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<p>Epsilon Template</p> <p>2016 SXSW Interactive offers a robust and deep range of topics by some of the best thought leaders from marketing to technology. Weve specially curated a list of must attend talks and panels based on their relevance of topic, application to your business, strength of speakers, and how they align to the following five key trend territories weve identified for 2016. Social MessagingAI and Emotive RoboticsVirtual RealityDark SocialConnected EverythingFor additional insight and analysis of the trends above, feel free to reach out to our Chief Digital Officer, Tom Edwards at</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>#EpsilonSees #SXSW</p> <p>Friday, March 11Lerers Theory of Media EvolutionWhy: Understand how the evolving media landscape will change the way we connect and build trust with consumers.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon GWere Not Gonna Take It: Ad Blocking and User RevoltWhy: With a host of ad-blocking companies (aided by Apple) making it easier for users to avoid ad views, it is getting harder to reach customers.Find out whos doing what to fix this issue.Sheraton Austin | Capitol Ballroom11:00am 12:00pm12:30 1:30pmThe Next Multibillion Opportunity:Marketing in MessagingWhy: A panel of key executives from Kik, Snap, Comedy Central and Unilever will address how to effectively engage consumers in messaging apps to reach audiences. Brands need to understand the right way and whats available to effectively connect.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon JProximity Predictions: The Future of AdvertisingWhy: Brand and mobile marketers come togetherto predict how mobile engagement will evolveover the next 18 months. As smartphones and sensors provide brands the ability to connect with their audiences, its important to understand how emerging technologies will allow us to do this more effectively and efficiently.Courtyard Marriott | Rio Grande Ballroom#EpsilonSees #SXSWContact: |214.708.8118Deep Web and Dark Social: Is Anything Really Private?Why: Understand the implications of Deep Web i.e. Facebook and Dark Social i.e. email, text messaging and its overall impact on how consumers are connecting behind the scenes to uncover richer insights into your customers online behavior.Austin Convention Center | Room 8ABCGo Native or Go Home: Ads and Addictive ContentWhy: As ad-blocking adoption grows, native content provides brands a solution to connect with their customers in an authentic way.This panel should provide insights into how both brands and bloggers are collaborating and co-creating content together.Westin Austin Downtown | Continental 33:30 4:30pm5:00 6:00pmMarketing to Moments that MatterWhy: Gain insights on how consumers connect around their most important moments on Facebook and Instagram and how brands canparticipate to enhance these moments. Get good insights into not only the right way to enrich moments, but also get your audience to amplify your brand message with their networks.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon H |Mobile Deep Linking: Lets Talk about Apps, BabyWhy: With over 1.5M apps, discovery is becoming a significant challenge for brands to get their app discovered. Deep-linking offers a solution for brand to partner with other app platforms to create a cohesive seamless experiences, thus driving discovery and engagement.JW Marriott | Salon D</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>Saturday, March 12Get the Message! The Rise of Conversational UI Why: The rise of AI and chatbots is forcing designers and experienced designers to reconsider interaction models between systems and consumers. Chatbots offers brands a unique ability to scale connections with their users and promote content discovery, but it is important to delineate the differences in interaction models between chatbots/human and human/human interaction. JW Marriott | Salon DIoT: A Thousand Touchpoints of Marketing Why: Discuss the rules of engagement of a connected world, when everything could be a message: what are the organizing principles for branding and advertising in a sublimely connected world. Brand marketers need to understand the ramifications of when every device is connected, the role of devices, how and what data to capture, and when and how to message in an ubiquitous world.Sheraton Austin | Capitol Ballroom9:30 10:30 am11:00 am 12:00 pmThe Future Will Be Personalized Why: Personalization is becoming expected. Consumers are bombarded with so many messages they will now only pay attention to things that matter to them when they matter the most. Brands need to understand how they can take this further into the product level to drive deeper loyalty.Westin Austin Downtown | Continental 1-2Virtual Reality and the New Sales Experience Why: The implications of VR in the retail space and what that means for brands as we move to a Retail Everywhere environment. Understanding how todesign the