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  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


    Every new day presents a variety of unique moments waitingto be captured, and with 3-way shooting the possibilities areendless. Canon presents the new EOS 70D, a perfect balance ofoptical performance and imaging efciency, creative intelligenceand expressive emotion.

    The EOS 70D is pure consistency in photographic quality withits 20.2-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5+ image

    processor and even more advanced features. For versatile everyday shooting with brilliant image quality, the extraordinary EOS 70Dis your calling to surpass conventional shooting, and seek the

    fantastic in the everyday.

    S H O O T I N G

  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


    01 :



    Live View shooting expands shooting possibilities on the EOS 70Dwith quick and accurate AF performance over a wider area. The Vari-Angle LCD monitor with touch panel allows you to explore variouscreative shooting angles and framing options. Selection of AFpoint also becomes intuitive with the touch shutter function, andcontinuous AF further improves tracking of moving subjects.



    Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology further improves focusing operationfor smoother AF performance during Live View shooting in MovieServo AF when recording videos. Paired with STM lenses, high-speedfocusing is achieved, even when shooting moving subjects. STMlenses also deliver even smoother and silent AF that is perfect forshooting movies, especially in quiet environments.

    This groundbreaking technology employs phase-difference detection AF even during nal focusing,thus resulting in hunting-free focusing over a wideAF area (80% vertical x 80% horizontal).

    Each individual pixel holds two photodiodes,where signals from each photodiode are detected,and the amount of difference between the signalsdetermines the amount of lens drive to achievesharp focus.

    Dual Pixel CMOS AF switches the drive methodaccording to the lens in use and shootingconditions. There are currently about 1 03 EF lensesthat support Dual Pixel CMOS AF on the EOS 70D.

    A leader in advancing imaging technology, Canon introduces its new Dual PixelCMOS AF system, which is a p hase-difference AF technology on the image sensor

    plane. The latest Dual Pixel CMOS AF system boasts superior high-speed AFcapabilities even when shooting in Live View mode.


    Dual Pixel CMOS AF applicable area


    Canon EOS70D


    Thiscreates aphase-differencedetection AF structure todrive the lens

    The amount oflens drive ismeasuredfromthe amount ofsignal difference(amountof shift) in the AF points.

    Amount of shift

    Each individual pixel consistsof twoseparate photodiodes

    Each photodiode detectsaseparatelight signal during AF

    The signalsof both photodiodes are inagreement and focusisachieved on the

    rst try without hesitation.

    The same principle asphase-difference detection AF

    Driving the Lens


    Canon EOS70D


    Never miss out on the tiniest details with the EOS 70D’s 3.0-inch Clear ViewLCD II monitor fortied by an approximately 1.04 million dot-resolution,viewing angle of 160˚ and faithful color reproduction.

    Explore various perspectives and shoot at low or high angles by simplytwisting and tilting the Vari-Angle LCD monitor. The monitor’s side openingmakes it easy to shoot even on a tripod, with a battery grip attached or invertical position. The built-in Touch Panel further makes Live View shootingintuitive with simple touch operations such as swiping, pinching to zoom, andtouch to capture.



    Shooting in Live View is easy with the touch panel ability on the EOS 70D’s LCD monitor. Tap on a subjectto set an AF point and touch to release shutter. Continuous AF can also be employed to steadily track andfocus on a moving subject until the shutter is released. There are four AF methods in Live View shootingto match shooting subjects and environment.




    FLEXIZONE—MULTI AFDivides the scene into a number of zonesaccording to aspect ratio with priority givento the center or closest subject for focusing.

    FLEXIZONE– SINGLEAFFocuses on the subject using one AF point,which can then be moved by touching theLCD monitor.

    QUICKMODEAnautomaticselectionofA Fpointsor manuallyselectanAF pointtofocus onthesubject.TouchontheLCDmonitortomovetheAFpoint.

    The Stepping Motor (STM) lenses work extremely well with the latest Dual PixelCMOS AF technology on the EOS 70D’s sensor. In Live View mode, experienceincredibly fast and accurate AF during still photography. When paired withthe camera’s Movie Servo AF for movie recording, the STM lenses deliveroutstandingly smooth and silent continuous AF for that perfect video capture.


    FACEDETECTION+ TRACKINGAFDetects thesubject’s faceandachieves focus,as AFpoints moveto tracktheface.Touch thesubject ontheLCDmonitorto setanAF pointfortracking.

  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


    Super stable and high-speed autofocusing on the EOS 70D is assured by its 19-Point AllCross-Type AF sensor performing cross-type focusing at a maximum aperture of f/5.6.The center AF point is both horizontal-line and vertical-line sensitive for h igh-precisionfocusing at f/2.8, thus enabling minute focus detection.

