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  1. 1. Examples: Crash avoidance, traffic improvement, smarter parking, vehicle maintenance and diagnostics, and SELF- DRIVING CARS. What are Connected Cars? Cars equipped with Internet access offering a connection to an external network and providing various value-added benefits to the driver and passengers. Brief Overview of the Technology Mobile networks based on GSM (2G), WCDMA/HSPA (3G) and LTE (4G). Intelligent architecture based on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Disruptive innovation through independent developers (colonizers). Cloud-based structure. Mobile and fixed digital technology available in a single device. Current and Expected Benefits Access to applications through the car screen. Enjoy the overall market of digital technological advances. New and safer driving experience with the self-driven car. Sources: Whitecryption, Ericssons Connected Vehicle Cloud Platform, Google, CBS Interactive, AOL Tech.
  2. 2. Connected Cars Early Years & the Present Early Years Karl Benz and Daimler created the first cars in 1885 and 1886; these were just basic cars No frills, no thrills. First connected cars focused on navigation (GPS), emergency assistance (e.g., OnStar) and basic smartphone integration. The Present Drivers are demanding their cars keep them constantly connected like a smartphone on wheels. Next generation of connected cars: Mercedes-Benz F015 - self driving and can be navigated through gesture and eye- tracking. Ford - SYNC 3 in-car infotainment allows a driver to take calls, control music and interact with their phone's apps with steering wheel controls using voice commands. Tesla Model S - Internet-enabling technology. Sources: Keith Noughton on Bloomberg Business Connected Cars Overtake Video Games at Electric Show;; Do You Remember the future By JD Hancock / Fatima Vital; .
  3. 3. The Future There are endless possibilities to what a connected car can do for you. It can recognize your interests and suggest destinations, it can find you parking spaces, it can inform you of the closest gas station; it can show you store sales location and of course take you there by driving itself. Short Term Opportunities Maintenance: Real time report and offers of personalized services. Insurance: Rates and packages based on driving behaviors. Infotainment: Apps, social media, on-line shopping, entertainment from your car panel. Opportunities Under Development Vehicle to Vehicle communication- Self driving vehicle , accident prevention Connected Home and Connected Vehicle- Control home devices from your car Sources:Parks Associates, Zdnet
  4. 4. Commercialization starts now! Internet of Things to be used as a hub of new ecosystem of connected services. Enhanced safety and security due to constant connection with the vehicle. Retailers and service providers make direct notifications, give free trials and accept immediate distant payment. Car manufacturers monitor customers experience and investigate post-sale commercial opportunities. Apps providers are encouraged to bring innovations to drivers and their passengers. Interaction will no longer be about a one-time sale! Car will become full time entertainment and commercial mobile module. Revolutionary, lucrative and disruptive effect. No more drivers means one more relaxed passenger and potential client Revenues paradise for electronic companies and app developers involved in apps apps, platform and interface for connected cars. Car producers copying the strategy from mobile phones manufacturers, letting new apps and services develop independently but controlling the market. Car manufacturers become fleet managers and keep control over services, maintenance and adjoining fields? Operating system standard wars- car manufacturers vs. software and telecommunication sectors. Disruptive technology for insurance, transportation (train and plane) and automotive sectors.; Sources:
  5. 5. Obstacles and Challenges IT Security / Hacking Following some of most accredited methods of attacks: Specifically written software could exploit the OBD (On-board diagnostics) port. Once accessed it is possible to monitor every component connected to it. A hacker could exploit system installed on the car to remotely arrest a vehicle or monitor every component Malware could be inoculated through USB devices into MP3 reader or via wireless technology Unauthorized Applications Executing or downloading malicious unauthorized app from third party. DOOR LOCKS and Key Fob an attacker could emulate the presence of access code which regulates the operation of control locks and start/stop for car engines. Human Security & Ethics Each car will be able to steer clear to others by instantaneous communication and take the right decision? BUT Which is the right decision? Favor the supposedly more solid car to crash in? Even if there are children inside? What rules to be determined to make that choices? Legal/Regulatory Who will be authorized to drive the car? Who will be responsible in case of crash? The driver? The car manufacturer? Sources: Security Affairs blog, Pierluigi Paganini, In two to 5 years, security will be considered a primary requirement for a new generation of vehicles have you updated the firewall on your car?