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  • 1. Key Takeaways Business Development Institute; Visual Content Marketing and Communications Summit April 10, 2014

2. Last week we attended BDIs Visual Content Marketing and Communications Summit. Every speaker and participant brought incredibly valuable insights to table, but we wanted to boil it down for everybody who wasn t able to attend. 3. The Speakers; Deb Berman SVP Brand Strategy, Curalate @debmberman Ninan Chacko CEO, PR Newswire @PRNewswire Jessica Woodbury Social Media Manager, Alex and Ani @alexandani Christa Bukowski Global Manager, Digital Content Strategy, Avon christa.bukowski@avon. com 4. 1. Importance of visual content 5. Multimedia grabs attention Content including multimedia resulted in up to nearly 10x more engagement than that of text-only releases (PR Newswire) 6. Multimedia and visual storytelling simplifies complex ideas One in five people Which one do you understand most quickly? (graphic credit to PR Newswire) 7. Multimedia conveys emotion Images drive emotion, emotion drives reaction 8. 2. Importance of the short attention span 9. The average Americans attention span is 8 seconds A goldfishs is 9 (Curalate) 10. Consumers want snackable content (There is a lot of content for consumers to get through) One Billion Images are shared daily on social media (Curalate) 11. 3. Importance of understanding your audience 12. Understand the journey/experience of your customer 40% Start an activity on one device, but finish it on another (PR Newswire) 13. Understand how customers talk about your content Descriptions and images used by customers may not be what you expect (images credit to Curalate presentaion) VS. 14. Communication is changing 15. How we consume information is changing On-the-go, peer generated has long overtaken professionally curated content 16. How we communicate is changing Increasingly were talking to each other in emojis and 140 characters 17. This is not how we see the world 18. This is... 19. In conclusion Use Visual Content Consider Attention Span Understand your audience 20. See the original presentations here: Deb Burman, SVP @ Curalte Jessica Woodbury, Social Media Manager, at Alex and Ani Ninan Chacko, CEO @ PR Newswire Christa Bukowski, Global Manager, Digital Content Strategy @ Avon