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  • 1. Re-orientating UX Design for the Internet of Things SXSW 2014 Submission . Alfred Lui 1

2. @connection76 How will UX Design change if a single user experience is spread across 5, 10, 20 devices around the user, and most of devices dont even belong to him? 3. @connection76 Internet of Things will trigger the 4th protocolary change in computing TIME PLACE PURPOSE PERSON 4. @connection76 Every time a protocolary change happens, Design as a discipline experiences tectonic shifts. 5. @connection76 This talk will present case studies and tools to address topics in the following 4 areas. Proportions DataIdentity Services 6. @connection76 As information ows beyond screens and onto information appliances, wearables and sensors, UX designs will be about Proportions. How can we tune the amount of information to match the users attention? 7. @connection76 As everything becomes smart and always observing us in our environments, understanding Identity will be the key to gaining and retaining users loyalty. How much personal information is enough to make an ecosystem smart? How much is too much? 8. @connection76 As user experience shifts from discrete sessions to distributed moments throughout the day, UX design will mean designing Services that ow across digital and physical surfaces. What makes a multi-touchpoint service successful? 9. @connection76 As more and more contents are generated by sensors, Data will become a new material that designers will need to learn to work with. What are the capabilities and limitations of designing with data? image: 10. @connection76 In SXSW Interactive 2013, I gave a talk about Why Designers Should Care About Measuring Success: 11. @connection76 Since then, I've been focusing on designing for the Internet of Things. In February 2013, I founded the San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup to build a community around this topic. 12. @connection76 After growing the community to 600+ members, inviting IoT leaders around the world to speak at our events and interviewing many people who are building the Internet of Things... 13. @connection76 I want to share what I discovered with You and start investigating what designing for the Internet of Things will mean to all of us. 14. @connection76 Alfred Lui I look forward to seeing you in Austin. Thank you for your considerations! Designer of Digital Service & Internet of Things Founder & Organizer of San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup (@SFIoTMeetup)