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<ul><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 1/10</p><p>1 I would.to buy a bigger house.</p><p>1 love</p><p>2 like</p><p>3 worked</p><p>4 doesn't</p><p>2 If she .earlier, she would see this show.</p><p>1 comes</p><p>2 has</p><p>3 came</p><p>4 had came</p><p>3 The total sales for this video areover a million.1 always</p><p>2 when</p><p>3 where</p><p>4 yet</p><p>4 The programme only finished a minute.</p><p>1 never</p><p>2 every</p><p>3 ago</p><p>4 after</p><p>5 .does it take you to get dressed in the morning?</p><p>1 how many</p><p>2 at3 how much</p><p>4 if</p><p>6 Italy is.we went for a holiday.year.</p><p>1 which/past</p><p>2 where/last</p><p>3 were/late</p><p>4 when/this</p><p>7 Andrew said the mistake . my fault.</p><p>1 was</p><p>2 is</p><p>3 is being</p><p>4 has</p><p>8 I failed the test and .did John.</p><p>1 so</p><p>2 as</p><p>3 neither</p><p>4 never</p><p>9 The psychiatrist asked her what she. about the night before.</p><p>1 dreams</p><p>2 dream</p><p>3 dreaming</p><p>4 had dreamt</p><p>10 I find it difficult to adjust to . here.</p><p>1 living</p><p>2 live3 lived</p><p>4 lives</p><p>11 I'd appreciate it if you . a bit quieter.</p><p>1 were</p><p>2 had been</p><p>3 been</p><p>4 has been</p><p>12 Do you have work to do?</p><p>1 few</p><p>2 many</p><p>3 much</p><p>4 always</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 2/10</p><p>13 It's .hot to go for a walk today.</p><p>1 too</p><p>2 many</p><p>3 every</p><p>4 how</p><p>14 I hardly . drink whisky.</p><p>1 ever</p><p>2 every</p><p>3 never</p><p>4 still</p><p>15 Exercise has many . effects on your health.1 negative</p><p>2 benefit</p><p>3 beneficial</p><p>4 positive</p><p>16 .. are you to use the lab equipment unsupervised.</p><p>1 under no circumstances</p><p>2 when</p><p>3 no question</p><p>4 not at all</p><p>17 If the police ask you questions, you .. refuse to answer.</p><p>1 should</p><p>2 done3 could</p><p>4 done</p><p>18 I want .. advice on how to dress at that party.</p><p>1 some</p><p>2 two</p><p>3 a piece of advice</p><p>4 three</p><p>19 The government trying to make the price of houses cheaper.</p><p>1 are</p><p>2 have</p><p>3 played</p><p>4 had</p><p>20 It's so easy; it's a piece of .</p><p>1 bread</p><p>2 carrot</p><p>3 cake</p><p>4 cookie</p><p>21 He would not stop talking although .. was listening.</p><p>1 all</p><p>2 no one</p><p>3 none</p><p>4 never</p><p>22 The house was in .. except for a light in the kitchen.</p><p>1 twilight</p><p>2 darkness3 morning</p><p>4 dawn</p><p>23 Smoking cigarettes and pipes is not .. during the flight.</p><p>1 bad</p><p>2 allowed</p><p>3 permitted</p><p>4 ever</p><p>24 The two . in the set menu are soup and salad.</p><p>1 starters</p><p>2 suppers</p><p>3 things</p><p>4 plates</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 3/10</p><p>25 You can't leave the room the exam.</p><p>1 on</p><p>2 during</p><p>3 when</p><p>4 where</p><p>26 They will want to know you have in your suitcase.</p><p>1 what</p><p>2 which</p><p>3 where</p><p>4 in</p><p>27 I moved here a couple of months . .1 past</p><p>2 last</p><p>3 ago</p><p>4 since</p><p>28 I first started learning Spanish when I went to Mexico for a .</p><p>1 holiday</p><p>2 hike</p><p>3 excursion</p><p>4 hour</p><p>29 In many countries people choose a dog as a ..</p><p>1 friend</p><p>2 pet3 wild animal</p><p>4 company</p><p>30 As people get older their eyesight becomes .. .</p><p>1 finer</p><p>2 stronger</p><p>3 weaker</p><p>4 worse</p><p>31 The Oscar ceremony is on television . tonight at eight o' clock.</p><p>1 on the air</p><p>2 live</p><p>3 living</p><p>4 to live</p><p>32 I was approached by a stranger asked me the way.