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Japanese verb ageru akeru aku aogu arau aru aruku asobu atatamaru atsumaru atsumeru au awateru butsukaru butsukeru chigau chiru daku damaru damasu dasu dekakeru

English verb to give to open to open, become vacant to gaze, stare to wash to have, exist to walk to play to get warm, warm up to gather, assemble to gather, collect to meet to panic to hit, collide with, clash to hit against, throw at to be different, wrong to fall, scatter to embrace, hug to stop talking to trick to extract, take out to go out, leave home

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Japanese verb dekiru deru erabu eru fueru fuku fumu fureru furu fuseru fuseru futoru ganbaru hagemasu hagemu hairu hajimaru hajimeru hakaru hakobu haku

English verb to be able to go out to choose, select to get to increase to blow, wipe to step on to touch to fall from the sky to lie down to lay face down to get fat, put on weight to stand firm, try your best to encourage to strive, make every effort to enter to begin to begin to measure, plan, plot to carry to put on, wear (on feet or legs - trousers/shoes etc)

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Japanese verb hanareru hanasu harau hareru haru hasamu hashiru hataraku hayaru hazureru hazusu herasu heru heru hikaru hikiukeru hiku hineru hiraku hiromaru hiromeru hirou hiyakasu

English verb to separate from, leave to speak to pay to clear up, tidy up to stick, paste to catch, hold (between two things) to run to work to become popular to come off, go wide to remove, unfasten to reduce, decrease to decrease, reduce to pass through, go by to shine, glitter to take charge of to pull to bend, twist to open, hold (an event, party etc) to spread, become popular to spread, make popular to pick up, find to tease, make fun of

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Japanese verb hiyasu hodokeru hodoku homeru honomekasu horeru horobiru horobosu horu hosigaru hosu ibaru iiarawasu iidasu iifurasu iikaesu iitsukeru ijimeru ikiru ikiru iku imashimeru inoaru

English verb to cool, refridgerate to come untied, loose to untie to praise to hint to fall in love to perish to destroy, ruin to dig to want, desire to dry, air to boast to describe to suggest, start talking to spread a rumour/story to talk back, retort to command to torment, bully to be alive to touch, play around with to go to tell off, caution to adopt a threating attitude

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Japanese verb inoru ireru iru iru isogu itamu itsuwaru iu iwau iyagaru jukusu kabau kaburu kaeru kaeru kaesu kagayaku kagiru kajiru kakaeru kakageru kakaru kakawaru

English verb to pray, wish for to put in, let in to need to be to hurry to become hurt, damaged to deceive, lie to say to celebrate, congratulate to dislike, hate to mature, ripen to protect, look after to wear (on your head), put on to change to return to give back, return (something to someone) to shine, sparkle to limit to gnaw, nibble to hold (in your arms), have to raise (a flag), hold up to take, begin, be hanging to take part in, affect

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Japanese verb kakeru kakomu kaku kakureru kakusu kamaeru kamau kamu kanashimu kanau kangaeru kanjiru karakau kareru kariru kasanaru kasaneru kasegu kasu kasumu katamaru katameru katamuku

English verb to hang, sit, telephone, risk to surround, enclose to write to hide (oneself) to hide (something) to stand prepared to care about, mind to bite to be sad, grieve to suit, conform to to think to feel, sense to make fun of, play jokes on to wither to borrow, rent to be piled up, overlap to pile up, repeat to make money, earn a living to lend to become blurred, hazy to become hard, bunch up to strengthen, harden to lean towards, tilt

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Japanese verb katazukeru katsu katsugu kau kawaigaru kawakasu kawaku kawaru kayou kazaru kazoeru keru kesu kieru kikaeru kikoeru kiku kimaru kimeru kinjiru kireru kiru kiru

English verb to finish, tidy up to win to carry on one's shoulders to buy to love, be affectionate, tender to dry to become dry to change to commute to decorate, display to count to kick to erase to vanish, go out, be extinguished to get changed to be audible, able to hear to listen to be decided, agreed upon to decide, choose to ban, prohibit to break, cut off, expire to cut to wear

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Japanese verb kizukau kizuku kizutsukeru koboreru kobosu koeru kogeru kokorozasu komaru komu konomu korasu korobu korosu koshikakeru koshiraeru kosu kotaeru kotonaru kotowaru kowagaru kowareru kowasu

English verb to worry about, consider to sense, realize, notice to wound, damage, harm to spill, overflow to spill to get fat, grow fertile / cross over, exceed to be burned, charred to aspire to to be troubled to become crowded to like to concentrate to fall down to kill to sit in (western style) to make manufacture to cross, pass, move ahed to answer to be different from to refuse, decline to fear to break to smash