    The 19 AF points are spread over a wide area for accurate tracking of moving subjectsand easy shooting in horizontal or vertical positions. An improved algorithm ensuresa more stable and precise AI Servo AF II performance with adjustable parameters oftracking sensitivity and acceleration/deceleration tracking.



    Canon EOS70D



    Compose and capture with crystal clarity on the EOS 70D’s intelligentoptical viewnder, which offers 98% coverage, 27.9˚ angle of viewand 0.95x magnication. Information such as AF point selectionmode, grid display, electronic level, AF display and various shootingalerts are shown clearly and can be checked with a quick glance.


    Shoot fast-moving subjects and non-stop actions fearlessly with a high-speed continuous shooting speedof 7fps. Made possible by an 8-channel readout from its CMOS sensor and a two-motor system, the EOS 70Densures that you never miss a decisive shot.

    Besides capturing action sequences, you can also choose the best from a single burst of multiple shots. TheEOS 70D shoots continuously at a maximum burst of approximately 40 shots for Large/Fine JPEG (65 in UHS-ISD Card) and 15 shots for RAW images (16 in UHS-I SD Card).


    02 : SHOOTING

  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


    Extend your EOS 70D’s shooting capability with the EOS Remote app, which allows remotecontrol of the camera. You will be able to browse, rate, or delete images in the camera,and transfer JPEG images from the camera to your smartphone or tablet PC.

    The EOS Remote app also makes it possible to shoot from a distance away using yoursmartphone or tablet PC to act as the camera’s Live View display. Just set up your EOS 70Din a desired spot and you can focus, compose, adjust settings, and remotely release theshutter all without being at the camera.




    03 : Those picture-perfect moments are made for sharing, andthe EOS 70D makes it easy for you to share your images.You can simply transfer JPEG images and compatible movieles between two Canon cameras via built-in wireless LAN,and also resize JPEG images captured with the EOS 70Dbefore transferring.

    Go beyond image-sharing between cameras and use your EOS 70Dto upload JPEG images and videos to an album on CANON iMAGEGATEWAY (CiG)*. Through CiG, you can also upload images andmovies or post your CiG album link to social networking sites suchas Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter.

    *Subject to availability in your region

    The bundled EOS Utility software comes with functions that improveyour workow and extend shooting capabilities. Remote Live Viewcapture is a function where the EOS 70D is controlled remotely on acomputer via a wireless LAN connection. You will be able to adjustcamera settings, compose and check focus in real-time, and remotelyrelease the shutter.

    Shoot & Share the Best of Life

    Social Networking Features

    Ease of Use with EOS Utility

    A cable-free and fuss-free advantage, the EOS 70D is enabled for printing images from a compatible Wi-Fi printer*that supports PictBridge (DPS over IP) without the need for a computer. This wireless advantage also extends toplayback and viewing of JPEG images on DLNA-certied media players such as televisions.

    *The printer would need to be in either infrastructure mode or camera access point mode

    Cable-Free Convenience

    EOSREMOTEAPP is available on:

    *WiFi function subject to availability in your region

  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure




    Canon EOS70D


    Newly developed for the EOS 70D, its 20.2-megapixel APS-C sized CMOSsensor features wide-ranging ISO speeds, expanded dynamic range,greater noise reduction levels, and compatibility with Dual Pixel CMOSAF technology. Images and videos are delivered with minimal noise,

    natural tonal gradation, and vivid colors even at high ISO levels.




    The DIGIC 5+ image processor is the force behind the EOS 70D’sresponsive shooting and imaging aptitude, while working together withthe CMOS sensor. It drives advanced features such as a wide ISO range ofISO 100–ISO 12800, high-speed continuous shooting of 7fps, MultipleExposure mode and High Dynamic Range mode.



    The Intelligent Focus Color Luminance (iFCL) 63-Zone Dual-LayerMetering System is geared for all 19 AF points on the AF sensor.Metering area is divided into 63 zones for even and balancedexposure. To prevent underexposure when shooting saturated redsubjects, the dual-layer sensor measures light at separate red-greenwavelengths and blue-green wavelengths.


    Day and night, still or moving subjects, articial or natural light – capture your vision withoutloss of detail. The EOS 70D capably handles any shooting situation with its standard sensitivity ofISO 100-12800, expandable to 25600. In ISO Auto for movie-shooting, a range of ISO 100-6400is sufcient and can be manually extended to 12800.