</p><p>1 which</p><p>2 where</p><p>3 who</p><p>4 how</p><p>33 He . talking since he came into the room.</p><p>1 stopping</p><p>2 hasn't stopped</p><p>3 stopped</p><p>4 have stopped</p><p>34 .. pairs of shoes do you have?</p><p>1 how much</p><p>2 how many3 how long</p><p>4 however</p><p>35 Have you ever lent your friend money?</p><p>1 some</p><p>2 nothing</p><p>3 no</p><p>4 (any)two</p><p>36 If he studied more, he . get higher marks.</p><p>1 could</p><p>2 might</p><p>3 will</p><p>37 Our sense of smell is not .that of most animals.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 4/10</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 5/10</p><p>2 passed</p><p>3 could have passed</p><p>4 had pass</p><p>50 Before writing, you should always make a plan of your essay . .</p><p>1 how</p><p>2 as a matter of fact</p><p>3 all in all</p><p>4 as a conclusion</p><p>51 My brother, who wants to join the clergy, has just entered a .</p><p>1 college</p><p>2 seminary3 highschool</p><p>4 university</p><p>52 He feel well today.</p><p>1 done</p><p>2 doing</p><p>3 doesn't</p><p>4 had</p><p>53 If he more money, he would have bought a bigger house.</p><p>1 (had) having</p><p>2 have</p><p>3 had had</p><p>4 had54 you like eating fast-food?</p><p>1 have</p><p>2 has</p><p>3 do</p><p>4 does</p><p>55 I've got these red . all over my skin.</p><p>1 itching</p><p>2 rash</p><p>3 blotches</p><p>4 parts</p><p>56 you have never gone back to your native country?</p><p>1 how come</p><p>2 who</p><p>3 which</p><p>4 where</p><p>57 .watching a horror movie tonight.</p><p>1 they doing</p><p>2 they are</p><p>3 they did</p><p>4 they're</p><p>58 What is the weather in Greece?</p><p>1 that</p><p>2 like</p><p>3 so</p><p>4 at59 I need . information, please.</p><p>1 which</p><p>2 a piece of</p><p>3 some</p><p>4 two</p><p>60 We . him a nice present if he had behaved better.</p><p>1 had bought</p><p>2 would have bought</p><p>3 buying</p><p>4 bought</p><p>61 During his holidays he a stroke.</p><p>1 had been having</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 6/10</p><p>2 had</p><p>3 haves</p><p>4 having</p><p>62 is your sister?</p><p>1 at</p><p>2 when</p><p>3 why</p><p>4 where</p><p>63 .. a vase with some flowers on the table.</p><p>1 there having</p><p>2 there's3 there being</p><p>4 there is</p><p>64 . wine do you drink a month?</p><p>1 how</p><p>2 how much</p><p>3 how many</p><p>4 how long</p><p>65 I breakfast three hours ago.</p><p>1 have</p><p>2 had</p><p>3 did</p><p>4 does66 I . in Iasi since I was born.</p><p>1 living</p><p>2 lived</p><p>3 lives</p><p>4 have been living</p><p>67 I .. come back earlier tonight.</p><p>1 maybe</p><p>2 could</p><p>3 should</p><p>4 ever</p><p>68 They left . France two hours ago.</p><p>1 how</p><p>2 where</p><p>3 for</p><p>4 at</p><p>69 We the umbrella if it rained.</p><p>1 taken</p><p>2 took</p><p>3 would take</p><p>4 taking</p><p>70 She hasvisited Paris.</p><p>1 usually</p><p>2 always</p><p>3 never</p><p>4 finally71 The place needs.</p><p>1 to clean</p><p>2 to be cleaning</p><p>3 cleaning</p><p>4 had cleaned</p><p>72 The refugees streamed into the city. Their cars were grey with.</p><p>1 dust</p><p>2 powder</p><p>3 snow</p><p>4 ice</p><p>73 Would you like me to help you select adress?</p><p>1 day</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 7/10</p><p>2 wedding</p><p>3 village</p><p>4 party</p><p>74 Where's my newspaper? It .. by now.</p><p>1 delivered</p><p>2 should have been delivered</p><p>3 would deliver</p><p>4 was delivered</p><p>75 I wish Isee you!</p><p>1 could</p><p>2 will3 have</p><p>4 would</p><p>76 People.like realistic writing don't enjoy fantasy novels.</p><p>1 which</p><p>2 who</p><p>3 in</p><p>4 whom</p><p>77 I want you to buy bread.</p><p>1 some</p><p>2 one</p><p>3 a</p><p>4 a loaf of bread78 Life is..important to be taken seriously.