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With over 500 million active devices and another 1.3 million activated every day, Android is a global force to be reckoned with. And this isn’t 2009′s Android. The Android of today is beautiful, fuels a consistent experience across devices, and powers a fleet of devices that buyers are scrambling for. Explore how the new generation of Android – and the new generation of Android users – is changing the mobile landscape.


  • Lets TalkAndroid
  • Android is enormousand cannot be ignored (runs on 75% of all smartphones) 2
  • By the numbers Strategic Platform Tablet Growth Android used to be a follow-up Companies should begin to think platform, but companies now about Android tablets the same need to focus on Android in their way they think about iPad mobile entry plan 3
  • Android increased to 48% of the tablet marketshare in 2012, up from 15% in 2011Android currently has 51.9% of the US smartphonemarket share, while iOS has 34.3%189.7 million Android users on Facebook vs.178.3 million on iOS1.3 million new activations every day 4
  • Android Is the Largest,Fastest Growing Mobile OS worlDwiDe SmartPhone oS marketShare An dr oi d iO S Other100% Half a Billion Activations to Date 80% 1.3 Million Activations Per Day 60% 4x As Many Users Globally as iOS 40% 20% 0% 20 11 Q 32 01 1 Q4 2012 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 5
  • The numbers dont lie 2011 2012 4% Other 15% 48% Android Android 81% 52% Apple iPad Apple iPadOf the 11% of US adults who owned a tablet in 2011 Of the 22% of US adults who own a tablet today 6
  • Android is now on par with iOS. Simplified. Beautiful. Smarter users. 7
  • Consistent DesignProof: Android released their Design Guidelines in January 2012 to make Android design more consistent Fewer Versions Over 34% of Android users already use ICS and Jelly Bean, and Gingerbread (50.8%) can largely support new Android design patterns. New Framework Features Flexible UI, faster transitions, standard UI, etc. 8
  • 1st Generation: Androids Early Days Software Trying to catch up with iOS Frequent updates, basic functionality Poor user experience, little appeal Devices Cheap hardware Widespread fragmentation 9
  • 2nd Generation: Exploring Its Identity Software Greater focus on design More functionality Still geeky Devices Hardware built for Android Fragmentation continues 10
  • Current Generation: Android Is Mainstream Software Stunning UX at the heart of Androids framework Applications are beautiful, optimized, delightful Androids design adapts across all devices Devices Incredible devices flooding the market 11
  • The Three Generations of Android1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation Little Appeal Growing User Base Mainstream Cheap Hardware Better Devices Stunning Devices High Fragmentation Greater Functionality Beautiful UX 12
  • Androids past is Fading Away Android Devices in Market 13
  • The new generation is emerging Current generation has over 150 million active Android users (34.2% of all users) 2nd generation is on the decline, and will drop dramatically as users reach the end of their 2-year upgrade cycle (61.1% on Froyo and Gingerbread, down from 76.1% in August) 1st generation has almost completely disappeared, with just 15 million remaining users (3.1%) 14
  • Android is bigger than just mobile (development isnt limited to phone/tablet) 15
  • Machine-to-Mobile (M2Mo)Android can merge with previouslynon-connected machines, enhancingthem with anything from a morepowerful user interface to always-oncloud connectivity 16
  • SEAMLESSAndroid has been used to power Designing for AndroidTVs, cars, satellites, consumer devices, requires you to think beyondhousehold electronics, and more any one device interface CONNECTED Android can fuel a range of devices across FLEXIBLE a massive ecosystem Fluid experience across devices 17
  • EscortWe connected radar detectors to thephone to create a real-time map ofalerts from around the nation 18
  • LennoxWe constructed a mobilethermostat to manage hometemperatures from anywherein the world 19
  • Medical device manufacturerWe drew data from a sleep apneamachine and pushed it to the cloud 20
  • Androids Customization Is OpportunityAmazon completely splintered Android to power the Kindle Fire, and many OEMs have used this to build their own custom UI. Customization makes it possible to: Maintain absolute control of a device in a highly secure environment Make Android look like anything you want Own your companys OS when Windows or Linux wont suffice 21
  • The AndroidExperience 22
  • Enterprise Enabled Flexible Delivery OptionsBeautiful, Consistent Design Less Fragmentation 23
  • Beautiful, Consistent Design Since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android now inherently supports a beautiful, cohesive experience across all modern devices 24
  • Beautiful, Consistent Design Hardware tech specs and appeal is catching up with and has in some ways surpassed Apple. Fluid gestures and transitions Design naturally adapts across devices, screen sizes, and resolutions Distinct but consistent feel across phone and tablet 25
  • Enterprise Enabled Androids open framework can be tailored to suit the needs of any organization 26
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) SecurityLock users out if Encrypt device data Enforce password use Remote or triggered they install an device wipesunauthorized app Plus other features 27
  • Deployment eee n jjj ll nnnn jjj lll eee nnnn jjj ll Enterprises can create their own app stores 28
  • Customization Companies can create custom version of Android to match their needs hhh iii ll eee hhh iii lll hhh iii ll eee 29