    ISO 100–12800 RANGE


    ISO 100

    ISO 1600 ISO 3200 ISO 6400 ISO 12800

    ISO 200 ISO 400 ISO 800

    You need not crop images in post-processing by simply using theMulti-Aspect Shooting function. On the EOS 70D using either theviewnder or Live View, shoot in ratios of 4:3, 1:1, 16:9 or 3:2. Multi-aspect ratios can help to emphasize a particular subject or better suitthe composition of the scene, for an example, using a ratio of 16:9for landscapes.





    For dynamic movie direction, put together a compilation of shortvideos using the Video Snapshot feature. Begin by shooting avideo clip of 2, 4 or 8 seconds duration, and save these clips asa single Video Snapshot Album. Video clips can be edited usingVideo Snapshot Task and after editing, enjoy your movie creation inplayback with background music for a complete movie vibe.


    Record everyday moments on your EOS 70D in Full HD Video at 1920x 1080, and with minimal moiré effect even at high ISO levels. Youare even able to magnify the image from 3x up to 10x using MovieDigital Zoom.

    Dual Pixel CMOS AF drives AF performance to achieve smooth trackingand continuous AF when shooting with Movie Servo AF. Paired withan STM lens, movie-shooting is truly silent and smooth with quick AF,even while tracking moving subjects.



  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure



    Canon EOS70D


    In High Dynamic Range mode, three shots are captured at three different exposures.Then these images are merged in-camera for a vivid and nely detailed image result.




    Use Multiple Exposure mode to create a single multiple-exposure image by combiningbetween two to nine images, in either setting of Additive or Average, for a surrealeffect on your images.

    Multi Shot Noise Reduction captures four shots insuccession at a fast shutter speed and combinesthem in-camera. The nal image displays reducednoise, sharper details, and balanced brightness.







    Creative Filters can impart greater depth to your images and better express yourcreativity. The effects can be previewed real-time during Live View shooting beforenal capture.

    A TOUCH OFCREATIVE FILTERSShoot from day to night, anywhere and everywhere with thesuper feature Special Scene Mode (SCN) that allows you toselect from seven options to best match your shooting sceneor subject.



    For capturing details in bothhighlight and shadowed areas


    For a beautifully lit portraitagainst a night backdrop


    For sharp images shot inlow-light environments







    EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STMThe new EF-S18-55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM offers high magnication in a compact and lightweight standard zoom lens buildwith an Optical Image Stabilizer correcting shake for up to an equivalent of 3.5* stops. Its Stepping Motor (STM) mechanismdelivers faster, smoother and quieter AF performance in both photo and video capture.

    EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STMWith its lightweight size and versatile focal length, the EF-S18-135mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM will become a rm favorite in yourkit bag. This lens sports a high-precision UD lens element and a PMO aspheric lens element for reduced chromatic aberration.An improved Image Stabilization system corrects shake for up to an equivalent of 4 stops, and is capable of a minimumfocusing distance of 0.39 meters through its zoom range.

    EF-S18-200mmf/3.5-5.6 ISThis versatile standard zoom lens features a wide focal length range and an Image Stabilizer for up to 4 stops-equivalent

    of shake correction. The all-rounder EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens has two aspheric lens elements and two UD lenselements to correct chromatic aberration, resulting in high quality images with superb sharpness.

    EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STMThe latest EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM is a lightweight and compact zoom lens which offers excellent image quality,usability and affordability. It employs a Stepping Motor (STM) mechanism for quick and silent auto-focusing in stillphotography, and quiet, smooth AF when recording with Movie Servo AF. Its Image Stabilization system corrects shake forup to an equivalent of 3.5* stops.


    For creative lighting options, the Speedlite 320EXis the ideal ash unit as a wireless slave unitpositioned off-camera, and used with theEOS 70D’s built-in Speedlite transmitter. AnLED light on the front acts as a video lightwhen shooting movies, a modeling light or AFassist beam during Live View shooting.


    For easier handling during long hours of shooting,the Battery Grip BG-E14 is ergonomicallydesigned to provide photographers with a solidand comfortable grip on the EOS 70D. The BatteryGrip BG-E14 ensures extended battery powerfor high-volume shooting projects by taking in2 Battery Packs LP-E6 or 6 AA-size batteries.

    *Based on CIPA standards

  • 8/17/2019 EOS 70D Brochure


    TYPE Ty pe : D i gi t a l, s i n gl e -l e ns r e ex , A F/ A E c am e r a wi t h b u il t -i n a sh

    Recording media: SD memory card,SDHCmemory card*,SDXCmemory card**UHS-Icardscompatible.