right virtual experience can help drive trialand in-store traffic. Sheraton Austin | Capitol Ballroom#EpsilonSees #SXSWContact: |214.708.8118LEGO Group and Cartoon Network: Building Future Fans Why: Finding the right partner and platform is becoming invaluable in an environment where its becoming more difficult to scale your reach. Partners can not only help you reach the right audience, but also connect with them in a deeper and more contextually relevant way.Austin Convention Center | Room 12AB12:30 1:30 pm3:30 4:30 pm AI and Your Shopping Habits: Why: In addition to this being hosted by some of the biggest online shopping platforms, Zappos and Pinterest, this panel will provide you with insights and examples of how different companies are using machine learning to uber-curate and personalize their customers shopping experiences. Westin Austin Downtown | Continental 3Rise of the Social Employee Why: Social Media isnt just a tool for consumers to broadcast their feelings and opinions about brands to their networks, but also been a vehicle for employeesto do the same thing about your company. The CEO of Hearsay Social discusses how you can leverage this new paradigm and turn it into a way to attract new and deepen existing relationships with clients.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon E</p> <p>#EpsilonSees #SXSW</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>Sunday, March 13Analytics for Social MarketingWhy: Aligning your organization on the right social metrics can help transform Big Data into actionable insights that will help you uncover new patterns and trends, providing insights for your product development, and micro-segment customers to refine marketing campaigns. Courtyard Marriott | Rio Grande Ballroom9:30 10:30 am11:00 am 12:00 pmThe API Economy: Develop, Innovate, TransformWhy: APIs act as the digital glue that creates seamless experiences between different services and applications. Google, for example, leverages the Uber API to keep their users within the Google maps. As the use of API explodes, brands need to understand how they are changing the way brands are building customer centric seamless experiences Courtyard Marriott | Rio Grande BallroomHuman-Centered Design: Why Empathy Isn't EnoughWhy: Successful branded experiences are designed around the needs and behaviors of its customers. In this discussion, one of the best brand experience designers will share principles and tool on how to design experiences that delight, change behavior and transform your brand experience. JW Marriott | Salon FGH#EpsilonSees #SXSWContact: |214.708.8118Creating a Meaningful Dialogue Through VideoWhy: Video has become the primary form of contentfor people to connect with each other and for brands to connect with their audiences. Hear the head of brand solutions for Vimeo and the Director of Content Strategy for Edelman discuss how brands, platforms and creators can partner to create meaningful rich content for their right audience. Austin Convention Center | Room 12ABMo' Money Mo' Problems: Luxury Confronts DigitalWhy: Learn how luxury brands can remain exclusiveeven in the openness and infinite web. Panelists from Havas Luxe, Giorgio Armani and Lamercatique will explore how luxury brands can remain niche and aspirational while embracing digital and social channels. Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon J2:00 3:00 pm 3:30 4:30 pm Lets Drop the Term MillennialsWhy: Millennials are now the largest spending cohort,but we need to think beyond their impact now and think about their influence on culture and design for future generations. Philipe Von Borris, CEO and Co-founder of Refinery29, will explain to us why we need to reframe Millennial from an age-group to a mindset, and what this means for the future of business and society. Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon H Understanding Average: The Inertia of CultureWhy: The idea of mass adoption or achieving scale can be difficult in environment of niches and personalization. Learn insights into the behavior of average Americans and how you can leverage these to inform your strategy and creative.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon H Deconstructing Creepy: New Tech, Old Social Norms Why: Privacy has been one of the most highly debated topics. Executives from both Slack technologies and the Future of Privacy forum discuss risk mitigation strategies on how to avoid the next privacy snafu.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon K12:30 1:30 pm#EpsilonSees #SXSW</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>Monday, March 13Smart Ad Campaigns: Its Not about the ProductWhy: Consumers are looking beyond brands just selling them products to delivering content that connects in a meaningful way. This panel will provide you with insights and thought starters on how you can create content that inspires genuine and loyal relationships with customers.