myfloridamarketplace agency review training, 2007

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MyFloridaMarketPlace Agency Review Training, 2007

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  • MyFloridaMarketPlaceAgency Review

    Training, 2007

  • Agenda Welcome / IntroductionWhats New in the MyFloridaMarketPlace Upgrade


    Agency ReviewGeneral UsageCatalogsRequisitioningApprovingReceivingF & A(Contracts)

  • General UsageLogin Jump Screen allows you to navigate directly to a functional area.A logout warning will be generated for accounts that remain idle, giving you the option to continue working or be logged out. Email notifications can be managed by adjusting Preferences.System Searches appear with some differences, but can still be customized and saved. Standard system searches are also available. There are new options for sorting results of System Searches.Attachments: MyFloridaMarketPlace is designed to support the storage of necessary payment-related information such as purchase orders, contracts and invoices and supporting documentation in conformance with established guidelines.Delegation of authority: Users should complete a Delegation of Authority when they are going to be on leave and/or out of the office and unable to obtain Internet access to ensure that approvals are completed promptly.

  • Login ChangesInstead of going directly to the Home page, you can select where you want to go by clicking on your option in the drop down box

  • Logout WarningA new feature is that when your session has been idle, instead of immediately logging you out, the Logout Warning popup will appear with a countdown of 60 seconds. If you want to continue with your work in MFMP, click on the Cancel Logout and your session will remain open.

  • E-Mail NotificationsTo change the amount of e-mail notifications you may receive you can change your preferences. Click on your Preferences link.

  • E-Mail NotificationsClick on your email notification preferences

  • E-Mail NotificationsThe notifications we want to affect are for receipts. Drill down in your edit preferences box and click on Receipt

  • E-Mail NotificationsDrill down to check Never Send on both the When I need to approve a document and When my approval is overdueAbility to modify watcher preferences is a new feature

  • System SearchesYour saved searches are listed first.The standard system searches are listed here.You can click the circled link to create a new search.

  • System SearchesYou can select multiple items by checking more than one selection. In this example, weve selected multiple PUIs.

  • System SearchesCheck this box to select all the options. In this case we wanted all the PUIs selected (see circled items above.)

  • System Searches.Additional search filters can be added. For example Encumbrance #, Preparer, Approver, etc.Remember it is always best to use at least TWO search criteria; your results will be returned faster

  • System SearchesYou can group results by status, date created, etc.

  • System Searches

    Searches were grouped by status.

    You can expand the selection by clicking on the arrow.

    Grouping by status can assist in managing your workload or tallying the number of items in a particular status.

  • System SearchesYou can opt to add or remove columns. In this screen, status has been removed. Just click the item you want added/removedA system search can be downloaded in EXCEL. A maximum of 500 records will be returned. You can choose to export the entire search or only the current page that is displayed.

  • System SearchesThe downloaded search will look similar to this.

  • System SearchesFor searches you do often, Save the Search. Click on the Save Search button.

  • Save SearchesTitle the search.

  • System SearchesYour saved search is here. Anytime you want to run the search, simply click on the title or the Search button.

  • Scanning and AttachmentsMyFloridaMarketPlace supports the storage of necessary payment-related information such as purchase orders, contracts and invoices and supporting documentation in conformance with established guidelines. Attachments that include confidential information are not considered appropriate for uploading into MFMP, and if they are confidential, uploading them into MFMP may violate F.S. 119.071 as well as comparable federal regulations relating to confidentiality such as HIPAA. It is the agencys responsibility to redact this information prior to posting it to MyFloridaMarketPlace. Workflow approvals that are included in MyFloridaMarketPlace offer the opportunity for multiple users to identify and take action against a transaction that includes confidential information, including initiating the Attachment Purge Request process (form and process is posted on the MyFloridaMarketPlace toolkit). Attachments on a MyFloridaMarketPlace transaction should be less than 4 megabytes in size Recommended File Types For MyFloridaMarketPlace are.bmp Bitmap Image.doc MS Word.fdf Adobe Acrobat Forms Document.csv MS Excel Comma Separated Values File.rft Rich Text Format.xls MS Excel Worksheet.pcx PCX Image Document.tif TIF Image Document.wri Write DocumentFull details for the Scanning and Attachment Guidelines are posted on the toolkit

  • Delegation of AuthorityAs a reminder, users should complete a Delegation of Authority when they are going to be on leave and/or out of the office and unable to obtain Internet access.

