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Webinar slides from Mixtape Communications on what we learned at SXSW Interactive that can help non profits and foundations.


<p>SXSWi key learnings</p> <p>It wasnt all BBQ &amp; musicSXSWi key learnings1#SXSWGoodHashtag2</p> <p>What is SXSWi?</p> <p>Key learningRadically openUsing playPersonalizationContests</p> <p>Questions &amp; give awayWebinar agenda3</p> <p>Largest tech gathering in country</p> <p>Whats next instead of how to</p> <p>NPO track + moreWhat is sxswi?4</p> <p>Radically open5From 1,000 people a year to 100,000,0000 people all over the world. Radically open6Be focused on your goal</p> <p>Radically open7Make it inspirational if you want people to join. Radically open</p> <p>Bringing lectures to your computer.8Clear guidelines for participation.</p> <p>What is expected of peopleRewards &amp; consequencesAllow community to moderate itself</p> <p>Radically open9</p> <p>Push through the fear. </p> <p>Stay focused on your goal</p> <p>Anticipate unintended consequencesRadically open10</p> <p>Radically open11Are people in your organization more likely to talk about:</p> <p>Potential of an idea and being firstORDownsides and their fears</p> <p>Radically open12</p> <p>Play as brand13</p> <p>Play as brand14Instead we should strive to be:</p> <p>Nimble</p> <p>Competitive</p> <p>EvolvingPlay as brand15</p> <p>Play as brand165 Rules of Play </p> <p>Be interesting</p> <p>Be irrational</p> <p>Be real, in real time</p> <p>Open your experiments</p> <p>Shift before shift happens</p> <p>Play as brand17</p> <p>Play as brand18</p> <p>Play as brand</p> <p>19</p> <p>personalization</p> <p>20Three main sources for personalizing:</p> <p>Global whats popular</p> <p>Social what their friends like</p> <p>Personal what they told you they like personalization21</p> <p>Make it clear how info will be used</p> <p>Dont say, youll like this.</p> <p>Plan for serendipityPersonalization22</p> <p>Giving challenges</p> <p>Ready for more of this?23Likely trends:</p> <p>Offer matching gifts for products/services you buy</p> <p>Access to exclusive events via donation</p> <p>Games </p> <p>Giving challenges24</p> <p>What you can do:</p> <p>Be proactive w/ ad agencies</p> <p>Plan ahead for types/number</p> <p>Ask your supportersGiving challenges25</p> <p>Questions?26Tell me in the chat:</p> <p>Executive producer of TEDs name</p> <p>OR</p> <p>What TED stands forGiveAway!</p> <p>27</p> <p>Please take a minute and answer 3 questions for us at:</p> <p> take our survey28</p>