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  • 1. Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2013 5 7 February 2013 Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain Hot Topics The Future Of Business Intelligence Integrating Analytics and Bi Predictive Analysis Mobile Bi Big Data and Big Data Analytics Early-bird savings Register by 7 December 2012 and save 300
  • 2. Analyze. Predict. Act. Table of Contents 2 Event Introduction 3 Why Attend 4 Tracks and Plenaries 5 Plenaries and Interactive Sessions 6 Agenda at a Glance 8 Meet the Analysts 9 Tracks A, B, C and D: Sessions 13 Maximize Your Summit Experience 14 Solution Showcase 15 Analyze. With the rise of business analytics BI turns towards the future. Organizations need to move forward, beyond the descriptive reporting of quantitative data, towards the use of technologies and approaches that are predictive and prescriptive guiding and driving business decision making, using a richer pallet of different types of data. But to make this leap forward requires changed engagement models, skills, roles and even cultural shifts. Predict. A future facing outlook means increased complexity and a broader range of options. New technologies and issues abound: big data; data science; the logical data warehouse; visualization; real-time intelligence; machine driven decision making; text analytics; the flood of sensor data; social network analytics; analytics in the Cloud; predictive modeling. Navigating a path through the hype in order to make best use of limited resources is critical to success and future competitiveness. Act. With business intelligence, analytics and performance management organizations can have a powerful set of intertwined technologies and practices to monitor and understand activities, align around goals, and act on data to make better decisions. Attend Gartners 2013 summit to get the information you need to fast forward with BI and analytics, and discover how to build a strategy, architecture and team that delivers value now and in the future. How to Register 16 Whats New For 2013 James Richardson Research Director, Gartner 2 Juliane Jung Director, Program Management, Gartner Events Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2013
  • 3. Europes most important annual gathering of the BI and analytics community. Why Attend Review the key trends and future direction of BI, performance management and analytics to shape your roadmap Prepare for how the Nexus of Forces, cloud, mobile, social and information, will impact BI and analytics. Learn how to advance the user experience of and engagement in your BI initiatives and so drive adoption and ROI Who should attend? Architects Business Analysts Business Analytics Consultant Business Intelligence Director CFO, CIO Data Modeler Get advice on getting started with analytics, MDM and mobile BI initiatives to increase the likelihood of success Database Administrator Establish the foundational knowledge for BI initiatives as a baseline for delivering business value Finance Executives and Analysts Innovate with new technologies and approaches like in-memory computing and big data Understand what drives BI cost of ownership and how to manage that cost Use frameworks, tools, process, and governance to drive success (and avoid failure) with BI Hear Gartners objective, unvarnished view of vendors and their products to assist in your strategic choices Finance Director Financial Planning and Analysis Managers Investors and Researchers interested in BI Trends IT Director Procurement Managers Project Managers Report Designers Systems Analyst Network and share best practices with your peers Visit or call +44 20 8879 2430 3
  • 4. TrACKS and Plenaries A Plenaries Data and Information Management Getting the data and information right is key to delivering BI and analytics. This track for technologists looks in detail at how to best use capabilities like data warehousing, BI platforms, data integration and data quality tools, to build the right foundation. B Gartner Opening Keynote: New Realities, New Appetites, New Approaches Organization and Strategy This track for BI leaders explores how non-technical factors, like having the right organization structure and strategy, are critical in bringing business users together with IT to drive greater adoption of BI. It also highlights best practices for justifying, establishing and managing a BI and analytics program. C Performance Management D V This track takes a business-centric view to help companies use BI, analytics and corporate performance management to improve operations, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance business performance. It has a particular focus on the needs of Finance teams, a key user and sponsor of BI and analytics in many organizations. 4 Introduced by: James Richardson Analytic Trends and Futures This track looks towards the future. It provides a vision into the market trends, emerging analytic technologies, new approaches and external factors impacting how organizations use information for business value. It will assist architects and strategists when considering their roadmaps and give business leaders a view of the art of the possible. Virtual track extending across BIA and MDM Summit: Big Data Once you get past the hype its evident that big data represents tremendous opportunity to those organizations that can unlock its business value. Analytics applied to big data assets of greater diversity and depth than previously possible promises to fuel innovation and transform industries. To deliver on this promise however big data demands increased information governance competency as the benefits cannot be realized unless efforts are anchored by clear understanding, quality and trust of the data. This virtual track will help business and IT leaders understand the concepts, benefits, technology impacts and challenges associated with the big data phenomenon across BI, analytics and MDM. Altered economic realities and business needs demand new information and analytical approaches. These new approaches must enable agility through the sharing and analysis of massive amounts of rich, novel information types. New use cases are arising that express an insatiable appetite for real-time and contextaware insights or that demand prediction and action, not just reporting and monitoring. These new demands challenge how enterprises govern and manage information, and will test their ability to best use these new insights, while exposing BI and analytics teams to dramatically different challenges and requirements. The key issues covered in this keynote presentation are: Why and how is information, its use and analysis changing so dramatically? What new challenges, trends and opportunities are emerging for BI and analytic leaders? How can organizations adapt to and harness new solutions? Gartner Keynote: Information as Strategy: CEOs are Waking Up to It. Are You Ready? Symptoms of a major trend towards information-centric management thinking are everywhere. From the wall of noise about big data, to the chatter about the role of data scientist. We will look into what business leaders really expect, what they will do about it and how you can thrive on the changes ahead. Whats real and whats hype in the rise of informationcentric management thinking? How are CEOs thinking about this trend? What should BI professionals be doing to help their enterprises make real progress? Mark Raskino Guest Keynote: ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century The human brain will adapt to whatever environment in which it is placed; the cyber world of the 21st Century constitutes a totally new type of environment; the brain could therefore be changing in parallel, in correspondingly totally new ways. In particular we need to devise new strategies for optimizing how we handle the increasing and unprecedented information load. We need first to establish a means for identifying salient facts from the extraneous; second, establish a conceptual framework within which this information can have wider significance, Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2013
  • 5. Plenaries and Interactive Sessions ie be converted into deeper knowledge; thirdly agree on a means for sharing this conceptual framework so that it can serve as a collective base for effective communication. Baroness Susan Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Oxford Practitioner Guest Keynote: Beyond Budgeting: Statoils Ambition to Action Model, a Management Approach for New Business Realities Statoils Ambition to Action model redefines performance using dynamic and relative targets, dynamic forecasting and resource allocation (and no traditional budgets). It moves the focus from calendar driven to event driven, to create a more self-regulating management model. How did the company arrive at this approach? This keynote explores Statoils experience and how Beyond Budgeting principles can be used to overcome the problems associated with traditional management approaches. Why is traditional management in serious trouble? What is Beyond Budgeting? How has Statoil changed its management model? Bjarte Bogsnes, Vice President Performance Management Development at Statoil Meeting People Road Map: Networking with Ease This interactive plenary session will help you maximize your ability to connect, network and establish relationships in your career. Why does networking matter? Because it helps you solve problems, build your reputation and absorb best pract