    The delegation authorization is completed by accessing Preferences, selecting Delegation of Authority and completing the required fields.

    Delegation is to start at 12:00 a.m. on the date selected.

    Be sure to give enough time so that if your supervisor is required to approve your request, they will be able to do so in advance of the intended start date of the delegation.

    Delegation is extremely important to ensure Requisitions as well as Invoice Reconciliations are approved in a timely manner.

  • Agenda Welcome / IntroductionWhats New in the MyFloridaMarketPlace Upgrade


    Agency ReviewGeneral UsageCatalogsRequisitioningApprovingReceivingF & A(Contracts

  • Catalog Search Enhancements The Non-Catalog tab is now the Create Non-Catalog Item button.The Add Items page defaults to display the Keyword search and the Browse Path.Changes to the catalog browse path still allows you to select by contract category and sub-categories but also show you the number of contracts loaded that you can select from.

  • Catalog Search Enhancements Contract ID = State Term Contract IDFavorites = catalog items you have Added to your Favorites.Select additional fields from the Options menu to display with the Keywords search. This search allows for additional fields to be selected to initiate a catalog search.

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsCatalog search has been initiated by clicking on the Audio-Visual link from the Catalog browse page, and then the 840700: Video Monitors/Receivers link.

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsAll items loaded as catalog items will populate on this page. For this example there are two catalog items. The catalog tree shows you all links initiated for this search.

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsAn item that a user may order repeatedly can be saved as a Favorite. Click on the Add to Favorites link. If no Favorites Group is already established, click Other

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsYou may create a name that will assist you in finding the item(s) to create future requisitions. Once you have named your group, click Create Group. For this exercise we are creating the group at the same time we are searching for the item and adding the item to the group.

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsThe item you want to add is identified at the top. To add your selected item to your group, click the add item link.

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsFavorites optional search fields lock once selected. You may unlock the field by clicking on the Lock icon.Favorite groups can be established at any time by conducting a search, clicking on Favorites and creating your group at that time. As items are found when searching, you can add the items to your group at that time.The item we wanted added to the Favorites Group of Audio Visual populates on this screen and is flagged with the star

  • Catalog Search EnhancementsTo add multiple lines to the shopping cart, click on the Summary (multi) or Details (multi) view. Check the checkbox next to the line items, indicate line item Quantity, and click Add to Cart button.

  • Agenda Welcome / IntroductionWhats New in the MyFloridaMarketPlace Upgrade


    Agency ReviewGeneral UsageCatalogsRequisitioningApprovingReceivingF & A(Contracts)

  • General Comments Purchasing ChangesCan jump directly to Create Requisition from the Login pageRequisitioning Steps reduced from 7-3Add Items step allows you to add items and edit individual line items at this level in addition to editing at the Checkout pageChange Request #3 Payment History: While this is primarily a Finance & Accounting change, payment history (for all items paid through MFMP) is tracked on the Direct Order for all versions of the PR/MA Change Request #6 - Delay Purchase Until: Effective with requisitions submitted with a Delay Purchase Until date of after 4/2/07Change Request #25 PO/MA# on Invoice eForm: While this is primarily a Finance & Accounting change, many purchasing staff are the ones who initiate the INEF. Change Request #27 Negative Receiving: Effective with requisitions submitted after 4/2/07 and current orders in MFMP 1.0Change Request #28 Workflow Regeneration: The business rules for workflow regeneration has been reducedReleases against Master Agreements (Contracts) are now titled with an R for release, ex: MA6002-R6 is Release #6 against MA#6002