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon JLess Is More: Curated ConsumptionWhy: The internet has created choice paralysis on a mass scale. Infinite product and service options lead to few discoveries and opportunities wasted. More and more consumers are turning to sources they trust to curate lists of choices so they dont have to. Learn how companies like Pluto TV are curating content to drive higher engagement and loyalty with their platform. Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon G9:30 10:30 am11:00 am 12:00 pmThe Social Celebrity Secret SauceWhy: Celebrities arent born out of TV or movies anymore, they can come from any social platform,and today they wield an enormous amount of influence on their audiences. Learn from some of the top online celebrities their secrets on how they grow and engage with their audiences. Austin Convention Center | Next StageLead, Not Follow: The Consumer's Mobile JourneyWhy: Smartphones are the primary interaction point between brands and consumers. They are with them from the moment they wake till the moment theygo to sleep. In this panel discussion, youll learn the rules of engagement on how leading brands are proactively leading customers through the mobile purchase journey rather than following them.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon H#EpsilonSees #SXSWContact: |214.708.8118How All Brands Can Win with Game AdvertisingWhy: Twitch, Facebook, Nielsen, and IAB come together to discuss how brands set key game industry trends,the type of advertising formats, and share use cases on how brands are using live gaming, one of the fastest growing industries, for into maximum brand impact. Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon J12:30 1:30 pm3:30 4:30 pm Live Streaming Is Bigger than You Think Why: If you cant make it to How All Brands Can Win with Game Advertising presentation then here is another chance to learn how companies like Twitch and Coca-Cola are using live-streaming and gaming to drive engagement. Austin Convention Center | Room 12AB5:00 6:00pm12 Inevitable Tech Forces That Will Shape Our FutureWhy: Because its Kevin Kelly, one of the founding editors of Wired Magazine and one of the most prolific thinkers of our time. He will take you through a journey of 12 forces from AI to VR and beyond that will fundamentally change the marketing landscape. Austin Convention Center | Ballroom DBuilding Great Data Visualizations: A Case StudyWhy: Lets face it, data can be a dry thing to present. Learn how experts from Climate Central and the founder of Radish Lab partnered to convert temperature data into a compelling, yet simple, interactive visual.Hilton Austin Downtown | Salon G#EpsilonSees #SXSW</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>Tuesday, March 15Immersive Content: The Future of StorytellingWhy: Immersive content is the next level of storytelling. Publications like the New York Times have been experimenting with immersive content such as Google Cardboard, but how will it evolve as technology progresses? O2 and the United Nations will take you through their first foray into VR films and discuss whereit might be going.Austin Convention Center | Ballroom CPredictive Decisions to Deliver High PerformanceWhy: Formula 1 is one of the most complex sportswith almost infinite variables that could go along. Learn from the McLaren Racing team how they use predictive analytics to deliver on high performanceand take a lesson on how we can apply the sameapproach to data analytics.Austin Convention Center | Ballroom 8ABC12:30 1:30 pm2:00 3:00pmMaking Distributed Content Work in NewsWhy: Although not a marketing focused talk, panelists from two of the largest news sources will provideinsights and opportunities on how to make distributed content work. Austin Convention Center | Ballroom 8ABC#EpsilonSees #SXSWContact: |214.708.8118Subtle Interfaces: Designing for Calm TechWhy: We keep thinking of interfaces as onlya screen, but there are also other screen-less variations, for example Amazons voice controlled Alexa, that we can design for and deliver messaging. This panel will discuss how they design for varied experiences and share insights on how they design products that respond to social contexts. JW Marriott | Salon D3:30 4:30 pm #EpsilonSees #SXSW</p> <p>2016 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Private &amp; Confidential#</p> <p>Mashable HouseExperience the internet of the futureThe Main | 610 E 6th StIBM Cognitive StudioCome experience Watson as you are guided through a playground for your cognitive senses at the IBM Cognitive Studio! Brazos Hall | 204 E 4th StGatorade Fuel LabShowcase of the latest in sports fuel innovation through an immersive experience. To serve todays evolved athlete, Gatorade is combining new data about performance, nutrition and Brazos Hall | 204 E 4th StKodak MomentsStep inside a memory and go on a journey through the senses and the meaning of moments in the digital age. Directed by Marcos Lutyens. Austin Convention Center | Ballroom DRefinery 29s School...</p>