    Image sensor size: Approx.22.5 x15.0mmCompatible lenses: Canon EF lenses(including EF-S lenses) *Excluding EF-Mlenses (35mm-equivalent focal length isapprox.1.6 timesthe lensfocal length)L en s mo un t: C an on E F m ou nt

    IMAGE SENSORType: CMOS sensorE f f ec t iv e p i x e ls : A p pr o x. 2 0 .2 0 m e g a pi x el sA sp ect r at io: 3 :2Dust delete feature: Auto,Manual,Dust Delete Dataappending

    RECORDINGSYSTEMRecording format: Design rule for CameraFile System(DCF)2.0Image type: JPEG,RAW (14-bit Canon original),RAW+JPEGsimultaneousrecording possibleR e co r de d p i x e ls : L ( L a rg e ) : A p pr o x. 2 0 .0 0 m e g a pi x e ls ( 5 4 72 x 3 6 4 8 ) M(Medium) :Approx.8.90 megapixels(3648 x2432) S1 (Small 1) :Approx.5.0 megapixels(2736 x1824) S2 (Small 2) :Approx.2.50 megapixels(1920 x1280) S3 (Small 3) :Approx.350,000 pixels(720 x480) RAW :Approx.20.0 megapixels(5472 x3648) M-RAW :Approx.11.0 megapixels(4104 x2736) S-RAW :Approx.5.0 megapixels(2736 x1824)Create/select afolder: PossibleFile numbering: Continuous,Autoreset,Manual reset

    IMAGE PROCESSINGDURINGSHOOTINGPicture Style: Auto,Standard,Portrait,Landscape,Neutral,Faithful,Monochrome, User Def.1–3White balance: Auto,Preset (Daylight,Shade,Cloudy,Tungsten light,White uorescent light,

    Flash),Custom,Color temperature setting (approx.2500–10000 K),White balancecorrection,and White balance bracketing possible*Flash color temperature information transmission enabled

    Noise reduction: Applicable tolong exposuresand high ISO speed shotsAutomatic imagebrightnesscorrection: AutoLighting OptimizerHighlight tone priority: ProvidedLensaberration correction: Peripheral illumination correction,Chromatic aberration correction

    VIEWFINDER T yp e: E ye -l ev el p en ta pr is mCoverage: Vertical/Horizontal approx.98%(with Eye point approx.22mm)M a gn i c a ti o n: A p pr o x. 0 . 95 x ( -1 m-1 with 50mmlensat innity)E y e po i nt : A p pr o x. 2 2 m m (f r om e y e pi e c e l e ns c e nt e r at - 1 m-1)Built-in dioptric adjustment:Approx.-3.0 -+1.0m-1 (dpt)F oc us i ng s c r ee n: F ix edG ri d d is pl ay : P ro vi de dElectronic level: Displayable before and during shootingM ir ro r: Q ui ck -r et ur n t yp eDepth-of-eld preview: Provided

    AUTOFOCUS Ty pe : T T L s ec o nd a ry i m a ge - re g is t r at i on , p ha s e -d i ff e r en c e d e t ec t i on w i th

    the dedicated AF sensorA F p o in t s : 1 9 ( A ll cr o ss - ty p e f o cu s i ng * ) *Except with certain lenses.Focusing brightnessrange: EV -0.5–18 (with center AF point,at roomtemperat ure,ISO 100)Focusoperation: One-Shot AF,AIServoAF,AIFocusAF,Manual focusing (MF)AF areaselection mode: Single-point AF (Manual selection),Zone AF (Manual zone selection), 19-point automatic selection AFAIServoAF characteristics: Tracking sensitivity,Acceleration/deceleration trackingAF ne adjustment: AF Microadjustment (All lensesby same amount or Adjust by lens)AF-assist beam: Small seriesofashesred by built-in ash

    EXPOSURE CONTROL Metering modes: 63-zone TTLfull-aperture metering

    • Evaluative metering (linked toall AF points) • Partial metering (approx.7.7%of view nder at center) • Spot metering (approx.3.0%of view nder at center) • Center-weighted average metering Metering brightnessrange: EV 1–20 (at roomtemperature,ISO 100)Exposure control: ProgramAE(Scene Intelligent Auto,Flash Off,Creative Auto,Special scene

    [Portrait,Landscape,Close-up,Sports, Night Portrait,Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control],Program),Shutter-priority AE,Aperture-priority AE,

    Manual exposure,Bulb exposureISO speed: Basic Zone modes*:ISO 100–ISO 6400 set automatically(Recommended *Landscape:ISO 100–ISO 1600 set automatically,exposure index) Handheld Night Scene:ISO 100–ISO 12800 set automatically