  • General Comments Purchasing ChangesPurchase Order cancellations are created as versions, similarly to requisition change ordersAll line item detail (including accounting information) can be reviewed on the checkout pageHide Details and Show Details links allow you to expand and collapse your view of the line item detailsMinimize/Maximize Page allows you to expand your screen to view more detail of your requisitionThe line item detail of a requisition turns to a color of peach while in edit modeAdding catalog items to your Favorites is an easier process and the items populate as a star on your requisitionMultiple catalog items and the quantity for each item can be selected during the Add Items function Tabs (Catalog, Non-Catalog, Favorites, Saved Searches, Master Agreements) no longer appear when selecting Add ItemsChange orders now appear as Versions Change order versioning no longer appears with the DO#

  • Best Practices - PurchasingExplore catalogs (for loaded state term contracts) prior to initiating a requisition to verify if the catalog is loaded as a Line Item, Punch-out or Global Icon Catalog;Click on the STC scroll to verify prices match the prices loaded within MFMP. Notify your Purchasing Office of any discrepancies for resolution;Routinely check the status of your requisition and the historyDocument when the requisition went into Ordered status Contact your vendor to ensure they receive the orderNotate when it was successfully sent to the vendorCopy previous requisitions as needed for next year purchase orders. Edit and make changes as appropriate;Initiate a receipt on your purchase order as soon as the product arrives, but no later than five (5) calendar daysWrite the Receipt # on the Invoice to submit to your Finance & Accounting personnel

  • Best Practices - PurchasingEnsure invoices (link on shortcut menu) are reviewed and approved (submitted) upon receipt; Only include attachments and comments that are necessary for the processing/ approval of your requisition;Ensure no Confidential information is includedObtain written scopes of services, rate sheets and quotes from vendors in advance of initiating your requisition Ensure change orders are submitted to affect balances and other changes needed in a timely manner;Use the PO Start Date field for the beginning date of your PO;Use the PO End Date field for the expiration date of your PO;Use the Need By Date field to communicate to the vendor the timeframe that the commodity needs to be delivered;Coordinate with your Finance and Accounting personnel when establishing purchase orders and Master Agreements to ensure they are set up in the easiest way for F&A to pay

  • Creating a RequisitionTITLE: Follow your Agencys naming convention for the Title of your PRON BEHALF OF: Defaults to the requesters name but may be changed, as required, based on your agencys proceduresDELAY PURCHASE UNTIL: Leave blank unless necessary (ex: creating requisitions for the following fiscal year would have a Delay Purchase Until date of 7/1/XX). The Delay Purchase Until date can be manually entered or selected from the calendar box. A requisition may be withdrawn, and edited by the requester, at any time during the delay until timeframe while still in submitted status.

  • Creating a RequisitionPO START DATE: Follow your agencys procedures regarding entering a Start date. PO Start dates are generally entered when creating a blanket purchase order to cover a selected period of time. The date can be manually entered or selected from the calendar box.PO END DATE: Follow your agencys procedures regarding entering an End date. PO End dates are generally entered when creating a blanket purchase order to cover a selected period of time. The date can be manually entered or selected from the calendar box.FISCAL YEAR: The system will default to the current fiscal year. There is no need to make changes unless you are creating a requisition for the following fiscal year. For those requisitions, click on your dropdown and select the appropriate fiscal year.PUI#: Defaults to requestor and is used by the system for requisition routing purposes.

  • Creating a RequisitionEncumber Funds: The requisition will default to this box being checked. Leave checked if MFMP is to encumber the purchase order in FLAIR. PCard Order: Check this box if payment will be made by PCard. Only one box can be checked: Encumber Funds or PCard.Do Not Send Purchase Order to Vendor: This is generally checked when creating a Confirming Purchase Order or an accounting only change is being made to your PR. Follow your agencys procedures regarding when to check this box.

  • Add Items - CatalogCATALOG: Equivalent of STC (State Term Contract).You can search for the catalog item by clicking on one of the category or sub-category links.Click on the Options link, then Contract ID then enter the entire STC # and the return will bring up the selected contract, ORSelect other tools to assist you in searching for a STC.

