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<ol><li> 1. 1Copyright 2013 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Connected Cars - Enabling Safe, Affordable &amp; Enhanced Driving Experience July 26, 2013 Chennai India CII - ICT July 2013 </li><li> 2. 2 Agenda Overview of Connected Car Key Drivers Connected Services Technology enablers Challenges/Solutions in realizing Connected Services TCS Connected Car Experience </li><li> 3. 3 Overview of Connected Car To Cloud To Infrastructure Car to Car To Personal Devices Within Car Option 1 </li><li> 4. 4 Overview of Connected Car To Cloud Within Car To Infrastructure To Personal Devices Car to Car Option 2 </li><li> 5. 5 Key Drivers (1/2) Connected Drive!!! Connected Mobility Connected @ Office Connected @ Home Yes ! ! ! Connectivity is so important today that many a times Driving is a Distraction </li><li> 6. 6 Key Drivers (2/2) VRM ( Vehicle Connect) CRM (Customer Connect) Additional Revenue &amp; Brand Differentiator eCall SVT Traffic Infrastructure &amp; Management Insurance (PAYD, PHYD) Toll Payment, Concierge Services Fleet Management </li><li> 7. 7 Connected Car Services Keep Me Safe Lead to My Destination Guide Me to drive Safely &amp; Economically Monitor, Maintain &amp; Fix My Car Keep My Car Secure Keep Me Informed &amp; Avoid Distraction </li><li> 8. 8 Connected Car Services Keep Me Connected to Home &amp; Friends Keep My Car updated &amp; Relevant Allow Me to be Productive Help Me Manage My Business Keep Me Entertained Help Me Control My Car Remotely </li><li> 9. 9 Technology Enablers CE Device Connectivity Apple (iPod Out, Siri Integration, Screen Replication) Android OAP Mirror Link (CCC) In-Car Connectivity Ethernet MOST CAN Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Via Smartphone Embedded Connectivity ECU NGTP Platform Cloud based SDP 2.5G, 3G V2V &amp; V2I Connectivity DSRC in rigorous trails </li><li> 10. 10 Technology Enablers High Bandwidth Connectivity Cloud based Platforms LTE Remote SIM Management Roaming Scalable, Time to Market Manage Complete Car Lifecycle HTML5 </li><li> 11. 11 Challenges &amp; Possible Solutions Non Intuitive Systems1 Huge Impact on Usability2 Natural Interfaces3 AI, Individualization4 Lack of Standards .. Convergence of Multiple Technologies Proprietary Technologies1 Custom Integrations2 NGTP, HTML53 Ethernet, Genivi4 Human Machine Interface Design HUD, NLP, Haptic, Gesture5 </li><li> 12. 12 Challenges &amp; Possible Solutions (Contd..) Product Centric1 Revenue Oriented2 Customer Centric3 OEM-MNO Partnering4 Big Data &amp; Analytics Privacy1 Optimized Car Experience2 Affordable Services3 Additional Revenue4 Business Models </li><li> 13. 13 Challenges &amp; Possible Solutions (Contd..) Secure Connected Services1 Lack of Trained Customer Support2 Lack of Digital Maps3 </li><li> 14. About Tata Consultancy Services TCS Connected Car Experience Snapshot of TCS Engagements in Connected Car Space </li><li> 15. 15 TCS Connected Car Experience Mobile Services Automotive IVI &amp; Telematics TCS BPO Services Telecom Services TCS IT IS Services TCS Cloud Services Mobile Portal and Media Services Service Desk EUC Services Data Center Mgmt Application Mgmt Ent. Service Mgmt Service Mgmt. Managed Security Converged Network Wireless Technologies Interoperability Testing Infrastructure Management Mobile Consulting Mobile Banking Solutions Mobile Testing Usability &amp; User Experience Enterprise Mobile Application Consulting TCS iON business cloud for SMB BaNCS Banking Application Platform BPO; InstantApps Environment build; Tools EBMS, Hosted Messaging Extension of web portal onto HTML 5, WAP, SMS. i-mode, XTTP, Mobile Web 2.0 Multi channel content delivery Multi Media application development Analytics &amp; Insights (Financial, Customer, Supply Chain , Risk) Vertical Services BFS, Insurance, Retail, Telecom, Mfg/HiTech Horizontal Services Finance &amp; Accounting, SCM, HRO, Cust. Int Mgmt Platforms Analytics, TCS BNCS INS, HRO, F&amp;A </li><li> 16. 16 TCS Engagements in Connected Car Nirdeshak Fleet Management Solution NGTP based Telematics System Development Connectivity ECU App Development Telematics On-Board system delivery for multiple vehicle Platform Personal Device Integration to Infotainment System. Connected App development for Personal Devices Test Server development for testing the In-vehicle Telematics application FMEA &amp; Test Scenario Development for Connected Applications Enhancement (Hw/Sw) of Infotainment system for Telematics capabilities </li><li> 17. 17 Conclusion Connected Cars are here to stay. Every Car Connected by 2025 - SBD Ecosystem to cooperate and promote Connected Cars for a win-win strategy. Connected Cars will revolutionize the way we live and commute. Connected Cars will be the enabler for Self driven cars or Autonomous Cars. </li><li> 18. IT Services Business Solutions Consulting Thank You </li></ol>