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2. []COOPERATION ISTHE NEW BLACKEX: Farmville Cooperative games work betterbecause youre motivated differentlyEX: is a cooperative gameVictory = goal met ($$$ raised)Challenge = Deadline in time to fund projectLevels awarded to higher donors 3. KEEP THE GAME GOINGNew markets emerge only whencooperation exists.Pandemic game model: Every playerhas a special ability > Empowersindividuals and motivates cooperationKeep it going: The best games neverend. 4. UPGRADEProducts and markets fail when theowners fail to innovate.The news industry cannot afford tokeep relying on old business modelsand content strategies.Brand loyalty persists when the brandcontinues to meet the consumersexpectations and surpass them. 5. PLAY HEALTHY CASE STUDY:Most healthsolutions arent Live healthiermedical, theyre for fun!social. Motivates healthier living by giving you goals, points and a support system Youre not just helping yourself, youre helping others! 6. Health is #winning! 7. HEALTH 2.0 8. REACH FOR THE STARS VisualizingSpace Data 9. NEED MORE SPACE? asteroidwatch/ 10. #DIGITALPRODUCTDESIGN Tips on designing better products: Everything we create comes down to math + pixels. Learn to love and appreciate them, regardless of your title. Develop sales skills. You need to be able to sell your ideas and designs. Build things and take them apart. Understand what goes into the finished product. I recommend IKEA furniture. 11. #DIGITALPRODUCTDESIGN Tips on designing better products: Be honest about failure + own your mistakes. This will cultivate trust and better relationships down the line. Digital product design is constantly changing. If you are not staying on top of emerging technologies and embracing them, this is not what you should be doing. Stay curious. 12. Sustaining passionate users Hide Easter eggs in your site. Challenge users to compete with other users -> Fastest to register, most comments, most shares ... can you beat that? Give users something to Master. People have a need for set completion. Give them a set of challenges to complete. 13. SAVE DATACongressional leaders recently proposed counterproductive budget cuts that would slashsupport to government transparency websites such as current annual budget of $37 million will be reduced to $2 million.Go to to showyour support for!