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  1. 1. Presentation to CWSM #SMMW15 Erin Cell Socially Powered
  2. 2. Opening Night Networking Party Set Goals for the event Who do you want to meet? Speakers, Social Media Managers, Potential Clients/Employers Do Your Research! Study who will be speaking Determine who best fits your goals Connect with them online prior to event Have questions ready to ask them Put on your best networking smile, get out there, meet anyone & everyone!
  3. 3. What the Newest Research Reveals - Mike Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) Video is where you need to be! YouTube is powerful stuff! 66% of marketers plan on increasing YouTube activities Mobile Live Streaming Meerkat vs. Periscope Copywrite Implications (live streaming events) Social Drives Traffic - 78% of marketers agree Native Video on Facebook, Twitter, Vine Facebook is not dead! 93% of marketers use FB 51% say FB is most important 62% marketers INCREASING SM activity in 2015 Dont rule out G+ Responding to New Platforms (Ello, Tsu) Podcasting is relatively new, but most marketers are increasing their activity Social Media Measurement - 88% marketers want to improve Link to Googles UTM builder: SocialMediaExaminer.com/utm
  4. 4. Google+ Ninja Tactics - Lynette Young (@LynetteRadio) Create a Circle Strategy (3 Circles) Visitors/Circled Leads/Commented Promoters/Shared Encourage followers from other platforms to connect Talk about the stuff THEY love! Live Video on Google+ - automatically saves to YouTube Provide Exclusive Content to your Purple Cows (promoters) Pace yourself by 1/2, different photos for G+
  5. 5. 10 Proven Ways to Pack a Punch with Visual Marketing - Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) Think Tinder - Not eHarmony Appealing profile & cover photo Repeat your posts Upload natively to Facebook Always be Canvaing http://sociallypowered.com/social-media/top-5-takeaways- from-guy-kawasaki-at-smmw15/
  6. 6. Creating a Customer Service Revolution - John DiJulius Customers are either brand evangelists or brand terrorists Create a Never/Always list for your business Go to www.thedijuliusgroup.com Register & Use code SMMW15 to get downloads of presentation & more
  7. 7. Niche Domination: How to Position Yourself as an Expert -Mark Schaefer & Mike Stelzner You dont have to wait to be picked, you can pick yourself. ~ Mark Schaefer Give everything away! Youll learn in the process. ~ Mike Stelzner Categorize your blogs Continue to do the work to keep your momentum Always be a student of your craft Make it sustainable Allow & make time to keep doing what got you to where you want to be
  8. 8. Is Content Killing Social Media - Mark Schaefer with Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, & Christopher Penn Mari Smith Posts 6x day Reviews Best Tweets of the Week Sends out Top 3 in her weekly email w/ Tweetables Guy Kawasaki Every post should have a picture or video Do 1 video - Then break that into blog posts, facebook posts, tweets, pics to Insta, audio to podcast, video to YouTube, post on Website, webinar Mark Schaefer Create relevant, interesting, timely, entertaining content. Cut through the clutter! Christopher Penn Look at your own data & see what is resonating with your audience Take your re-tweets a step further, compile best tweets into e-book, put it on Amazon & sell them for $0.99 for even further reach Facebook ebugger? Yoast plugin for WordPress Copyright Law creativecommons.org
  9. 9. How to Get Speaking Opportunities at SME Events - Phil Mershon & Mike Stelzner Spend time practicing your craft Write the book Speaking Engagements Build your following What is your 1 thing? H
  10. 10. How to Master Social Selling to Your Digital Community Using Visual Content - Kim Garst 5 types of Visual Content: photos, videos, images, infographics, slideshares/presentations Offer coupons, discounts, giveaways Show how your product/service solves a need/pain points Share testimonials Use ### as selling tools Always ask Whats In It For Them!
  11. 11. Kims Recommended Tools Photos: pexels.com picjumbo.com blogpohoto.tv gratisography.com Create, Edit, Manipulate picmonkey.com canva.com Screenshots placeit.net Infographics piktochart.com Phone Apps Rhonna Designs Wordswag - get backgrounds at wordswag.co/kim
  12. 12. Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints & Turn Bad News to Good - Jay Baer Answering complaints increases customer advocacy Every complaint, every channel, every time Check out YouTube Channel - Actors Reading Yelp Reviews Go to HugYourHaters.com Hatrix Advocacy stats by channel Recording of presentation Pre-order the book
  13. 13. - Guy Kawasaki There are two types of people on social media; those who want more followers & those that are lying