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Japanese verb kudaku kudoku kuichigau kumoru kumu kuraberu kuramu kurasu kurikaesu kuru kurushimeru kurushimu kuruu kusaru kuwadateru kuwaeru kuzureru kuzusu machigaeru machigau magaru mageru majiru

English verb to crush, smash to persuade, make advances (to a woman) to clash, disagree to get cloudy to unite, put together to compare to be blinded, get dizzy to live to repeat to come to inflict pain, torment to suffer to go mad, be out of order to decay, go bad, be depressed to plan, scheme to add to, include to collapse, cave in to destroy, break down to make a mistake to be mistaken, make a mistake to turn, bend to bend, twist to be mixed, get mingled with, join

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Japanese verb makasu makeru mamoru manabu maneku matsu matsuru mayou mazeru medatsu mieru migaku miharu minasu minogasu minoru miru miseru mitomeru mitsukaru mitsukeru modoru modosu

English verb to defeat to be defeated, lose a game to protect to learn, study to invite, beckon to to wait to worship to be puzzled to mix to attract attention, stand out to be visible, able to see to polish to stand guard, keep lookout to look upon, consider to overlook, let pass to ripen, bear fruit to look to show to admit, recognize to be found to find to return, go back to return, put back, vomit

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Japanese verb mokaru mokeru morasu morau moreru moteru motomeru motozuku motsu mukaeru mukau musubu nagameru nagareru nagasu nageru naguru nagusameru najimu naku nakunaru nakusu namakeru

English verb to be profitable, make money to profit, make money to leak, disclose to receive to leak, escape to be popular to request, seek, buy, ask to be based on to hold to greet, meet, welcome to face, turn/head toward to tie, knot, make a contract to watch, view to flow, be called off to pour, let flow to throw to punch, hit to comfort, console to get used to, adapt to to cry to be missing, vanish to lose, remove to be lazy

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Japanese verb nameru naoru naoru naosu naraberu narabu narau nareru naru nemuru neru nigeru nigiru niramu niru nobasu noboru nokoru nokosu nomu noru noseru nugu

English verb to lick to recover, be fixed to recover from illness, be fixed to repair, cure to line up, list, arrange in order to form a line, equal to learn to get used to, become familiar with to become to fall asleep to sleep to run away, escape to grasp to glare at, keep an eye on to resemble, be similar to to postpone, extend to climb to left over, remain to leave behind, save to drink to board, ride on to put on top off, put on board to remove

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Japanese verb nugu nureru nuru nuru nusumu oboeru ochiru odoroku odoru okiru okoru oku okureru okuru omou oreru oriru osaeru oshieru oshimu osoreru osou osu

English verb to take off, remove (shoes, clothes) to become wet to smear on to paint to steal to remember, learn to fall, fail, go down to be suprised, amazed to dance to get up to get angry to put, place to be late, lag behind to send, see off to think to be broken, snap to get off, go down to restrain, control to teach, show to regret, be reluctant to fear, be in awe of to attack to push, press

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Japanese verb otoru otosu ou owaru oyobu oyogu sadameru sagaru sagasu sageru sakeru saku samatageru sasaeru sasou sasu sawagu sawaru shaberu shibaru shikaru shiku shimaru

English verb to be worse than, inferior to to lose, drop to chase, drive away to end to reach, extend to to swim to decide, establish to fall, drop, hang to search for to lower, hang to avoid, dodge to bloom to hinder, obstruct to support to invite, tempt to point out, sting, stab to make a noise, be rowdy to touch or feel (with hands) to chatter to tie up, blind to scold, tell off to spread out, lay to be closed, be shut

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Japanese verb shimau shimeru shimesu shinjiru shinu shiraberu shiru shizumaru shizumu sodateru sodatsu suberu sugiru sugureru suku sukuu sumu suru susumu suteru suu suwaru taberu

English verb to put away to shut to indicate, point out to believe, trust to die to check, investigate to know to grow quiet to feel depressed, sink to bring up a child, train to grow up, be raised to slip to pass, exceed to excel, be excellent, be superior to become empty, uncrowded to rescue, save to live to do, make to go forward, advance to throw away to inhale, sip, smoke to sit to eat

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Japanese verb takuramu takuwaeru tamaru tameru tamesu tanomu tanoshimu taoreru taosu tariru tasu tasukeru tatakau tatamu tateru tatsu tayoru tetsudau tobu tokeru toku tomaru tomeru

English verb to plot, scheme to save money, put aside, store to be saved, accumulated to save, store, accumulate to test, try, taste to request, order, ask favour to enjoy, have fun to fall down, collapse to overthrow, knock down to be enough, suffient to add to help to fight against, struggle against to fold to build to stand up to depend on to help to jump, fly to melt, disso