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After roaming around SXSW Interactive 2012 with camera in hand, I paired up the results with insight found through our own lovable Twitter.


  • SXinsight from south by southwest interactive 2012
  • The following are insights fromSXSW interactive 2012 shared via Twitter andaccompanied by images from my camera @DavidCrandall
  • SXSWinteractive | 2012
  • We are drowning in platforms.By creating great content we arecreating a social media strategy. Joe Chernov tweeted by @CourtneyWalsh
  • If you want to scale quickly,you MUST use paid media tweeted by @dhrosen
  • Dont rely ontechnology tosolve yoursocial strategytweeted by @chicklitter
  • Put ahuman faceon the brandtweeted by @lorennoel
  • If you get a product for free, you are not the customer. You are the inproduct The rancher isnt business for the cattle. Eric Ries tweeted by @kkinnison
  • Most of the tools from medieval times were extensions of the physical self.Tools now are extensions of the mental self. tweeted by @LatoyaPeterson
  • Mistake people make is trying to duct-tape commerce onto an existing social experience, and this will fail. tweeted by @tmonhollon
  • We are prostitutingour human relationshipsfor sales & marketing. tweeted by @paranoidroid
  • Need some startup ideas?Attack a problem in a fundamentally different way,and attack inefficiencies.Tim OShaughnessy tweeted by @wplayford
  • Companies need to thinkabout distribution,not just content creation.tweeted by @CoryOBrien
  • young people want to show the world via social mediahow much they care and want to give back. tweeted by @urj
  • Followers dont mean anythingRelationships built through interactionsbased on context is how social works. tweeted by @matthixson
  • Stop trying to be the next Twitter and start being the first you. Chris Taylortweeted by @ZenziPR
  • The internet of crap is emerging Baratunde Thurston tweeted by @zsazsa
  • If you dont support your artists,the artists you like, then its a vote for the enemyBilly Corgan - for the robot class. tweeted by @afairweather
  • You build apps to inspire and then the community takes overand do what they want and need it to be Matt Galligan tweeted by @tmonhollon
  • The companies that are notwilling to let people failare not going to innovate. tweeted by @elysa
  • Marketers are really behind in terms of tools & technology. Jennifer Land tweeted by @noyesjesse
  • Engineers dont just build and make things.We pave and enable the future of the human condition. tweeted by @petesena
  • theHoly GrailBeing able to marketto the persona of onetweeted by @brentmbynum
  • Due to the nature of capturing quotes from live events (not to mention Twitter itself)many of the speakers arent listed. If you know who made the quote please email me atdavid@brandsuperpower.comand I will update this presentation
  • @DavidCrandall presentation designer