  • Add Items - CatalogThis screen represents the results from a search of Favorites: Audio Visual. Both items are to be purchased and are able to be selected, quantity chosen and added to your cart directly from this screen.

  • Add Items - CatalogItems from the catalog search and selection, which were added to the cart now appear as line items on your requisition.

  • Add Items Global IconThese are the results from the catalog search for Book-cases/ Book-shelvesSearch for catalog Bookcases and BookshelvesIn this example, the search return brought back the global icon.Click on the link to obtain ordering instructions and authorized dealers (see the next slide) The scroll represents this is a State Term Contract. Click on the scroll link and it will direct you to the DMS State Term Contract for your review (shown in the 2nd attachment).

  • Add Items Global IconScroll down the page to obtain the additional information to place an order and authorized dealers to contact, etc.

  • Add Items - CatalogResults from clicking on the Scroll which takes you to the DMS website and this exact contract

  • Add Items (Non-Catalog)The Add items page defaults to the catalog page. With MFMP 2.0, there are no longer tabs to allow you to select the type of requisition you will be creating (formerly Catalog, Non-Catalog, Favorites, Saved Searches and Master Agreements). This example shows you how to create a non-catalog item requisition. Click the Create Non-Catalog Item box to begin a Non-Catalog RequisitionNON-CATALOG: To create requisitions for purchases not loaded as a line item catalog and/or a punch-out catalog.

  • Add Items (Non-Catalog)You will continue to complete your non-catalog item page as you do with MFMP 1.0. The only change to the Non-Catalog item page is that there is no longer an Add Items box to select for the item to populate onto your requisition. When complete with your non-catalog item, click OK and the item will populate as a line item on your requisition. All circled and editable items are to be completed to document your purchase.

  • Add Items Punch-outPunch-Out requisitions are catalog requisitions that you Punch-Out directly to the suppliers website to add items to populate your requisition. Currently there are three catalogs that are Punch-Out: Office Depot, Fisher-Scientific and Grainger. Office Depot has been entered as a Keyword Search. The results identify this catalog as a punch-out catalog. You will also be able to confirm these results if the selection returns with a Buy From Supplier selection.To punch-out directly to the vendors website, click on the Buy From Supplier selection

  • Add Items Punch-outYou are at the Office Depot website for State of Florida purchasesFor this requisition, we are searching for pens. Pen was entered in the search field and search selected.Additional search options are shown

  • Add Items Punch-outResults from the search. Rollerball Gel-Ink Pens selected.

  • Add Items Punch-outThe first item returned is selected for our purchase. Qty has been included as 25 and Add to Cart selected.NOTE: Best Value indicates a STC contract item as Office Depots punch-out site contains all products that Office Depot sells and not STC items only.

  • Add Items Punch-outThis is the view of the shopping cart with additional shopping options. At this time we are verifying this is all we need to purchase and want to proceed to checkout.

  • Add Items Punch-outClick Continue and the item will populate onto your MFMP requisition.

  • Add Items Punch-outItem populates as a punch-out item and you are out of your Punch-out Catalog session from the vendors website.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)To find a Master Agreement (Agency Term Contract), click on the Options link, scroll down to Contract (below Favorites) and select. REMINDER: There are no longer tabs to allow you to select the type of requisition you will be creating (formerly Catalog, Non-Catalog, Favorites, Saved Searches and Master Agreements). This example shows you how to create a release against a Master Agreement, which is processed as a non-catalog item requisition.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)Now that you have a search field titled Contract, click in the drop down and select other.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)At this time, search for the Master Agreement based on the search criteria found (links within the header field). In this example, we searched by MA ID (MA16517). When the return from the search is received, click the select button.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)The MA # populates in the Contract field and has the lock icon which means the search is limited to items as part of that search. As you would in MFMP 1.0, you will now select the link to create a Non-Catalog requisition.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)This slide has only been included to show you the MA and basic criteria from when the MA was created (Supplier level only, Agency RFP, Training related, Supplier name and location) to name a few.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)The Non-Catalog page documents that you have selected Contract MA15617 and that the catalog is restricted to the named vendor. The same fields must be entered in MFMP 2.0 as in MFMP 1.0. All circled and editable items are to be completed to document your purchase.

