how do i save my daughter's marriage?

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1. How Do I Save My Daughters Marriage? 2. Question: My daughter is 26 and a physician We married her off to a dentist two years ago 3. She had to move in with her in- laws Her mother-in-law abused her emotionally because of religion and my daughter earning a living 4. Two months ago my daughter moved back to my home She will not go back to her mother-in-laws house My son-in-law refuses to move away from his parents 5. He does not want to offend his mother He wants my daughter to give up her career and start a family 6. My daughter is now finishing her studies She understands she could lose her husband We will not find a good match for a divorced woman 7. What can I do to save her marriage and happiness? 8. Answer: You laid a strong foundation You need to allow her to make her own decisions If she returns to her husband, she will be wiser 9. If she chooses to get a divorce, she will understand the consequences 10. We often need to go through painful experiences so that we can have happiness as a reward 11. This is the case for both your daughter and son-in-law You must have faith You are a good mother 12. If your son-in-law refuses to leave his parents, it would be better for them to separate now rather than later 13. Thank You