going down, at the bottom. 18. Pose #15: For another location, try heading to downtown or a main street with shops and restaurants. This is the classic windowpane shot. The key is to get an image of the subjects from outside the window pane, so make sure the cafe has a nice open window. You are outside taking the photo. 19. Pose #16: Finally, it's a wrap! The last pose is to capture father and son eating the same thing in the exact same way. Ask subjects to face each other holding the food, look at the camera or bite down at the same time. 20. - Always keep it fun for the child. Incorporate things they'll enjoy doing along the way and break it up so they have something to look forward to. - Attire is key! Make sure you coordinate outfits well together between parent and child. - Do the session at a time your child is in the best mood. Right after nap time is best. Bring snacks to keep them energized. - Pick at least 2 locations (not far from each other) for a change of scenery. - Capture a mix of touching, funny, action-oriented, comical and cute shots for a varied collection of images. Some Final Tips: 21. For more creative ideas for kids including DIY projects, recipes, style and more visit: (All images copyright: hello, Wonderful) </p>