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  • 7/31/2019 Grile Engleza Examen Sem II



    Aceste propozitii sunt false , RESTUL PROPOZITIILOR SUNT ADEVARATE :

    Nowadays F

    Comunications has become F

    Comunicates is considered F

    During the last decade F

    In makingsweeping F

    Multiple Choise :

    Two years ago I studied finance and banking with an foreigner lecturer .

    Hi Liviu are you heaving a good time here ? I hope you like our team ! How do you manage the

    accounts ?

    How often do you go to your faculty ? You should go every day if you want to understand

    economies or business informatics .

    By 2011 will have graduated the faculty of Finance and Banking .

    I have already talked to him , we are meeting at 8 pm tonight . The meeting will be held by Mr. Smith.

    Thank you for the invitation , I haven t heard such a good news for ages . Congratulations , we are

    back in business .

    John and his manager dont talk to each other ; they had an argument the other day . They havedifferent opinious about that business .

    Basty hasnt spoken to his manager since he came back from the latest business trip .

    People are very friendly in this company , they often help one another .

    May I close the window , please ? I am shivering and I have to finish this report .

    Nobody is allowed to smoke in this room . They have an important meeting .

    I have been waiting for you for more than an hour , where have you been? The meeting has already

    started !

    I think the price is too high , you shouldnt buy that company . I do not know if it is profitable .

    I really did not understand why he was speaking so loudly . We are his colleagues !

    We have a little coffe . I thimk it will be enough for breakfast . Then , we must meet our supervisor .

  • 7/31/2019 Grile Engleza Examen Sem II


    Have you read The reports the CEO told us about ?

    Id rather go home , theres nobody interesting here . And i am tired after this meeting .

    Oh , Ive forgotten to buy some paper for the printer .

    We can meet at 7 pm , I hope I will have finished my work by then .

    Unfortunately hei s feeling worse today . You will be replacing your colleague and doing the

    presentation , ok ?

    Please hurry up , you ought to finish this report today and send it by mail to the bank manager .

    Lets not buy a new printer . I will have the old one repaired by a specialist .

    Nine of the students liked the course . It was about statistics and accounts !

    They ll bring us the reviewed presentation if they come , wont they ?

    They had their office decorated before the final presentation .

    This is certainly the most ridiculous story I have ever heard ! He said to prepare that presentation and

    collect all the data !

    Im sorry , but youre too late . our manager s just gone aut .

    Dear colleagues , thank you for your precious advice .

    The govermment promised that the economic crisis would end soon .

    We cant win every contract , can we ?

    She enjoys her team very musch , doesnt she ?

    Everybody liked the idea , didnt they ?

    The information is correct and we must contact our partners .

    Our manager gave me a precious piece of advice .

    The information doesnt seem to be correct .

    The secretary told me that he was gone to Bucharest on a business trip .

    If you have some money in your account you are in the black .

    If you have withdrawn more money than you have in tour account , you are in the red .

    Try to be more concise , your report is too informative .

    The anthem of the European Union was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven .

    The official name of European Union was given by the treaty of Maastrich .

    The European Union has 27 members .

  • 7/31/2019 Grile Engleza Examen Sem II


    The number of stars on the European union flag does not coincide with the number of EU Member

    States .

    The European Idea is about establisning a union of democratic states having the same Christian

    religion . b) false .

    I have been working for this company for 6 years .

    A Curriculum Vitae should be accompanied by a covering later .

    In the application letter you should clearly specify the position you are interested in .

    We wish to recive

    We would like to recive details;items

    Could you please send us copy

    You may rely on us discretion

    We are sorry we are aut of stock

    We acknowledge received ; enclose

    We would be interested in;of

    We are pleasd to

    We are sending - you , under

    We trust this documentations will be of interest .

    Could you sent - , us your invoice in .

    What discount are you prepared to allow us ?