    P,Tv,Av,M,B: AutoISO,ISO 100–ISO 12800 (in 1/3-or whole-stopincrements),or ISO expansion toH (equivalent toISO 25600)

    ISO speed settings: ISO speed range,AutoISO range,and AutoISO minimumshutter speed settableExposure compensation: Manual: ±5 stopsin 1/3-or 1/2-stop increments AEB: ±3 stopsin 1/3-or 1/2-stop increments(can be combined with

    manual exposure compensation)A E l o ck : A u to : A p pl i e d i n On e -S h ot AF m od e wi t h e v al u at i v e m e te r i ng wh e n

    focusisa chievedM a nu a l: B y A E l oc k b ut t o n

    HDR SHOOTINGDynamic range adjustment:Auto,±1 EV,±2 EV,±3 EVA u to i m a ge a l i gn : P o ss i bl e

    MULTIPLE EXPOSURES No.ofmultiple exposures: 2 to 9 exposuresMultiple-exposure control: Additive,Average

    SHUTTER Ty pe : E l e ct r o ni c a ll y -c o nt r ol l e d, f o ca l -p l an e s h ut t e rShutter speeds: 1/8000 sec.to30 sec.(total shutter speed range;available range variesby

    shooting mode),Bulb,X-sync at 1/250 sec.

    DRIVE SYSTEMDrive modes: Single shooting,High-speed continuousshooting,Low-speed continuous

    shooting,Silent single shooting,Silent continuousshooting,10-sec.self-timer /remote control,2-sec.self-timer/remote control

    Continuous High-speed continuousshooting : Max.approx.7.0 shots/sec.shooting speed: Low-speed continuousshooting :Max.approx.3.0 shots/sec. Silent continuousshooting :Max. approx.3.0 shots/sec.M a x. b u rs t : J P EG L a r ge / Fi n e: A p pr o x. 4 0 s h ot s ( a pp r ox . 6 5 s h o t s) RAW:Approx.15 shots(approx.16 shots) RAW+JPEGLarge/Fine:Approx.8 shots(approx.8 shots) *Figuresare based on Canon’stesting standards (ISO 100 and Standard Picture Style)and an 8 GB card. *Figuresin parenthesesapply toan UHS-Icompatible 8 GBcard based on

    Canon’stesting standards.

    FLASHB u il t - in a s h: R e t ra c ta b le , a ut o p op - up a s h

    Guide No.:Approx.12/39.4 (ISO 100,in meters/feet) Flash coverage:Approx.17mmle nsangle ofview

    Recycling time approx.3 sec.External Speedlite: Compatible with EX-seriesSpeedlitesF l a sh m e te r i ng : E - TT L I I a ut o a s hFlashexposurecompensation:±3 stopsin 1/3-or 1/2-stop incrementsFE lock: Provi dedP Ct er mi na l: N oneFlash control: Built-in ash function settings,external Speedlite function settings,external

    Speedlite CustomFunction settings,Wirelessash control viaoptical transmission

    LIVE VIEW SHOOTINGA sp ec t r a ti o: 3 :2 , 4: 3, 1 6: 9, 1 :1Focusmethods: Dual Pixel CMOS AF system/Contrast-detection AF system(Face+Tracking,

    FlexiZone-Multi,FlexiZone-Single), Phase-difference detection with thededicated AF sensor (Quick mode),Manual focus(approx.5x and 10xmagniedview possible for focuscheck)

    C on ti nu ou s AF : P ro vi de dFocusing brightnessrange: EV 0–18 (at roomtemperature,ISO 100)Metering modes: Evaluative metering (315 zones),Partial metering (approx.10.3%ofLive View

    screen),Spot metering (approx.2.6%ofLive View screen),Center-weightedaverage metering

    Metering brightnessrange: EV 0–20 (at roomtemperature,ISO 100)Creative lters: Grainy B/W,Soft focus,Fish-eye effect,Art bold effect,Water painting effect, Toy cameraeffect, Miniature effectS i l en t s h oo t in g : P r ov i de d ( M od e 1 a n d 2)T ou ch s hu tt er : P ro vi de dG r id d is pl a y: T hr e e t yp es

    MOVIE SHOOTINGR e co r di n g f o rm a t : M O V

    M o vi e : M P EG - 4 AV C / H . 26 4Variable (average)bit rate

    A ud io : L in ea r P CMRecording size 1920x1080 (Full HD):30p/25p/24pa n d fr a me r a t e: 1 2 80 x 72 0 ( HD ) : 6 0 p/ 5 0p

    640x480 (SD):30p/25p*30p:29.97 fps,25p:25.00 fps,24p:23.98 fps,60p:59.94 fps,50p: 50.00 fps

