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Getting Barnet buzzing about retail


  • Getting Barnet buzzing about retail

  • 2About Lets Talk Shop

  • 3Lets Talk Shop is a partnership between Barnet Council, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Barnet and Southgate College and Job Centre Plus, which aims to ensure that Barnet residents capture both existing and future retail opportunities within the London Borough of Barnet and North London.

    The aim of the programme is to highlight the breadth of careers and opportunities available in the retail sector and to remind potential employees that retail is not just about the shop floor.

    The planned regeneration of Brent Cross Shopping Centre will generate up to 27,000 new jobs. Many of these new opportunities will be in service industries requiring retail skills. Up to a further 10,000 retail related opportunities are projected to emerge across North London over the next 5 to 10 years.

    We want to ensure that Barnets residents are well-placed to take advantage of these opportunities by developing tried and trusted local career pathways into retail.

    Lets Talk Shop is based at Hospitality House, a state-of-the-art facility in East Finchley.

  • 4Our offer... to retailers & schools 5

    Benefits of using Lets Talk Shop 6

    Courses and services for retailers 8

    Courses and services for schools 10

    Lets Talk Shop Events 12

    Connect with Lets Talk Shop! 14


  • 5To retailersTotrainlocalresidentsinretailskillsneeded

    for your businesses.

    Liaisewithretailersandtailorarangeofprogrammes that respond to your business needs.

    Equippotentialretailemployeeswithpre-employment skills through our sector based work academies.

    Toassessandscreencandidatessuitability for training.

    Toprovideaccreditedretailqualificationstopotential employees.

    Aone-stopshop,creatingalinkbetweenretailers and potential employees.


    To schoolsRetailprogrammesatLevels2and3inareassuchasRetailFoodSafety,CustomerServiceandRetailKnowledge.

    Aprogressiontoapprenticeshipsinretailwithdirect employer links.

    Directpathwaysintoestablishedapprenticeships with retailers.

    Provisionofretailtrainingtopupilsincoordination with schools.

    RetailAwarenessProgrammesdeliveredinschools to give pupils an idea of the scope of opportunities available in retail.

    Eventsorganisedaroundretailtohighlightcareer pathways and progression routes.

    Our offer...

  • 6Benefits of using Lets Talk Shop

  • 7Lets Talk shop will provide retailers with access to dedicated and quality potential employees for the retail sector. We will provide free pre-employment training at Hospitality House for candidateselectedbyJobCentrePlus.Allpotential applicants will be pre-screened before engagement on training programmes.

    Earning and Learning Retail PathwaysRetailWorksisdesignedinpartnershipwithsome of retails most respected businesses, such asIceland,TKMaxx,TheEntertainerandTheJohn Lewis Partnership. It is a newly-expanded family of training programmes covering the knowledge and skills candidates need to succeed in interviews and in a career in retail.

    Existing connections and activitiesWe have existing links with Job Centre Plus and retailers based at Brent Cross Shopping Centre and elsewhere. In partnership with our London Borough of Barnet Business Engagement Officer, we are creating appropriate pathways to connect local unemployed residents to work. We are taking Lets Talk Shop into Jobcentres and running retail workshops for local unemployed as well as working with employers to create opportunities to connect local people to jobs in retail.

    Necessary skills provision and acquisitionWe will help schools to equip young people with the necessary skills that retailers want in entry-levelstaffandworkwithJobCentrePlustodothe same with local unemployed job seekers.

    Promotion of progression routes within the retail sectorWewillbeofferingtraininginschoolsandoff-siteso that pupils can apply for part-time, holiday or permanentworkwithconfidence.LetsTalkShopwill work with school careers guidance networks to promote retail as an exciting career option and emphasise there is more to the retail sector than meets the eye.

  • 8Pre-employment trainingAftersuccessfulscreening,pre-employmenttrainingwillbeofferedinpartnershipwithemployers to ensure candidates gain skills in retail. We have an understanding with employers participatinginSectorBasedWorkAcademies(SBWAs)thatsuccessfulcandidateswhoshowpromisebeofferedanintervieworworkplacement on completion of training with a view to employment.

    Interviews and placements with potential employersThe understanding and partnership with employers and the quality of our highly successful pre-employment training has meant that a high number of candidates secure interviews and employment.

