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If your couple relationship is not going on happily and you want to remove your problems related to their relations then Relationship Counselling Kent is here to solve the problem. We give you advice related to marriage, 'Stuck' relationships, Infidelity and affairs and more. For more info visit us


  • Relationship Counseling Kent

    We are here to help your relationship

    Sian is an experienced and professional relationship counsellor near

    Ashford, Kent. Relationship Counselling Kent will help you gain

    understanding of your partners perspective. This will enable you both

    to move forward in the direction you choose.

  • What is Cognitive behavioral therapy?

    In simple terms,

    cognitive behavioral

    therapy (CBT) addresses

    negative patterns and

    distortions in the way we

    look at the world and

    ourselves. As the name

    suggests, this involves

    two main components:

    Cognitive therapy

    examines how negative thoughts or cognitions contribute to a

    negative emotion

    Behavior therapy examines how you behave and react in

    situations that trigger that negative emotion

  • The basic premise of cognitive behavioral therapy is that its

    our thoughts or irrational beliefs not external events that

    affect the way we feel. In other words, its not the situation that

    determines how you feel, but your perception of the situation.

    Your thoughts can block you seeing things that dont fit in with

    what you believe which can cause you problems if you continue

    to hold on to them. CBT can help you to identify and challenge

    any unhealthy beliefs whilst at the same time helping you to

    identify and reinforce a series of more helpful and rational

    beliefs consequently changing the way you feel.

  • Common Problems

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most widely-used

    therapies and can be effective in the treatment of many

    emotional disorders such as generalized anxiety disorders, social

    anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, anger management,

    obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) eating problems, mood

    swings, sexual and relationship problems and many other


  • Why have Cognitive Behavioral

    Therapy at Counselling Ashford Kent?

    Clinical trials have shown that CBT can reduce the symptoms of

    many emotional disorders. For some people it can work just as

    well as drug therapies at treating depression and anxiety

    disorders. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

    (NICE) recommends CBT for a number of common mental

    health disorders.

    If you are looking for an effective, trustworthy, non-judgmental

    CBT therapist in Ashford Kent, then look no further than

    Cognitive behavioral Therapy Ashford Kent.

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