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Connected Cars

Connected CarsAkshat Kant

Does it mean?

Cars from3rd World?

Another Mobile App??

In Car Entertainment?


Lets Drive through

AboutConnected Car: In layman terms, when interconnecting capable devices (part of a car/ vehicle), talk (connect) with each other within the vehicle/ with other such devices in other vehicles/ and or home, office or any such infrastructure using networks and services. Click Here

Majorly Two Kind of Systems:A device or an app on smartphone/ tablet playing music/ audio, podcasts, radio, internet or guiding the navigation through a built-in GPS navigation systemOn Board Diagnostics, an inbuilt system in the Car/ Vehicle for automotive system diagnosis to gauge oil/ air pressure in tyre, engine diagnostics and to help with certain breakdownsAided with Bluetooth, WIFI Hotspots, SMS/ USSD Alerts (Push Notifications)

HistoryCar phones were introduced in 1946Cruise Control for fuel efficiency benefits were introduced in 1958Airbag, a safety norm in todays vehicles, was introduced in 1973General Motors introduced OnStar, a telematics system in 1990, to allow drivers for calling in a roadside assistance from their vehicleOn Board Diagnostics (OBD)was introduced by AutoScout24 in 1996 to reduce smog (California, USA)GPS joined the dashboard in 2000Bluetooth made an appearance in 2001 Collision avoidance systems were introduced in 2003In 2008, On Board WIFI made inroad2015 we saw 4G LTE and connected cars hardware norms

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Fiction to Fact remember

Knight RiderMichael Knight fought for justice with the help of KITT, an artificially intelligent Pontiac Firebird, which could even drive itself, in 1980s hit tele-serialThe pair use to talk with each other, with KITT sensing and reacting to nearby objects, navigating and looking up information about Knight's immediate surroundings and deadly adversaries

Thirty years on, many of those fictional features are becoming reality




Lets Explore

Currently..Interesting progress is being seen in car connectivity:

Apple launched CarPlay in March 2014, enables the display and functionality of the iPhone (5+) on to the dashboard. It has been adopted by General Motors as their communication system of choice. Volvo is enabling it in XC90 SUV.

Google came up with Android Auto in June 2014, a system for Android smartphone similar to CarPlay that uses voice commands and steering wheel buttons.

CurrentlyAbalta came up with HTML5 based WEBLINK system which is cheaper for automakers to deploy and considerably easier for app developers to design

Blackberry went one step ahead with QNX as an OS for the backend to run connected car systems with safety certification

Ansible Motion, came up with Driver in the Loop (DIL) simulation, which is helping in vehicle usage improvement such as ride and handling, steering, and powertrain. It is now been considered a powerful tool for both vehicle and component development as it has drivers feedback, which gives more subjective information

Google became technological leader in self-driving cars. ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) in the run up to adoption of autonomous vehicles, came up with adaptive cruise control and automated braking which are gaining significance


Image (c) uses

a dashboard of a Connected Car

UsageRemote TelematicsDiagnosisInsurance

UsageIn-Car Entertainment + Information Care on the GoNavigationA dynamic road-tolling system for lorries of 12 tonnes or over is operational since late 2004 in Germany. It uses a combination of satellite positioning, roadside sensors and a mobile-phone data connection to work out how much to charge each user.

FutureSmart / Connected car will not only detect pedestrians in real-time but here are some business predictions:Statista predicts, the Connected Cars sales across the globe will reach 160 million vehicles by 2020It also sees 40% revenue increase for UK connected car market in 2016 with concentration on intelligence maintenance and diagnosis of cars and drivers, this segment saw growth of 200% in 2015Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) believe that 3 in 4 cars shipped in 2020 will come with integrated connectivityMicrosoft has tested Via Cortana, the intelligent voice control upgrade of Cortana in Windows 10, now drivers will be able to write/ read, send emails, create a meeting schedule and make phone calls etc.Privacy and Security parameters will be big issue as Connected Car Cloud is being proposed esp., when Connected Car software maker Vinli, offers to connect Car to owners Homes


CreditsKid image has been sourced from Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0 [CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0]Connect Car reference from Insights from McKinsey

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