    One Stop ShopAOneStopShopwillbeestablishedatBrentCross Shopping Centre as a single point of contact for the shopping centre retailers, putting employers in direct contact with potential employees. The One Stop Shop will provide up to date information on retail opportunities and streamline the recruitment process for retailers.

    Levels 2 & 3 Retail TrainingLetsTalkShopcanofferexistingstafffurthertrainingandqualificationsinordertoaidstaffdevelopment and progression. Training can be providedinRetailKnowledge,FoodSafetyandHealth and Safety in the Workplace.

    WorldHost Principles of Customer Service ProgramOur WorldHost Principles of Customer Service Programmewillgiveyourstafftheskillsandknowledge to deliver excellent customer service. We know that, in an increasingly competitive business environment, you need to work even harder to retain customers and win new ones.

    Throughthisinteractiveprogramme,yourstaffwill review their own experiences of good and bad service, gain an understanding of why their role has such an impact on your customers experience, and learn vital communication and listening skills that will set them up for success.

    What you will learn:

    Whycustomerserviceis such an important part of your role

    Howtomakeanexcellentfirstimpression and make customers feel welcome

    Howusingcustomersnames can help to create a good rapport, and techniques for remembering names

    Communicationskillsfor success

    Howtoempathisewith customers, and why handling their concerns is so important

    Whylisteningisanessential part of the customer service process, and how to doiteffectively

    Howtogotheextramile including makingfivecommitments on how you will do this in your business.

    Courses and services for retailers

  • 9Digital High Street SkillsDigitalHighStreetSkillsisabrandnew,tailor-madesuiteoftrainingprogrammesspecificallydesigned to help small businesses develop their knowledge of the internet, social media and benefitsofgettingtheirbusinessonline.Fromdeveloping a website to using email marketing andsocialmedia,theDigitalHighStreetSkillsprogrammewillequipyouwiththeconfidence,skillsandtoolsyouneedtobenefitfromtherapidgrowthofe-tailing(onlineretail)andultimatelyincrease your bottom line

    Who can benefit from the Digital High Street Skills programme?SmallbusinessownersandmanagersMarkettradersStart-upsEntrepreneursSoletraders

    Module 1: Understand your Customer and Digital Marketing Covers the important aspects of marketing right through to online channels.

    This module will:

    Helpyouunderstandtheimportanceofknowing your customer and their lifetime value

    Giveyouthetoolstodevelopacleardigitalstrategy which will build customer loyalty

    Helpyouunderstanddifferentdigitalmarketingchannels and how to use them successfully

    By the end of the session you will be able to articulate what your marketing and digital strategies are, develop a marketing plan and understandhowtobenefitfromamarketingplanner.

    Module 2: Develop your Business OnlineIntroduction to online, e-commerce and multi-channel, why it is no longer an option for businesses not to have a web presence.

    This module will:

    Demystifywhatisrequiredinorderto get online

    Introducee-commerce,multi-channel retailingandthebenefitstheybring.Itwillcover a number of options available for getting yourbusinessonlineinthemostcosteffectiveway for your business


    By the end of this session you will know what makes a good website, have a website checklist, launch timetable, online business countdown, a step by step guide to setting up an eBay shop and know how to choose a website provider.

    Module 3: Grow your Business through Social MediaAnintroductiontoblogs,socialmediaandrichcontent which will keep your customers engaged with your business.

    This module will:

    Showyouhowtoselectthemostappropriatesocial media channels for your business

    Explainhowtousesocialmediatodrivefootfalland increase your sales

    Understandthepowerofsocialmediaandhowto maximise this for your business

    By the end of this session you will know how to use the main Social Media Channels to promote and grow your business, understand theusesofFacebook,Twitter,Google+,LinkedIn,YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and how to blog effectively.

  • 10

    Retail trainingSchools can put their pupils head and shoulders above the competition for retail opportunities by capitalising on the Lets Talk Shop courses, offeredinconjunctionwiththeNationalSkillsAcademyforRetailandBarnetEducationBusiness Partnership. Our retail programmes consistsof50to90GuidedLearningHours(GLH)andcanbedeliveredinaround2-3hoursa week.

    Level 1 Award in Retail Knowledge (QCF)Thisaccreditedqualificationisaimedatindividuals who are working in the retail sector and are looking to progress their career or individuals who are looking