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Planning Tools in Pearl Continental, LahoreBy: M.HashaamPunjab Computer College, Garhishao, LahoreAllama Iqbal Open University


  • 1. ManagementTheory & Practice Topic:Management use PlanningTools in HotelPresented to: Waqas RazaPresented by: M.HashaamRoll No. : AM552381Class : MBA (B&F) 1st SemesterAllama Iqbal Open UniversityASC: Punjab ComputerCollege, Garhishao, Lahore

2. Acknowledgment First of all thanks of Allah who is mostbeneficent and the most merciful whose blessings are abundant and favors areunlimited. It is my pleasure to acknowledge the guidanceand support of my subject Teacher: Mr. Adnan Siddiqui for her endless guidance.My deepest gratitude goes to my Parents and all of my friends for their moralsupport, understanding and help. I would also like to acknowledge Pearl Continental Lahore. 3. An AbstractPlanning Tools are those techniques which helps managers to make planaffective. In any organizationPlanning Tools play vital role in management.In Pearl Continental Lahore, Planning tools helps to achieve the set goalsand objectives. 4. Introduction to Planning ToolsDefinitionManagers have a variety oftools available that can enhance and facilitate the planningprocess. 5. Introduction to PlanningTools cont...There are three categories of BasicPlanning tools and Techniques whichare following: For Assessing the Environment For Allocating Resources Contemporary Planning Techniques 6. Introduction to PlanningTools cont...1) For Assessing 2) For 3) Contemporarythe Environment AllocatingPlanningResources Techniques1. Global 1. Project 1. BudgetingScanningManagement2. Scenario2. Forecasting 2. SchedulingPlanning3. Benchmarking 3. Gantt Charts 4. Load Charts 5. PERT Analysis 6. Break-Even Analysis 7. Case StudyManagement Planning Tools inPearl ContinentalHotel Lahore 8. About Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore Pearl Continental Hotel is the largest and Pakistans only five star () chain. In 1985 Hashoo Group took over thiscompany through privatization andchanged the name from InterContinental to Pearl Continental (PC).In 1967 PC Lahore came into existence. 9. Vision & MissionVision Well open the doors; youll see whats in store.MissionOur mission is to be the hotel recognized asthe leader in the industry in any aspect. We are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in theircareers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations. 10. Planning tools used in Pearl Continental Hotel LahoreThe following Planning tools areused by Hotel Management in PC.SchedulingPie Charts and GraphsBreak-Even AnalysisForecastingBudgeting 11. Merits and Demerits ofPlanning Tools in PCMeritsDemerits Achieve Targets Wrong Fact Quality ProductsFigures Excellent Service CreativeInnovation 12. Strengths and Weaknessesof Planning tools in PCStrengths Weaknesses Quality Products Terrorism and Excellent ServiceInstability in Financial Strength Country Organized Country ReputeManagement 13. Conclusion I conclude that in Pearl Continental, Planning tools areworking most efficiently to achieve their goals and objectives.Planning tools helps the managersto manage the plans affectively. 14. RecommendationsIn Pearl Continental Lahore there is need of new technology to make more efficient planning tools. Availability of information for planning tools should be correct and accurate. 15. Thank You