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Excel Spreadsheet Project 1

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Excel Spreadsheet. Project 1. Objective:. Begin to see the possibilities of Excel How to gather and organize data Entering formula’s Convert data into graphs. Instructions:. We will be doing an overview of your class population and some of the characteristics that define it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Excel Spreadsheet

Excel SpreadsheetProject 1Objective:Begin to see the possibilities of ExcelHow to gather and organize dataEntering formulasConvert data into graphs.

Instructions:We will be doing an overview of your class population and some of the characteristics that define it.

How to read the cell locations

You will notice letters run from left to right, numbers from top to bottom.

Locating cellsWe have located cells D5 and B11

How many Students?In cell B1 we need to enter in the total number of students there are in the class

My example class has 14 students

What is everyone's age?In cells B4 through G4 enter in the number of students that fit into each category. For example I have two students that are 14 and three that are 15.

Checks and balanceAny good spreadsheet has a way to check yourself to ensure your data is correct.If you look at the example below you will notice that I only have data for twelve students, my total number was fourteen so I am missing data on two students.To the right is a field that lets you know how many more students you need to enter data on.

Fun DataI thought you might be interested to know how many years the whole class is old if we added everyone together and what the average age is.

GraphsGraphs are a great way for people to understand data visually. Towards the bottom of the spreadsheet I have created a graph for the ages of the class, which will now represent the data you entered.

Gender of the classNow we need to enter in how many males and females are in your class

My example class has 6 males and 8 females

The Check is brokenThe formula for counting the number of students entered in the males and females is missingWe need to enter the formula, the data for both is in cells B11 and C11 so we need to add them togetherDouble click in the cell I11 and enter in this formula =(B11+C11) and hit enter

Hair ColorLets enter the data for everyone's hair color.Fill in cells B14 through F14

Another FormulaThe formula for counting the students hair color is also missingWe need to add cells B14 through F14Lets let the worksheet do the workHit the home tab located at the top left

Formula ContClick in the cell that we want the formula in I14

Press the formula button, its located at the far right

Last stepsWhen you press the formula button it tries to guess what you may want to add, you will find it guesses correctly most of the time.It should look like this:

DoneWe are going to click in cell B14 and holding the left mouse button, highlight through cells F14

Now hit enter and it will add the cells together

School DataLast we will enter the data for the High Schools represented in class.

Once the data has been entered highlight all of it, as shown:

Add a GraphClick the Insert tab located on the top bar:

Pie R SquareNow click the Pie chart and choose the first graph:

Place the GraphResize your graph a little smaller and move it towards the bottom of the page so it looks nice