</p><p>1 worse</p><p>2 better</p><p>3 much</p><p>4 far too</p><p>79 One of things that can happen to you is to be charged with murder.</p><p>1 the best</p><p>2 the worst</p><p>3 the farthest</p><p>4 the most</p><p>80 The children were..for what they had done and behaved well all afternoon.</p><p>1 made up2 told off</p><p>3 brought</p><p>4 come</p><p>81 Relatively few criminals have a .education</p><p>1 great deal of</p><p>2 much</p><p>3 many</p><p>4 enough</p><p>82 I wish Ithe film!</p><p>1 missed</p><p>2 hadn't missed</p><p>3 will miss4 however</p><p>83 When one wears .., one can look completely different.</p><p>1 trainers</p><p>2 make up</p><p>3 raincoat</p><p>4 shoes</p><p>84 wine do you drink?</p><p>1 where</p><p>2 how often</p><p>3 how much</p><p>4 how many</p><p>85 If youme, I would have failed the exam.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 8/10</p><p>1 were helped</p><p>2 will help</p><p>3 hadn't helped</p><p>4 helped</p><p>86 .is a science.</p><p>1 working</p><p>2 a</p><p>3 an</p><p>4 physics</p><p>87 judge a book by its cover.</p><p>1 just2 if</p><p>3 never</p><p>4 already</p><p>88 If John..older, he wouldn't find it so difficult to make up his mind.</p><p>1 has</p><p>2 were</p><p>3 had</p><p>4 had been</p><p>89 On the.day that we were due to fly, there was a strike at the airport.</p><p>1 that</p><p>2 very</p><p>3 those4 this</p><p>90 Concorde.extremely fast.</p><p>1 flown</p><p>2 had been flying</p><p>3 flies</p><p>4 flying</p><p>91 Hehis car when the rain started.</p><p>1 was repairing</p><p>2 repaired</p><p>3 worked</p><p>4 had repaired</p><p>92 When I got up, my father had.made breakfast.</p><p>1 already</p><p>2 still</p><p>3 never</p><p>4 ever</p><p>93 The bus..at the railway station yesterday at 7.40.</p><p>1 had arrived</p><p>2 was arriving</p><p>3 arrived</p><p>4 arrive</p><p>94 you like skiing?</p><p>1 do</p><p>2 had</p><p>3 done4 going</p><p>95 fault is that?</p><p>1 whose</p><p>2 who is</p><p>3 where</p><p>4 who's</p><p>96 ..children like playing chess.</p><p>1 these</p><p>2 this</p><p>3 their</p><p>4 then</p><p>97 Both of the bicycles in the garage..broken.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 9/10</p><p>1 has</p><p>2 is</p><p>3 are</p><p>4 where</p><p>98 When I meet new people, I'm usually curious about.occupations.</p><p>1 his</p><p>2 their</p><p>3 they're</p><p>4 they are</p><p>99 Reading that book had a peculiar.. on Evelyn's behaviour.</p><p>1 event2 effect</p><p>3 affect</p><p>4 smile</p><p>100 When you finish, to the next part of the exam.</p><p>1 precede</p><p>2 leave</p><p>3 lived</p><p>4 proceed</p><p>101 Her remarks seemed.., and we chose to ignore them.</p><p>1 insipid</p><p>2 intelligent</p><p>3 incipient4 bright</p><p>102 What is the best . to survive a tornado?</p><p>1 way</p><p>2 road</p><p>3 highway</p><p>4 railway</p><p>103 Where..you travelling to?</p><p>1 is</p><p>2 are</p><p>3 did</p><p>4 had</p><p>104 I use your telephone?</p><p>1 yet</p><p>2 can</p><p>3 ought to</p><p>4 already</p><p>105 How did you find about the news?</p><p>1 on</p><p>2 out</p><p>3 in</p><p>4 where</p><p>106 I can't imagine where.going after the movie.</p><p>1 there</p><p>2 they're</p><p>3 they are4 for</p><p>107 I knew what model car it was, but I wasn't sure about.colour.</p><p>1 its</p><p>2 it's</p><p>3 when</p><p>4 it is</p><p>108 I borrow your pen?</p><p>1 may</p><p>2 where</p><p>3 can</p><p>4 for</p><p>109 It's ..car, so let them decide where we're going.</p></li><li><p>7/31/2019 92120950 Grile Engleza Sem II an II</p><p> 10/10</p><p>1 there</p><p>2 where</p><p>3 their</p><p>4 they're</p><p>110 All the girls went to the game .Mary.</p><p>1 accept</p><p>2 while</p><p>3 never</p><p>4 except</p></li></ul>