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)When all items have been selected, click OK and these items will add to your requisition

  • Add Items (Master Agreement)The MA# that was searched for and was included in the search when selected to create the Non-Catalog requisition populates. The Contract ID# auto populates based on information entered when establishing the Master Agreement Request.

  • Adding Attachments at the Requester LevelTo include an attachment, the requisition must be in edit mode and the 2nd box MUST be READ and CHECKED. Failure to do so will not allow the attachment to be added.

  • Adding Attachments at the Requester LevelIf the requester needs to add a second comment with an attachment (perhaps to keep internally vs going to the vendor), the requisition will have to be withdrawn, edited, a new attachment included and then submitted again.

  • Adding Attachments at the Requester LevelThis identifies where the original attachments are included, and the second comment has been included to add the second attachment..

  • Checkout actionsDuring checkout you can view and edit your line item detail. To view all of the detail, click the show details link and to maximize that view, click on the Maximize/Minimize link.If a line item is not checked to be edited, the detail section color is a light blue.

  • Checkout actionsThis shows the same line item, but with the full details and a maximized screen. To continue to view all line item information, scroll down the page.Since there is a line item that is checked to be edited, the line item detail is in a peach color.

  • Requisition StatusAt anytime you can, and as a best practice should, check the status of your submitted requisition. The easiest way to identify those requisitions are to click on your submitted link.

  • Requisition StatusTo identify where your requisition is sitting, click on your approval flow tab

  • Requisition StatusYou are able to identify at what level/role the requisition is awaiting approval. A requisition can be awaiting approval in a persons queue for 14 days until it progresses to the persons supervisor. Therefore if you find a requisition has been awaiting approval for quite some time, you may want to contact that person to expedite the approval. It is important to note that the request will NOT escalate if active with a Role.

  • Requisition HistoryAt anytime you can view all actions taken on your requisition/ DO by clicking on the history tab of your requisition. The date, user, action and summary of those changes are identified within this page. To view all information available, you will scroll down the page.

  • Purchase Order EnhancementsThe results from Change Request #3, Payment History, will appear on your DO. For example, if this were a blanket purchase order and you are processing payments through MFMP this tool will assist you in viewing your balance directly on the purchase order and know when to submit a change order to either increase or decrease a change order.The IR (Invoice Reconciliation) link takes you directly to the IR where you will be able to view warrant information and Invoice eForm information.For those agencies who may have taken the Inquiry role away from their users, the benefits of the Payment history on the purchase order will be that requesters will be able to view payment information on any request they have submitted without having to have additional query capability.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilChange Request # 6: Effective with requisitions submitted with a Delay Purchase Until date of 4/2/07 or after.

    This change will allow requisitions with a Hold Until date (now referred to as Delay Purchase Until) that is active with FLAIR Integration to be able to be edited.

    Previously, requisitions with a Delay Purchase Until date could not be withdrawn while FLAIR Integration was the active approver in the workflow;

    Now that Change Request #6 has been implemented; only the requester has the ability to withdraw and edit a requisition while FLAIR Integration is the active approver.

    This change does not affect requisitions that are in a Delay Purchase Until state that are not active with FLAIR Integration. Those requisitions have and continue to be able to be withdrawn and edited prior to the Delay Purchase Until date.

    You can only withdraw a requisition with a future Delay Purchase Until date.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilThis requisition has been through the approval flow and is active with FLAIR Integration, awaiting approval, which will not happen until the Delay Purchase Until date arrives.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilThe requester may withdraw the requisition, make the appropriate changes and resubmit as long as the revised request is submitted prior to the current Delay Purchase Until date.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilThis message confirms that the requisition has been withdrawn. Click edit to make the appropriate changes.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilOnce the requisition is in edit mode, any item can be changed. On this example the Delay Purchase Until Date has been changed to 4/2/07 and the quantity of line item #1 increased to 12. Because a change in quantity was made, the update total box was also selected. If there are no other changes to be made, click the submit button.

