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Slide deck that supported a talk on presentations at the BNCA (women's architecture college) in Pune, India.


  • 1. Lets Talk Success.Laura Fitton Pistachio Consulting Inc. www.PistachioConsulting.comLaura@PistachioConsulting.com 800-747-1941

2. VivasWhat are you afraid of? 3. Confidence Isnt in knowing youre rightIts not being afraid to be wrong. 4. Audience + Results = Content. 5. The Ah-ha MomentAka, Whats the Point? Get to it Show, dont tell WIIFMYou have 30seconds! 6. Communication,defined: SENT messagemessage RECEIVEDmessage ACTED UPON 7. Happy Audience Its not about you. 8. Happy Audience Its not about you. Always Be Relevant Concise Engaging 9. Empathy!? Customer Service. Customer Service. Customer Service. Put stakeholder (client) first Client has pain you can fix But you wont get the chance until the client believes you can 10. Lets Be Brutal Your Audience Needs to Understand Why should I care? Whats in it for me? How is this going to make my life better? Can you solve a problem for me? 11. Try This at HomeYou will need: Your mobile 12. Strategy 101Develop ANY Message WHO is it for? WHY should they care? WHAT should they do? HOW can you show what you mean WHICH examples or illustrations are most effective? (convincing) 13. Strategy 201 Use a Marketing Plan Objective. core business goal Perception. how should they see you? Target Audience. who must you influence? Key Message. what should they tell others? Call to Action. what should audience do? 14. Audience + Results = Content. 15. Remember, Be BrutalWhy should I care? Whats in it for me? How does it make mylife better? 16. Develop your Content WHO is it for WHY do they care? WHAT do you want them to do? HOW can show what you mean WHICH examples, stories or illustrations are most convincing or interesting or helpful? 17. What to Include? What you know: What they need to: 18. Evaluate According to the CODE: Concise Organized Direct EffectiveSIMPLIFY 19. Think AboutYour Next Professor Interaction Audience. (Who will get the message?) Results. (What needs to happen?) Contents. (direct, connection between audience & desired results) 20. What to Include? What you know: What they need to: 21. Note to Self I will seek more information on 3 valuable things I learned today 1 thing I will DO 22. Successful Communicators are Successful People Audience + results = content CODE: Concise, Organized, Direct, Effective SIMPLIFY 23. About this Deck Laura Fitton is a consultant and speakerwho owns Pistachio Consulting, Inc.Follow her at www.Twitter.com/Pistachio. This deck supported a lecture onpresentations & communications at theBNCA Womens College of Architecture inPune, India, Nov. 17, 2007. Some slides intentionally repeated.