    Compression method: ALL-I(I-only),IPBF i l e s i ze : 1 9 20 x 10 8 0 ( 3 0p / 25 p /2 4 p) / I P B : A p pr o x. 2 3 5 M B /m i n. 1920x1080 (30p/25p/24p)/ALL-I :Approx.685 MB/min. 1280x720 (60p/50p)/IPB :Approx.205 MB/min. 1280x720 (60p/50p)/ALL-I :Approx.610 MB/min. 6 4 0x 4 80 ( 3 0p / 25 p ) / I PB : A p pr o x. 7 8 M B /m i n . *Card reading/writing speed necessary for movie shooting: IPB:at least 6 MB per sec./ALL-I:at least 20 MBper sec.F o cu s in g : S a m e a s f o cu s i ng w i th L i ve Vi ew s ho o ti n g

    *Quick mode disabled during movie shootingD ig it a l zo om : A pp ro x. 3 x– 10 xMetering modes: Center-weighted average and Evaluative metering with the image sensor

    *Automatically set by the focusing mode.Metering brightnessrange: EV 0–20 (at roomtemperature,ISO 100)Exposure control: Autoexposure shooting (ProgramAEfor movies)and manual exposureExposure compensation: ±3 stopsin 1/3-stop increments(±5 stopsfor still photos)ISO speed: For autoexposure shooting:1.ISO 100–6400 set automatically.In Creative(Recommended Zone modes,the upper limit isexpandable toH (equivalent toISO 12800).exposure index) For manual exposure shooting:AutoISO (ISO 100–ISO 6400 set automatically),

    ISO 100–ISO 6400 set manually (1/3-and whole-stop increments),expandable to H (equivalent toISO 12800)T im e c od e: S up po rt edD r op fr a m es : C o mp a t ib l e w i t h 6 0 p/ 3 0pVideosnapshots: Settable to2 sec./4 sec./8 sec.Sound recording: Built-in stereomicrophone,external stereomicrophone terminal provided

    Sound-recording level adjustable,wind lter provided,attenuator providedG r id d is pl a y: T hr e e t yp esS t i ll p h ot o s ho o ti n g: P o ss i bl e

    LCDMONITOR T yp e: T FT c ol or , li qu id -c ry st a l m on it orMonitor size and dots: Wide,7.7 cm(3.0-in.)(3:2)with approx.1.04 million dotsBrightnessadjustment: Manual (7 levels)E l e ct r on i c l e ve l : P r ov i de dI n te r fa c e l a ng u ag e s: 2 5Touch screen technology: Capacitive sensingFeature guide /Help: Displayable

    PLAYBACKImage display formats: Single image display,Single image +Infodisplay (Basic info,shooting info,

    histogram),4-image index,9-image indexH i gh l ig h t a l e r t: O v er e xp o se d h i g h li g ht s b l in kA F p o in t d i sp l a y: P o ss i bl eG r id d is pl a y: T hr e e t yp esZoommagnication: Approx.1.5x–10xImage browsing methods: Single image,jump by 10 or 100 images,by shooting date,by folder, by movies,by stills,by ratingI ma ge r ot a te : P os si bl eRat ing: Provi dedMovie playback: Enabled (LCD monitor,video/audioOUT,HDMIOUT),built-in speakerSlide show: All images,by date,by folder,by movies,by stills,by ratingBackground music: Selectable for slide showsand movie playbackI ma ge pr ot ec t: P os si bl e

    POST-PROCESSINGOFIMAGES In-cameraRAW image Brightnesscorrection,White balance,Picture Style,AutoLighting Optimizer,Highprocessing: ISO speed noise reduction,JPEGimage-recording quality,Color space,Peripheral

    illumination correction,Distortion correction,Chromatic aberration correctionRes ize : Possi bl eCreative lters: Grainy B/W,Soft focus,Fish-eye effect,Art bold effect,Water painting effect, Toy cameraeffect, Miniature effect

    DIRECT PRINTINGT yp e: P ic tB ri dg e ( US B an d W i re le s s LA N)P r in t a bl e i m a ge s : J P EG a n d R AW i m a ge sP r in t o r de r i ng : D P OF Ve r si o n 1 .1 c o m pa t i bl e

    CUSTOMFUNCTIONS C us t om F un ct i on s: 2 3My Menu registration: PossibleCustomshooting modes: Register under Mode Dial CCopyright information: Entry and inclusion enabled