  • Change Request #6 Delay Purchase UntilBy viewing the approval flow, it documents that the approval flow has been generated and is back with the first person/role in the approval flow.

  • Processing Change OrdersChange Orders should be initiated to make any changes to an order.

    A few examples of those change orders may be:To add a line itemTo delete a line itemTo reduce or increase the quantity of a line item(s)To reduce or increase the unit price of a line item(s)To reduce the overall amount of an order (example a blanket purchase order for $5,000 when only $2,000 may be needed)To increase the overall amount of an order (example a blanket purchase order for $2,000 needs to be increased as $5,000 may be needed)Changes in the description of a line itemChanges in accounting information *

  • Processing Change OrdersAnytime a change order is initiated, it will go through the normal approval flow. The exception to this is when changes are made by a user with the *CO No Workflow group.This group was established so that changes could be made to (mostly) accounting fields that do not affect the product being purchased or the purchase order with the vendor. There are limited changes that this group can make and the workflow will not be generated see the next slide for a complete detail of every item that can be made when initiating a change order that will not generate workflow.It is recommended that this group be assigned to primarily your Purchasing professionals (Purchasing Agent/ Purchasing Office/ Purchasing Director) and/or your Finance & Accounting professionals (Exception Handler/ Invoice Manager).

  • Processing Change Orders1. PO Start Date 2. PO End Date 3. PUI 4. Fiscal Year 5. Line item description 6. Available Balance Override Indicator 7. Advanced Payment Indicator 8. Organization Code 9. Expansion Opt 10. Opt Version 11.Object Code 12.PriorPeriodIndicator 13.Budget Entity 14.Int Budget Ind 15.Category 16. Category Year 17.State Program Standard18.External Program19.Grant 20.Other Cost Accum

    If a user with the CO No Workflow role changes any of the following, the approval flow will NOT be regenerated:

    21.Contract 22.Agency Unique 23.Contract Year 24.Grant Year 25.Project ID 26.Ext Category 27.Gen Led 28.Encumbrance Gen Led 29.Ext Gen Led 30.Encumbrance Ext Gen Led 31.Product ID 32.Ext Object 33.CF 34.Batch 35.Description (Split Accounting description) 36.Quantity 37.Count 38.SubVendor

  • Change Order EnhancementsWhen creating a change order, the user who initiated the change will appear on the face of the change order and will continue to appear until the change order has gone through the entire approval flow. Once the change order is fully approved, the Change Initiated By field will populate with No Value.

  • Change Order EnhancementsOnce your change order is approved, your DO will no longer be populated with V-#, but you will be able to identify the version of the change order, to coincide with the PR, by viewing the version of the change order.

  • Purchase Order CancellationsAs a general rule, purchase orders are cancelled if the non-received goods and/or services are no longer needed.

    Depending on your agencys business rules, a Cancellation Approver will populate in the approval flow for any cancellation request, or may only populate based on the $ amount established. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Agency Purchasing Professional.

    To cancel a requisition, the requester will be able to search for and access the PR and the Cancel button will appear.

    The PR can also be cancelled by accessing Company eForms, selecting the Cancel eForm document and

  • Purchase Order CancellationsUpon submittal and approval of a Canceled PR, the order will reflect the Cancel Requisition Form, and it will create a new version as if in a change order. The original section Line Items has been changed to zero and the item moved to a new section entitled Deleted Line Items and the status changes from Ordered to Canceled.

  • Purchase Order CancellationsWhen cancelling an encumbered requisition, follow up to ensure that the balance has been successfully unencumbered in FLAIR. Whether the unencumbering has failed or been successful, FLAIR comments are included at the bottom on your requisition.From this example you can see where there are FLAIR errors twice. The release of the encumbrance is successful as documented with the last comment.