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    VELVET 87

    Interior Insider

    ith the beautiful weather wevebeen having here, why wouldanybody think of goingabroad? Well plenty of

    designers who attended the Milan FurnitureFair this spring would certainly disagree -even after the previous years dramas withan ash cloud preventing us all from cominghome.There has been a clear sign of change, withcontemporary furniture designs featuring atall of this years fairs, especially in Milan.Gone are the straight lines and simpleshapes weve all grown to know and love,giving way to curves and textures.A designer who is seemingly flooding themarket with her designs is Patricia Urquiola.This Spanish architect, whos based in Milan,is really making waves, with Kartell, Morosoand Cassina taking on her woven andquilted designs. These weird, yet amazingly wonderful,designs can make such a great contrastagainst the simpler designs that most of myclients like to use. Im sure we will start to seethis trend emerging on the high street in thenext six months. If you want your own slice of this lookwithout spending thousands, try SurfaceView who have ready to roll wallpapermurals by Chae Young Kim. These threedimensional knitted designs will completelytransform a room and, as theyremonochrome, will work perfectly with anycolour.A thriftier way to bring this look into your lifeis to take up knitting... no, seriously! My verycrafty colleague Lucie told me about a blognamed Pickles, where you can buy jumbowools to make an amazing chunky knitpouf, which they name Puff Daddy it even

    Sara Slade, Senior Interior Designer at Clement Joscelyne, looks at the latestdesigns coming out of this years Milan Furniture Fair



    gives you full instructions on how to make it! One of the most anticipated debuts in Milanwas the iconic fashion house Hermes,showing its collection of beautifully craftedfurniture. With superb attention to detail (asyou would expect), and the finest materialsfrom bull calf leather and exquisitegeometric marquetry, its fair to say you wontsee this furniture everywhere. Yet its great tosee these sophisticated fashion housesstretching into the interiors market withoutcutting any corners.Another fashion house making waves withinthe industry is the British company MulberryHome. Their new wallpaper book haseverything from paisleys and stripes toflorals, and presents the perfect way to createa typical English home, but the paper Imparticularly lusting over is their FlyingDucks wallpaper. This design was originallyhand blocked onto linen, but has now beentranslated onto a paper and re-coloured,giving it more of a contemporary edge. Illdefinitely be using this paper in the bluecolourway and setting strong coral redsagainst it to make a bigger statement.Considering that it dates back to 1928 whenit was purchased for 15 guineas, you canreally appreciate the timeless quality of thisclassic design.I think its fair to say were very lucky thatnew designers are keen to challenge ourexpectations when it comes to home design it certainly makes life more exciting!


    ARTICLE BY Sara SladeFoliage Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell

    Chae Young Kim



    Mulberry Flying Ducks Wallpaper

    Chae Young Kim

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    Interior Insider:The Future Is BrightAt Last

    hese past 12 months have seenmany of the design housespresenting their most commercialcollections in a long time.

    Although this gave them wider appeal, attimes, unfortunately, it also meant that a lot ofwhat we saw was quite 'safe'. With little to no colour as well as a lack ofexperimentation, interior designers werebegging for more inspirational pieces thatthey could wow their clients with. Well, I cansafely say that London Design Week certainlydelivered. Walking around Chelsea, it was clear to seespring was in full flow, and the kaleidoscopeof colours from all of my favouritecompanies was enough to make me re-thinkschemes that I was putting together for myown clients.The fairly young company Zinc(www.zinctextile.com) normally known fortheir muted tones and textures stoppedeveryone in their tracks by bringing out theirMiami collection last month. This collectionis bursting with vibrant colours in velvetsand silks, creating a true carnival vibe. Iparticularly loved their velvet designs with azig-zag of colours which I could find anumber of places to use.One of the nicest aspects of going to theDesign Week is seeing some of the grandercompanies like French weavers Lelievre(www.lelievre.eu) giving others a run fortheir money. Not only did they launch SoniaRykiel's first home collection last year, butthey are also pushing their way forward withcolour and design. Their new Signature collection blends theirusual high quality cloth with geometricpatterns and incredible colours. The designhas an almost luminous quality andalthough it features mainly geometricdesigns, it still manages to look soft.A company I had not discovered before my

