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Here is a presentation on creating opportunities for children to express themselves.


  • 1. Lets talk! Creating opportunities for children to express themselves

2. Creating opportunities for expression Talk about Oneself Things around and experience in school Pictures Stories 3. Talk about oneself Connect with the lives of children. Ask them about their : Thoughts/ideas Needs, wishes, desires Experiences Emotions 4. Talk about objects and experiences in school Children could accurately observe : trees houses flowers bee-hives butterflies shops street taps drains and various other things around them and talk about it 5. Talk about pictures Each group can be given a picture from : Newspapers Magazines Calendars Stamps Labels Posters Children can discuss the picture within the group and the spokesperson can describe it to the whole class. Pictures can be used for creative and analytical talk. 6. Talk about pictures With the help of pictures we can direct the child to do the following things: Finding - Eg. Who is sitting on the chair? Reasoning Eg. Why is the girl crying? Projecting Eg. What will the little girl say to the lady selling the vegetables? (projecting into an imaginary situation) Predicting Eg. What will the girl do when she reaches home? Relating - Eg. Did you ever sit on a bicycle? What does it feel like? 7. Listening to stories and talking about them Give the children a chance to : - Listen to the story - Relate to the story - Imagine characters and events - Complete the story - Recreate the story and its characters in a meaningful way 8. Role play Playing the roles of characters in a story develops: - communication skills - insight and imagination - group decision making - conflict resolution 9. Tips for teachers Allow the child to say the whole thing Be interested in what he is trying to say Control your desire to contradict Respond by saying elaborately what the child has said, bringing in new vocabulary and a richer sentence structure Ask for more information Direct the child to a new aspect of the topic 10. Adapted from the handbook, The childs Language And The Teacher by Krishna Kumar