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  1. 1. Highlights: what was memorable? The 1 on 1 sessions with Gartner Analysts were awesome. A great sounding board and a chance for constructive criticism. Well worth the time for BI. I learnt a lot. There seemed to be less hype & more practical & balanced inputs on the digital disruption & the growth in analytics, governance and mobile cloud solutions. It seems nobody has all the answers, but I got a lot of my own personal queries on BI team roles and responsibilities, managing the business relationship, how to move data into an asset etc. answered. The exhibition of suppliers and service providers was a great way to test ideas and get inputs on what the market is doing. This helps provide context. Local Context: The Gartner Hype Cycle for Africa doesnt always shadow the USA & European experience. It wouldve been good for the local Gartner office to ensure the presenters had some basic knowledge of the SA Business landscape (eg: PoPi, BEE etc). and what wasnt?
  2. 2. Session 2: Richard Marshall 10am 30th Sept How does a Bi modal BI strategy differentiate between ERP and BI initiatives in mid-size companies (specifically are there any issues infrastructure challenges which a non-profit Blood Transfusion Service should anticipate and address in the BI strategy?) - this was an excellent session Richards deep knowledge of BI is enviable
  3. 3. Digital Talent is not just about technology skills. Digital disruptions are changing the whole business landscape & IT must transform to maintain the business value we deliver to business Digitalisation is a mandate for IT to integrate its strategic approach, enterprise architecture & staffing with business. Business Context of Digital Talent
  4. 4. Where are we now with BI?


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