    visit to Chelsea Harbour last September, wasAnn Sacks (www.annsacks.com). Im notsure how, as its showroom is probably one ofthe biggest there. It has the most jaw-dropping selection of tiles I have ever seen,from Persian ceramic patterns to leather andwooden tiles; even their bathroomaccessories are exceptional.One of my greatest finds, in the Osborne &Little showroom on the Kings Road, weresome pieces by emerging young designerZoe Murphy. There has been a lot of talkamongst those in the know that with her up-cycling of mid-century furniture which shehas the ability to put her own stamp on, shesthe one to watch over the coming years. It is

    ARTICLE BY Sara Slade

    Sara Slade, Senior Interior Designer at Clement Joscelyne,breathes a heartfelt sigh of relief as this seasons trends lookbrighter than ever before

    TZoe Murphy

    clear to see Peter Osborne can still hunt outthe best. His decision to commission her tomake some pieces to work with the newcollections in the showroom, shows how thetwo companies blend seamlessly together.Theres so much to now get excited aboutthat I think youll all agree with me thatthings are certainly starting to look a lotbrighter! See you next month!

    Zinc Miami

    Zinc Miami

    Zoe Murphy

    Lelievre 2011 Spring/Summer

    Lelievre 2011 Spring/Summ


    TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH SARA, email sara@clementjoscelyne.co.uk or follow Sara on twitter @slade_slade.Clement Joscelyne, 17 Fitzroy Street,Cambridge, CB1 1ER Tel: 01223 442944. Langton Place, Bury St Edmunds, Tel: 01284 753824

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  • VELVET 83

    ith the first signs of the warmer months finallyarriving, I have certainly been walking with more of

    a spring in my step. I am absolutely loving thesunshine, albeit still needing to wear my huge padded

    winter coat outside. With the promise of summer just around thecorner, the lighterevenings are puttingme in a brighter moodthat has inspired mylatest love...

    When I think of the first waves of summer, I think of crisp whitelinens and vibrant azure blues. With so many different hues, fromthe softest Delft blues to the more striking cobalt tones, there willmost definitely be one that will fit your home perfectly.The easiest way to achieve this light and airy look is to adopt afairly neutral background with your flooring, walls and furniture,before adding hints of blue, so as not to make it feel too heavy. Bymaking cushions with small amounts of fabric in checks, stripesand even florals, you can achieve this look in a more cost effectiveway, but still achieve maximum impact. Try not to be too pedanticabout making sure the blues all match, as it should look effortlessand comfortable rather than formal and tailored.

    As everybody has been doing wallpapered feature walls, why nottry something more creative? Search through your local antiqueand charity shops to find different plates in blues and whites, andgroup them above your sofa or bed to create an interesting focalpoint. Take care not to be too regimented with how you hang

    them; just make sure they arent too far apartfrom each other.I know this can all sound a bit of a traditionalway to dress your room, but if you mix thiswith some funkier furniture, such as theKartell Eros Swivel chair by Philippe Starck,or the Content by Conran Wave chest, you

    can create a much more eclectic mix and sharpen up the look noend! I always find a rug completes the look of a room. If youre findingit difficult to make a room feel warm, visit the wonderful world ofOKA (www.okadirect.com) who have some amazing designs,including their fabulous Masai dhurrie rug in blue and cream (andat 269, it wont break the bank!) Or, if youre anything like me, Ialways prefer to go for the complete knockout option. Create a realtalking point amongst your friends with the Fired Earth Encaustictiles at 8.50 each (www.firedearth.com).Make sure you catch me next month as I head to London DesignWeek to check out the new collections!


    Kartell Eros Sw

    ivel chair by Philippe Starck


    With so many different hues, from the softest Delft blues to the more striking cobalttones, there will most definitely be one that will fit your home perfectly.

    Sara Slade, Senior Interior Designer at Clement Joscelyne,reveals the must-have look for the summer months

    Interior Insider: Spring is mostdefinitely in the air...

    Content by Conran Wave chest

    Masai dhurrie rug

    To book an appointment with Sara, please call 01223442944, e-mail her on sara@clem