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<p>Sales Leader Video Series</p> <p>T A K E A W A Y S</p> <p>BackgroundEach week, we interview a sales leader </p> <p>and post it on our blog. For the past nineteen weeks, weve gathered some </p> <p>great sales insights that we feel compelled to share.</p> <p>Steve Richard</p> <p>Earn a right to each sales conversation, dont start a conversation with a pitch.Client voice is very helpful. Phrase things from the perspective of a clients peers. Thats how we build curiosity and establish credibility.</p> <p>Try using 3x3 research- find three key points on the company or the contact in three minutes of research.</p> <p>Check out Steves full video. </p> <p>Matt Bertuzzi</p> <p>Reading in general will make you a better writer, a better prospector with emails, better about writing agendas. Anything you can read is huge.</p> <p>Seek out coaching, and if you cant find it, try to make it happen. If you cant make it happen, go someplace else.</p> <p>Out of 1,000 accounts prospected, on average, companies put 35 new opportunities in their sales pipeline.</p> <p>Check out Matts full video. </p> <p>Julio Viskovich</p> <p>The best way to transition to social media is to use it as a simple augmentation of your current process and slowly working it in, say 30 mins every morning.</p> <p>I always recommend building Twitter lists. Theres noise all over the place, use lists to organize yourself with products, customers, or competitors.</p> <p>79% of reps who have applied social selling into their daily routine have met their quota.</p> <p>Check out Julios full video. </p> <p>Kevin Gaither</p> <p>When you can generate one, two, even three million dollars a year, all from the safety and comfort of your chair with web and email and phone, of course, companies are very, very attracted to that.</p> <p>Take it upon yourself to do everything you can do and learn everything you can learn about sales. Thats what will set you apart.</p> <p>If you think social selling is a substitute for getting on the phone and making calls, youve got another thing coming.</p> <p>Check out Kevins full video. </p> <p>Koka Sexton</p> <p>Sales executives need to understand there is an ROI involved in empowering their sales team to use social networks in a systematic fashion.</p> <p>Leveraging connections is one of the easiest ways for sales managers and sales reps to accelerate their sales cycle.</p> <p>When coaching sales reps, define specific things they need to do on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis to optimize their inbound pipeline.</p> <p>Check out Kokas full video. </p> <p>Derek Grant</p> <p>We bring every potential hire in for a culture interview we call the canoe test. Would you be in a canoe with this person? If they were behind you, would you trust them to paddle the entire time? Would you want to talk to them?</p> <p>One of the things weve seen in our best sales reps is hustle. Being able to get out and make some metrics driven behaviors.</p> <p>From a sales perspective, the ones who use the CRM effectively really mine their own gold.</p> <p>Check out Dereks full video. </p> <p>Barbara Giamanco</p> <p>Provide value and have a go-giver mindset. Dont be afraid to give things away.Its time to integrate social as part of the sales process, not simply something on the side.</p> <p>Anytime that you can share success stories from your customers and you can quantify those results, those are the things that will be really important.</p> <p>Check out Barbaras full video. </p> <p>Jason Lemkin</p> <p>To generate leads at first, the only thing I focused on was customer happiness and customer success.</p> <p>Ultimately if the leads are there, if the interest is there, your product is lacking. Or sales. Or marketing. But if the leads are there, you can fix the other things.</p> <p>The leading SaaS metric is the velocity of inbound leads.</p> <p>Check out Jasons full video. </p> <p>Brent Leary</p> <p>Sales intelligence can be used to leverage available data in real time to have a better understanding of your target audience.</p> <p>If youre a salesperson today, you have a great opportunity in CRM to create a better interaction opportunity.</p> <p>I think were going to see a lot of focus on customer experience, see companies using social to start creating better customer service processes with the marriage of social and traditional applications.</p> <p>Check out Brents full video. </p> <p>Eric Christopher</p> <p>Using a personality test quickly identifies key traits, and can help find like-minded people for your sales team.</p> <p>By helping customers figure out their problems, a bi-product is that theyll purchase our service.</p> <p>All of our reps have goals to grow their social presence, be a thought leader. Its important to apply social media to your sales process.</p> <p>Check out Erics full video. </p> <p>Jamie Shanks</p> <p>The world has already migrated to social selling, you need to put in the hours and become and expert.</p> <p>Theres a huge opportunity to understand social selling better than your competitors. Get in early and learn this concept quickly.</p> <p>Check out Jamies full video. </p> <p>Sean Black</p> <p>The biggest mistake startups make is hiring the wrong person too early.The biggest cardinal sin for presenting is the show up and throw up. Giving a canned pitch doesnt take into consideration the customers needs.</p> <p>Storytelling is the number one presentation skill.</p> <p>Check out Seans full video. </p> <p>Ago Cluytens</p> <p>Ultimately were all buyers, we buy every single day. Stop thinking like a salesperson and start thinking like a consultant.</p> <p>Buying is not just about picking the right party to work with, its also about the political game that happens within corporations.</p> <p>Check out Agos full video. </p> <p>Brad Gillespie</p> <p>Only about eight percent of organizations that have implemented marketing automation are using it for account based or customer marketing at all.</p> <p>I like to think of sales intelligence as qualitative data points that go into a successful pursuit, opportunity, or customer.</p> <p>Data is the key to close the loop between sales and marketing and help alignment between the two groups.</p> <p>Check out Brads full video. </p> <p>Mike Smalls</p> <p>Things like beating your peers, being recognized in front of folks, or having new privileges are often the best types of rewards.</p> <p>Too often companies will measure end sales rather than focusing on the activities that lead to success.</p> <p>Sales culture is critical to the success of any sales organization, primarily because sales is a tough job full of rejection.</p> <p>Check out Mikes full video. </p> <p>Charles Green</p> <p>Trusted advisors are the people who you know have your best interests at heart, who you know will tell you the truth straight to your face, but wont gossip about it later.</p> <p>When the product is intangible, its you on the line.</p> <p>The new paradigm is to just give things away, get it out there, get people intrigued.</p> <p>Check out Charles full video. </p> <p>Mark Hawn</p> <p>If you just get your intent and purpose right for your sales team, its amazing the impact and the results theyll have.</p> <p>Trust relationship is by far the most important component of winning or losing.</p> <p>Spend a lot of time with your client, have good conversations, find ways to interact, and think about your questions before you go meet with them.</p> <p>Check out Marks full video. </p> <p>Jordan Rackie</p> <p>Instead of saying you're great, use social proof to share the message of others who say you're great.</p> <p>It's great to be the best salesperson on the sales team but it's even better to be the best company in its marketspace</p> <p>The best feature in a potential sales rep is that they're adaptable. They can go down to Texas and slow it down or go up to New York and get to point quick.</p> <p>Check out Jordans full video. </p> <p>Bill Binch</p> <p>As you grow in a sales organization, you grow far beyond just doing deals. You start growing into people management, hiring and how you get sales to run. </p> <p>What better way to sell your product than to give it to somebody, have them use it, and have them get so enamored with what you do that they say Ive got to have this and Ive got to pay for it.</p> <p>Theres a structural paradigm shift- buyers are finding the vendor. You have to incorporate that inbound component to be successful.</p> <p>Check out Bills full video.</p> <p>Our software finds sales triggers faster. Get a free </p> <p>taste!</p> <p>Sincerely, SalesLoft.</p> <p>Share on or</p>