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A talk to help agency and clients better understand how to evaluate Instagram concepts and how to behave and create content for the platform. This is not a comprehensive overview of Instagram, however, it covers some of the things that has me thinking about when using the platform. Note: embedded links in the slides to provide add'l context to the examples provided.


  • 1. Lets Talk InstagramToyota & Saatchi LA Learning Lunch SeriesMay 1, 20131

2. 2But wasnt there photo-sharing before Instagram?So, why it so popular?So What is Instagram?simplicity, sharing, location, community 3. 3100MM users40MM uploads/day8500 /second1000 /secondSource: instagram.com/press and FB1B users300MM uploads/day3.2B /dailyBy the Numbers 4. 4Utilized mobile web Real-timeintegration1:1 Return onEngagementInterestingnessallowing users to be a part of something.blog.instagram.com business.instagram.com/blog 5. 5#hashtags Contests 3rd Partyinnovative analog uses of the platform.Behaviors and Trendshgtv.com/lovehome goinstacube.comstatigr.am/contest-ongoing.php 6. 6Instagrams #WHP Instameets Influencersopportunities to work within the community.Behaviors and Trendsblog.instagram.com @nikerunning #projectysfmobilzedsw.com 7. 7Life-casting Access Likemind Interestsunderstanding the voice and purpose.Behaviors and Trendsrelevantmagazine.com/culture/tech/stop-instagramming-your-perfect-life @ryanplett on menswear and styleInstagram+Google Maps 8. 8behave like a user.have a voice.plays nice with others.Thoughts to Consider 9. 9thank you.@nguyenduongSee you on theInstagram.