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(analogies between animals & file formats)


  • 1. Lets talk about...(analogies between animals & file formats)

2. Identification 3. By its head ? 4. By shape ? 5. By sound ? 6. metadataaka whos the owner? 7. A hidden cow just looks like another cow... 8. so cattle is branded. 9. But brandings can be faked!or patched into another symbol 10. and in a pure PoC||GTFO fashion,Munin forged a branding iron ! 11. Parsing 12. This is a how a user sees a cow. 13. This is how an expert sees a cow... 14. This is how another expert sees a cow ! 15. Same data, different parsersit would have been too easy ;) 16. Standard properties 17. Cow can be seen in chunks. 18. Its a complete cow (you can see its whole body), with something next.A cow with appended data is still valid cow. 19. If our cow swallows a microSD, its still a valid cow!Even if it contains foreign data, that is tolerated by the system. 20. Extremes bypass rules(this example is actually a hoax)se non vero, ben trovato 21. A farmer was denied permit to build a horse shelter,so he builds giant table & chairs which dont need a permit. 22. Polyglots1 file, 2+ types 23. the town musicians of Bremen(a donkey, a dog, a cat, a rooster) 24. If our cow keeps a frog in its mouth, it can also speak 2 languages! 25. Chimeracount head, or bodies ? 26. Cerberosame type of heads 27. @angealbertinicorkami.comDamn, that's the second time those alien bastards shot up my ride!