    WIRELESS LANStandardscompliance: IEE802.11b/g/nTransmission method: DS-SS modulation (IEEE802.11b) OFDMmodulation (IEEE802.11g/n)Transmission range: Approx.30 m/98.4 ft. * With noobstructionsbetween the transmitting and receiving antennasand no

    radiointerference*Witha large,high-performanceantennaattachedto thewireless LANaccesspoint

    Transmission frequency Frequency:2412 to2462 MHz,Channels:1 to11 ch(central frequency):Connection method: Infrastructure mode*,ad hoc mode,cameraaccesspoint mode

    * Wi-Fi Protected Setup supportedSecurity: Authentication method:Open system,Shared key,WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK Encryption:WEP,TKIP,AES

    NETWORKFUNCTIONST ra ns fe r i ma ge sbetween cameras: Transferring one image,Transferring selected images,Transferring resized imagesConnection tosmartphones:Imagescan be viewed,controlled, and received using asmartphone. Remote control ofthe camerausing asmartphoneRemote operation usingEOS Utility: Remote control functionsand image viewing functionsofEOS Utility can be used

    viaawirelessLAN.Print fromWi-Fi printers: Imagesto be printed can be sent toaprinter supporting Wi-Fi.Sendimagesto aWebservice:Imagesi n the cameraor linksto imagescan be sent toregistered Web servicesView imagesusingamediaplayer: Imagescan be viewed using aDLNA-compatible mediaplayer.

    INTERFACE Audio/videoOUT/ Analog video(Compatible with NTSC/PAL)/stereoaudiooutputDigital terminal: Computer communication,Direct printing (Hi-Speed USB or equivalent),GPSReceiver GP-E2 connectionHDMImini OUT terminal: Type C(Autoswitching ofresolution),CEC-compatibleExternal microphoneI N t e rm i na l : 3 . 5 m m d i am e t er s t e re o m i ni - j ac kRemote control terminal: For Remote Switch RS-60E3Wirelessr emote control: Compatible with Remote Controller RC-6E ye -F i ca rd : C om pa ti bl e

    POWER B a tt er y: B at t er y Pa ck L P- E6 ( Qu an ti t y 1 ) *ACpower can be supplied viaACAdapter Kit ACK-E6. *With Battery Grip BG-E14 attached,size-AA/LR6 batteriescan be used.Battery information: Remaining capacity,Shutter count,Recharge performance, and Battery registration possibleNumber ofpossible shots: With viewnder shooting:(Based on CIPA Approx.920 shotsat roomtemperature (23°C/73°F),testing standards) approx.850 shotsat low temperatures(0°C/32°F) With Live View shooting: Approx.210 shotsat roomtemperature (23°C/73°F), approx.200 shotsat low temperatures(0°C/32°F)

    Movie shooting time: Approx.1 hr.20 min.at roomtemperature (23°C/73°F), approx.1 hr.20 min.at low temperatures(0°C/32°F) *With afully-charged Battery Pack LP-E6.

    DIMENSIONANDWEIGHT Dimensions(W xH xD): Approx.139.0 x104.3 x78.5 mm/5.5 x4.1 x3.1 in.Weight (EOS 70D (W)): Approx.755 g /26.7 oz.(CIPA Guidelines), approx.675 g /23.8 oz.(Body only)Weight (EOS 70D (N)): Approx.750 g /26.5 oz.(CIPA Guidelines), approx.670 g /23.7 oz.(Body only)

    OPERATIONENVIRONMENT Workingtemperaturerange: 0°C–40°C/32°F–104°FWo rk i ng h um i di t y : 8 5 % or l e ss

    BATTERYPACKLP-E6 T yp e: R ec ha r ge a bl e li t hi um -i on ba t te ryR at ed v ol ta ge : 7 .2 V D CB a t te r y c a pa c i ty : 1 8 00 mA hDimensions(W xH xD): Approx.38.4 x21.0 x56.8 mm/1.5 x0.8 x2.2 in.W ei gh t: A pp ro x. 80 g / 2 3. 6 o z.

    BATTERYCHARGER LC-E6 Compatible battery: Battery Pack LP-E6R e ch a rg i ng t i m e: A p pr o x. 2 h r . 30 m i n .R at e d i np ut : 1 00 - 2 40 V A C (5 0/ 60 H z)R at e d o ut pu t: 8 .4 V DC / 1 .2 AWorking temperature range:5°C–40°C/41°F–104°FWo rk i ng h um i di t y : 8 5 % or l e ssDimensions(W xH xD): Approx.69.0 x33.0 x93.0 mm/1.5 x0.8 x3.7 in.W ei gh t: A pp ro x. 13 0g / 23 .6 o z.

