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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>World Financial Symposiums www.wfs.comWFS is an international organization dedicated to educating technology leaders through monthly, Market Spotlight webcasts and day-longGrowth and Exit Strategies for Software and IT Companies conferences. Upcoming Events:Growth and Exit StrategiesSilicon Valley April 7Growth and Exit Strategies FocusVancouver, BC March 17Austin, TX March 31Market SpotlightsTech Patent Law and Your Exit Strategy March 1Trends and M&amp;A for Media-tech Companies March 16Trends &amp; Opportunities in Security Tech March</p> <p>Nat Burgess</p> <p>Nat joined Corum in 1996 and brings a diverse background in technology M&amp;A and law. While with the Enforcement Division of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Nat helped identify and build cases against securities fraud schemes. With the Strategic Development Division of Morgan Stanley's M&amp;A group, Nat worked on cross-border acquisitions of U.S. and European companies by Japanese firms, and on financings by large Japanese public companies. Nat moved to Morgan Stanley's Tokyo office, where he reported directly to the President of Morgan Stanley, Japan Ltd. and focused exclusively on cross-border M&amp;A. </p> <p>After Morgan Stanley, Nat co-founded Postcard Software, a creator of advertiser-driven bilingual (English and Japanese) Internet content. At Activision, Nat led the company's on-line business development. </p> <p>Nat earned an undergraduate degree in Japanese literature from Yale College and a law degree from UCLA. While in law school, Nat wrote articles for the International Forum at Yale, Tokyo Journal.President</p> <p>AgendaIntroductionConnected Car Tech Trends M&amp;A ReportConnected Car PanelBryan Trussel, Co-Founder &amp; CEO - GlympseEric Bantgnie, VP of System Business Unit ANSYSSteve Banfield, Chief Marketing Officer INRIXGabriel Nave, Director of Business Development CalAmpQ&amp;A</p> <p>Everyone used to walk on the left</p> <p>Horses changed all that</p> <p>Sometimes we regress</p> <p>The New Mobile Device?</p> <p>Utility AND Trust</p> <p>Emerging as leaders. . .</p> <p>Aaron KingAnalyst</p> <p>Aaron joined Corum Group in 2015 as a research analyst. Previously he worked as a writer, editor, and consultant at a software startup. Aaron graduated from Reed College with a degree in Economics, specializing in Game Theory.</p> <p>Total Deal Count (2013-2016)</p> <p>Top Buyers by Deal Value</p> <p>$ Billions</p> <p>Sold toTarget: HERE (fka Nokia Maps) [Finland]Acquirer: AUDI AG/ BMW Group/ Daimler AG</p> <p>Foundational mapping and data unit for connected carsNo majority stakeholder joint conglomerateDeal value: $2.8 billion</p> <p>;hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwixxPrizdvKAhVkpnIKHfQODQQQ6AEIHDAASidecar, an Uber rival thatshut down in Decemberamid intense competition.</p> <p>Sold toTarget: Schrader International Inc. [USA]Acquirer: Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.</p> <p>Pioneer in tire pressure sensing technologyDeal Value: $1 billion</p> <p>;hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwixxPrizdvKAhVkpnIKHfQODQQQ6AEIHDAASidecar, an Uber rival thatshut down in Decemberamid intense competition.</p> <p>Sold to</p> <p>Sold to</p> <p>Sold to</p> <p>Sold to</p> <p>;hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwixxPrizdvKAhVkpnIKHfQODQQQ6AEIHDAASidecar, an Uber rival thatshut down in Decemberamid intense competition.</p> <p>Top Buyers by Deal Count</p> <p>Sold toTarget: Crashboxx [USA]Acquirer: CalAmp Corp. [USA]</p> <p>Sold to</p> <p>Target: LoJack Corporation [USA]Acquirer: CalAmp Corp. [USA]</p> <p>;hl=en&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwixxPrizdvKAhVkpnIKHfQODQQQ6AEIHDAASidecar, an Uber rival thatshut down in Decemberamid intense competition.</p> <p>Connected Car Panelists</p> <p>Bryan Trussel</p> <p>CEO</p> <p>Bryan Trussel is co-founder and CEO of Glympse, the worlds leading location technology provider and location sharing app. Prior to founding Glympse in 2008, Bryan spent 16 years leading teams at Microsoft, working on a range of products from Windows to Interactive TV and embedded systems to casual games, including creating and launching several V1.O products, like Messenger Games, Windows CE and Xbox Live Arcade. He has a bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Utah and an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern. He currently resides in Redmond, Wash. with his wife and five children.</p> <p>Eric Bantgnie</p> <p>Eric Bantgnie is the Vice President of the Systems Business Unit at ANSYS, covering Systems Simulation, IoT and Embedded Software. Prior to joining ANSYS via acquisition, Eric was Esterel Technologies President and CEO. He co-founded the company in the Fall of 1999. Eric Bantgnie is also Vice President of the Board of Kalray, a multi-core chip company for embedded systems and Board Member of Trust In Soft, an embedded cybersecurity company. He is the President of the Embedded France professional association.Vice President, System Business Unit</p> <p>Steve Banfield </p> <p>Steve Banfield is a 20-year technology industry veteran who has led teams to build and market digital products and services used by millions worldwide.</p> <p>Immediately prior to INRIX, Steve served as SVP &amp; GM, Registrar Services at Rightside, where he was responsible for the second largest domain registrar worldwide and helped launch the new generation of top level domains (TLDs) into the market. He has held senior leadership roles at premier technology companies including Sony, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures (Screenlife) and RealNetworks. At Sony he worked within both Sony Pictures and Sony Corporation to launch innovative digital media services including SoapCity, Sony Connect and Sony Media Software. While at RealNetworks and responsible for the iconic RealPlayer, the user base grew from 30 million to over 300 million installed players around the world. Earlier Steve was a technical evangelist and program manager for Microsoft Windows, including Windows 95 and Windows NT.</p> <p>Steve has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Transylvania University in his home state of Kentucky.Chief Marketing Officer</p> <p>Gabriel Nave</p> <p>Gabriel Nave joined CalAmp in October 2013 as Director of Business Development to forge strategic relationships in support of CalAmp's business units. Prior to joining CalAmp, Gabriel spent 13 years working for mobile operators in a variety of roles related to wireless data, M2M/IoT, and connected vehicle solutions. Gabriel started his career in the wholesale import and light manufacturing world, where he held a number of positions culminating as head of sales and channel development.Director,Business Development</p> <p>Autonomous vehicles: Overhyped? Or Imminent? </p> <p>Is a fully autonomous transport system ultimately safer than a mix?</p> <p>Will there be a niche for traditional automobiles?</p> <p>Will newcomers put traditional car manufacturers out of business?</p> <p>Why is convergence happening now? </p> <p>What is the future of OEM and aftermarket tech in the era of the connected car?</p> <p>Is the connected car future more Apple or PC? More open or closed?</p> <p>Where would you invest one million dollars?</p> <p>Q&amp;AWe welcome your questions!Use Q&amp;A window on left sideSubmit to queue at any timeIf your questions in not answered, we will attempt to follow up after the event</p> <p>Contact UsFor further information or copies of todays presentation:</p> <p>Visit</p> <p>33 </p>


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