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  • How to

    Save My Marriage

    9 Tips



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    How to save my marriage is one of the most commonly asked questions today of people who are finding themselves stuck.

    You fell in love. You built a life together. You simply cannot imagine

    what life would be like if that person wasnt there.

    Yet, its hard.

    You dont agree, you

    fight, and you dont feel

    that same level of

    support and

    understanding that was

    once there.

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    Its no wonder so many men and women

    approach their counselors, friends, and family

    with a simple question.

    How can I


    my marriage?

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    How to Save My Relationship:

    Steps to Take Now

    Many times, the couples want to improve their relationship and they want to

    improve their quality of life. Its difficult and challenging.

    Here are some simple steps that may be hard to put into action

    that can give you the foundation for improvement.

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    Agree to work on improvement

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    #1: Agree to work on improvement

    Both parties need to come to the

    realization that marriage problems

    exist and that they want to fix them.

    The fact is, if one party is facing a

    struggle with the marriage, it is a

    problem that both must address.


    You cant fix it on your own.

    But, you can work on it. However,

    most people can see improvement in

    their relationship if they first admit the

    problem and commit to improving it.

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    Write down what hurts

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    #2: Write down what hurts


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    Discuss what hurts the most

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    #3: Discuss what hurts the most

    With your list in hand, sit down across from each

    other and, in the most open way possible, talk

    about the worst thing on that list.

    i.e., you may feel your spouse no longer values your opinion.

    You may feel your spouse doesnt include you or is no longer able

    to include you in their day.

    Whatever is the worst of it, bring that up first. All

    you need to do is to communicate what that problem

    is. Allow the other person to do the same. This opens

    the door for your spouse to understand what is really

    bothering you. They truly may not know.

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    Commit to talking

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    #4: Commit to talking

    Talking and arguing

    are two very different things.

    Spend some time talking about your feelings,

    thoughts, needs, goals, painful memories, and

    hopeful futures.


    One of the most important components to any

    marriage is communication, something youll learn

    about in Save The Marriage.

    Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes every day to talking.

    You could meet on the porch for coffee in the

    morning or get the kids to bed 15 minutes early so

    you have time together.

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    Recognize the value in

    marriage counseling

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    #5: Recognize the value in marriage counseling

    Do you need marriage counseling?

    Nearly all marriages can benefit from allowing a professional to step in and offer some guidance and

    support. Dont view this as a negative thing. Rather, you can step up to the plate and ask a therapist what

    you can do.

    How to fix my marriage after this fight or how to save my relationship

    and get back to where we were?

    No matter where you get that therapy, sometimes having a third party to help direct conversations and offer

    guidance can be incredibly valuable.

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    Make some time for each other

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    #6: Make some time for each other

    Often, we fall off the track of working on our

    marriages because life is so busy. There is so much

    you have to do. Its hard to find time to work on your


    Going to a marriage counseling session is one step.

    You can also find simple ways to make time:

    Carpool to work so that you get time during your commute

    to talk.

    Meet for lunch or dinner without the kids.

    Spend time learning something new together.

    Block off a section of time every single week for date


    Say no to other engagements.


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    Uncover hidden marriage


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    #7: Uncover hidden marriage problems

    Sometimes, its what you dont know

    thats at the heart of whats wrong.

    Are you having trouble managing finances?

    Are you feeling stressed because of one spouses health?

    Is there a concern related to other members of the family?

    Find out whats changed and why in your relationship.

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    Keep everyone else out

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    #8: Keep everyone else out

    For now, while you work to establish

    your relationship again, dont talk about

    your spouse in a negative light to


    Commit to talking to each

    other when theres a problem.

    For example, instead of

    complaining about your

    spouse to your friend, talk to

    your spouse about the

    problem first.

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    Build long-term strength

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    #9: Build long-term strength

    Look at your marriage as a long-term goal.

    It is not going to get better in five minutes. It is a process and it will always take a lot of work. You have to

    promise yourself you are not going to give up because it is too hard.

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    Are you ready?

    Saving my marriage is my goal!

    You can accomplish this when you take the time to learn


    If you are asking, How can I save my marriage? the

    first step is to learn more about our online system and


    Save The Marriage

    is your first step towards improving your relationship.

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