    BATTERYCHARGER LC-E6E Compatible battery: Battery Pack LP-E6P o we r c o rd l e n gt h : A p pr o x. 1 m / 3 . 3 f t .R e ch a rg i ng t i m e: A p pr o x. 2 h r . 30 m i n .R at e d i np ut : 1 00 - 2 40 V A C (5 0/ 60 H z)R at e d o ut pu t: 8 .4 V DC / 1 .2 AWorking temperature range:5°C–40°C/41°F–104°FWo rk i ng h um i di t y : 8 5 % or l e ssDimensions(W xH xD): Approx.69.0 x33.0 x93.0 mm/2.7 x1.3 x3.7 in.We i gh t : A p pr o x. 1 2 5 g / 4 .4 o z. ( e xc l ud i ng p ow e r c o rd )

    EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STMA n gl e o f v i e w: D i ag o na l e x t e nt : 7 4° 2 0’ – 27 ° 50 ’ Horizontal extent:64°30’–23°20’ Vertical extent:45°30’–15°40’Lensconstruction: 13 elementsin 11 groupsM i ni m um a p e rt u re : f / 22 – 36Closest focusing distance: 0.25 m/0.82 ft.(fromima ge sensor plane)M a x. m a g ni ca t i on : 0 . 36 x ( a t 5 5 m m )Field ofview: 199 x129–63 x42 mm/7.83 x5.08–2.48 x1.65 in.(at 0.25 m/0.82 ft.)I m ag e St a bi l i ze r : L e ns s h i ft t yp eFil ter size: 58 m mLens cap: E-58 IIMax.diameter xlength: Approx.69.0 x75.2 mm/2.72 x2.96 in.W ei gh t: A pp ro x. 20 5 g / 7. 2 o z.H oo d: E W- 63 C( so ld se pa ra te ly )C as e: L P1 01 6 ( so ld se pa ra te ly )

    EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STMA n gl e o f v i e w: D i ag o na l e x t e nt : 7 4° 2 0’ – 11 ° 30 ’ Horizontal extent:64°30’–9°30’ Vertical extent:45°30’–6°20’Lensconstruction: 16 elementsin 12 groupsM i ni m um a p e rt u re : f / 22 – 36Closest focusing distance*:At 18 mmfocal length:0.39 m/1.28 ft. (Approx.372 x248 mm/ 14.6 x9.8 in.eld ofview) At 135 mmfocal length:0.39 m/ 1.28 ft. (Approx.80 x53 mm/ 3.1 x2.1 in.eld ofview) *Distance fromimage sensor planeMax.magnication: 0.28x(at 135 mm)I m ag e St a bi l i ze r : L e ns s h i ft t yp eFil ter size: 67 m mLens cap: E-67 IIMax.diameter xlength: Approx.76.6 x96.0 mm/3.0 x3.8 in.W ei gh t: A pp ro x. 48 0 g / 1 6. 9 oz .H oo d: E W- 73 B (s ol d s ep ar at el y)C as e: L P1 11 6 ( so ld se pa ra te ly )

    EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 ISA n gl e o f v ie w : D i ag o na l e x te n t: 7 4 °2 0 ’ - 7° 5 0’ Horizontal extent:64°30’- 6°30’ Vertical extent:45°30’- 4°20’Lensconstruction: 16 elementsin 12 groupsM i ni m um a p e rt u re : f / 22 - 36Closest focusing distance: 0.45 m/1.48 ft.(Fromimage sensor plane)Max.magnication: 0.24x(at 200 mm)F i e ld o f v i ew : 4 5 2 x 2 91 - 9 3 x 6 2 m m / 1 7 .8 x 1 1 . 5 - 3. 7 x 2 .4 i n . ( at 0 . 4 5 m / 1 .4 8 f t .)I m ag e St a bi l i ze r : L e ns s h i ft t yp eFil ter size: 72 m mLens cap: E-72 IIMax.diameter xlength: Approx.78.6 x102.0 mm/3.1 x4.0 in.W ei gh t: A pp ro x. 59 5 g / 2 1. 0 oz .H oo d: E W- 78 D ( so ld s ep ar at el y)C as e: L P1 11 6 ( so ld se pa ra te ly )

    *All the dataabove isbased on Canon’stesting standardsand CIPA (Camera& Imaging ProductsAssociation)testing standardsand guidelines.*Dimensions,maximum diameter,length and weight listed above are based on CIPA Guidelines(except weightfor camerabody only).*Product specicationsand the exterior are subject tochange without notice.*Ifa problemoccurswith anon-Canon lensattached tothe camera,consult the respective lensmanufacturer.


    Canon EOS70D




    Canon EOS70D


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